Thursday, July 1, 2010

More reviews and a breakfast donut...

Hello hello!  I'm happily to announce to everyone that I received a call from the bridal shop I purchased my dress from and they said my dress has arrived!  I won't be able to go try it on until next weekend though, so I'm super excited!  I can't wait.  Unfortunately I won't be able to provide you gals with any pictures because I'm surprising Chris with my look on the wedding day.  But I will definitely write about how it fits and how I feel in it!  So, stay tuned.

Ok, so yesterday I stopped by Anthro at lunch to try some stuff on for fun.  And here goes:

Tiny Windows Dress

I never felt the need to try this one on because it reminded me a lot of the beda dress, which I own.  I expected to really hate this or feel totally matronly in it.  But I didn't hate it.  I just wasn't wow'd by it.  The fabric is comfortable and the color is nice but I just didn't need another beda/sweet treasure type shirt dress.   For me, I like the look of the beda dress better compared to this one.  But now that it's on sale, it's a great alternative for someone that's trying to find a good shirt dress.

Castle Lake Dress

This is another dress I wasn't intrigued by but decided to grab it and try it on because I always see it hanging there.  I've also seen some bloggers wear it, and it looked lovely on them.  Well, that's definitely not the case for me.  I grabbed the Medium but it was obviously big for me.  I also don't usually go for elastic thin waist bands, as it makes me feel bigger.  The pattern for me was also very busy.

Now this I loved!  I grabbed this in the navy motif, there's also a green sold online and in other stores, but the Bravern did not have it.  I prefer the navy anyway.  This dress also has a connected sash which I tied in the back.  I grabbed the Medium and the skirt part fit perfectly.  Not to mention the pockets are adorable!  The only thing about this is that the top is a little big.  I also tried on the Small, which zipped, but the waist area was a little tight.  If I ate anything, I'm afraid I might tear the dress.  The print is interesting on the skirt.  The stripes almost has a vintage feel to if a printing press ran out of ink while printing.  I don't typically look good in skirts with pleats, but this one was very figure flattering I felt.  I really wanted to get this, but I am on a budget and I also have the Perilla which is also a navy stripe.  Aye!

Mystery Blouse

Sorry folks, I couldn't find this online so I'm not quite sure what it's called.  But seeing me in it, would this intrigue you?  I think this is ALL wrong for me.  I decided to follow Cat's example and try stuff on just in the event something works, but THIS obviously wasn't that piece.  I believe the material is silk, and it was see through.  For me, I wouldn't even know what to layer under it that won't distract it from the beautiful flower design.  Also, it has a dropped elastic waist, which is a no-no for me.  I can see this being cute on someone super tall and thin, but on me, it looked like maternity wear. 

That's it! I leave you with my lunch-dessert.  Someone brought these maple bacon bars to work.  It's from a donut shop near where I live and it's great!!!  I know many of you have heard of this concoction, but not a lot have tried it.  And just let me say, it's heavenly!  Bacon, maple, and dough?  It's like THE perfect breakfast donut.  This particular bacon was caramalized while cooked.  It's not overwhelmingly sweet because the donut itself isn't too sweet, which I love!  YUM!


  1. Oh my goodness, that donut looks like something I absolutely must try if I am ever out that way! Wow!!
    Really, really love that Pencil Eraser Dress on you, btw!

  2. Darn you, Cindi, now I want to try the Pencil Eraser Dress!

  3. I felt the same way about Tiny Windows - it was nice, just not great. It fit well, but I wasn't wowed. Oh, well, money in my pocket!
    That bacon thing looks amazing! My mom always makes this stuff she calls Pig Candy for parties - it's thick cut bacon with brown sugar stuck to it and broiled - oh my gosh, it's so good. Bacon is AMAZING in slightly sweet things - my dad and I are talking about making a candied bacon/carmel ice cream this summer.

  4. I agree on the Tiny Windows Dress. I tried it on two times and in both colors and I'm just not in love (even on sale!)

    And that donut looks amazing. I love the Food Network and there is a donut store in Oregon that makes that flavor. I'm seriously contemplating a trip to Oregon just to taste it!

  5. That is a fabulous donut! In case you're ever in Portland, the donut store that Kathleen is referring to is called Voodoo Donuts.

    I received my Tiny Windows Dress today and there is just nothing special about it. There are probably two dozen things at Anthro that I'd rather have, so back it goes.

  6. Erin - The donut is absolutely heaven. I'm not much of a sweets person but I really like this donut shop.

    Lisa - If you do, let me know what you think!

    Ashley - I was reading your comment, I felt like I was diving into a pool of bacon goodness! That ice cream sounds great!! I've tried salted caramel ice cream before, but adding that bacon will have the same saltiness. OOH MY!

    Kathleen & Melissamolasses - I've actually been to voodoo donuts. I went to the one near downtown, it's very small...not the larger location. I love portland and it's food culture. I think Portland's got better food than Seattle! That's right...I said it! :)

    Also, I haven't yet read a review that's said they were wow'd by the Tiny Window's dress. Everyone's reaction so far has been "mehhh...".

  7. Can't wait to hear how you like your wedding dress! I understand about not wanting to post pictures of it before your big day. It will be a fun surprise for your husband! :-)

    I like the Tiny Windows dress on you. I think that color really looks pretty.

  8. The Tiny Windows just arrived today in the coral and it's amazing, I really love it! The color is just perfect for summer and I can't wait to wear it. It looks really good on you, but def agree that if you already own the Beda, this would be a repeat.

  9. Love the Pencil Eraser Dress on you. I'm slightly iffy about the donut. love bacon and maple bars though. hm. Was it from top pot? I haven't been there in ages!

  10. Love the Pencil Eraser Dress on you! I get to go try my wedding dress on again next week for my last round of alterations. Can't wait to see it again!

  11. The pencil eraser dress. Wow on you!!! I was waiting to hear details about the dress...can't wait to hear more :)

  12. The Pencil Eraser dress is *perfect* on you. You must get it eventually! And that donut, jeez, now I'm hungry :)