Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ready for the weekend!

Hi All!  Sorry for not posting up possible outfits last night.  I had a horrible headache and needed some rest before I fly off this morning.  But I just wanted to let you all know that I will be posting pictures once I return and I have decided on wearing the Horizon dress again for tonight!  :)  I just can't get enough of that dress.  It also has give, which is nice because I'll definitely feel a little bloated after a night of eating and drinking! 

Well, I hope everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend filled pretty dresses and BBQ!  I'm off!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A much needed cami and arrival of SHOOOOZ!

I hate it when I arrive at work thinking I look so cute, ready to start my work day, just to realize that something is extremely wrong with my OOTD.  I decided to grab an old wrap dress out of my closet today because I really didn't know what to wear.  When in doubt, I always grab this dress.  But for some reason, today this dress just won't cooperate!  After I got to work, I realized that I really needed a cami underneath this.  I'm not one to wear revealing clothing, so when my barely there chest exposes itself and wanna come out to party, I get totally uncomfortable.  And it makes me do silly things so I put my hand up to my chest in an attempt to cover it up.  For instance, saying something stupid and laughing at myself:

So, onto something else exciting.  A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about returning my Stuart Weisman shoes here because I felt they were too expensive to wear just for one day.  I recently ordered another pair of red shoes and they just arrived yesterday!  Check these babies out:

These are very comfortable and I can see myself wearing them for work.  I've always been a big fan of Via Spiga and had a pair that I forgot at a hotel when I traveled for work.  So sad.  I'm glad I was able to find this little red hot pair of shooz...and they were less than half the price of the Stuart ones.  :)

Here's my chesty dress for you all to enjoy.

I will be back later tonight with some possible outfits for this upcoming bachelorette weekend!  :)  I just can't wait but rest assured, I've told myself to not go overboard with the drinking.  I'm old now, and hangovers are a b*tch!  Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something old and something blue...

I am super excited about my OOTD today even though it's nothing fancy.  At first glance, it's actually very blah and boring but I feel a little emotionally attached to this outfit because of the blouse (my apologies, I do not know the blouse name).  I first saw this little white number on the sale section of Anthro's website some time last year.  I want to say early last year.  At the time, only a size small was left so I decided to order it and try it on, thinking if it didn't fit, I can return it.  When it finally arrived at my doorstep, it was indeed too small.  Not to mention, I could not even fit my elbow through the capped sleeves.  It was so cute though, I really could not part with it.  So I kept it in my closet hoping one day, it'd miraculously stretch out and I can fit into it. 

Last night while I was fussing over what to wear, I decided to pull out the blouse and try it on for kicks and giggles.  And yes, miraculously, it fit!!!  I even got my arms through the sleeves!!  I was so happy, I jumped up and down and did a little happy dance.  What a great feeling!  First, to know that I made the right decision to keep the blouse, but second to realize that all these months of changing to a healthier lifestyle paid off.  I definitely love this little number and will get a lot of use out of it, I'm sure.  The fabric is thin, perfect for summer but at the same time, doesn't wrinkle easily.  And we all know how I hate hate hate clothes that wrinkle easy! 

Without much further ado, here she is (the blouse of course)....

My arms fit!!!! :)

Sorry for the boobie shot but I wanted to show off the details of the shirt.  It's got some sewn in detail that I was instantly attracted to. 

I was reading Kathryn and Carol's blog and noticed that Kathryn owned a bunch of jewelry from an online Etsy store called Oh Hello Friend.  I decided to check it out and bought a smiliar necklace that's in the above picture.  I love the cute, antiquey feel to all the jewelry.  They are like little charms from heaven!

Blouse: Anthropologie circa 2009
Cardigan: Express Studio (very old...2005)
Slacks: Banana Republic (circa 2007)
Necklace: Oh Hello Friend
Shoes: Seychelle's

Well there you are!  It's my version of something old and something blue.  Have a wonderful hump day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Horizon...OOTD

Good Tuesday, everyone! What a boring Tuesday so far. The skies are cloudy again here and I forced myself to not go into my local Anthro store. This upcoming weekend is my Bachelorette party (YAY!!!). My bridesmaids and a couple of my other girl friends are going to take a nice mini-trip down to Santa Monica. I used to live down in South Bay (Manhattan Beach) and I soooo miss the beaches and the weather there. So why not take advantage of some much needed quality girl time and take a trip to a warmer climate. We’ll be staying next to the Santa Monica pier and I’m sure with us being girls, that we’ll be doing a little shopping. There’s an Anthro on the 3rd St. Promenade and I’m sure we’ll be there! The snakebite belt also is available again on the website starting this Friday. I’m not sure quite yet if it’s available in stores but I will be checking to make sure come Friday at my Anthro store here.

I’ve been thinking all this week about what I should wear this weekend. One of the days down in Santa Monica, we’ll be renting bikes and taking a bike trip down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) from Santa Monica all the way to Manhattan Beach. It’ll be a little over 10 miles. I wish I had the figure to wear some cute little shorts but my big ‘ol thighs won’t let me. I’ll have to figure out something and see what I already have in the closet.

Saturday will be the big stag night and that’s when we’ll go parTAYing!!!!! I want to wear a cute little dress but I really don’t have many dresses in my closet. The ones I do have are too “sweet” for a stag night. Hehehe…but I will keep you guys updated.

I wanted to wear my Horizon Line Dress for the first time during our engagement pics. Now that I’ve already taken them, I have decided to wear it for work. I wore it a little different here than I did for the pics, but I got this idea from one of Anthroholic’s Wednesday Reader Outfits (Kristin to be exact who always submits cute Wednesday outfits).

Dress: Horizon Line Dress (Anthropologie but purchased on Ebay)
Cardigan: Halogen (Nordstrom Point of View)
Belt: Leaps and Bounds (Anthropologie)
Necklace: Forever 21
And let me just apologize for all the cell phone pictures I've been taking.  I have a great camera I can use for OOTD's but I'm kinda ashamed of how my condo looks at the moment.  In a month of so, I'll be able to take pics in the new house and have my own little OOTD corner set up!  So, for now, please be patient with me.  :)  Thank you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Engagement Photos with Erwin Wijanto

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and ready to tackle this week. I had one of the most fun days this Saturday working with our wedding photographer, Erwin Wijanto on our much anticipated engagement pictures. Chris and I were super nervous while we waited for Erwin to join us at our first location. We were just hoping that our apparent stiffness and nervousness does not translate into the photos. When Erwin showed up with his assistant, Stefano, they immediately calmed us down. Erwin joked around and said he was SO nervous without even knowing we were feeling the same exact way. Of course he was joking, but it calmed us down quite a bit.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog that our first location was in the old Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle. As you can see from the pictures below how beautiful the buildings are around this area.  It truly has an old east coast feel which I just love. 

Chewy was taken aback by the huge lense of the camera when we took this picture.  Good thing cause he looked straight into the camera and looks super cute!

Our second location was the South of Downtown (SODO) district of Seattle.  We were going for its industrial feel, including the roughness of the train tracks and the colorful graffiti art.  And I just have to say that the Beda dress did its job!  I loved this outfit in this area.  I got a little stain on it while sitting on one of the tracks, but I'm sure that'll come out.  :)
Erwin asked me to do a Marilyn Monroe pose which I was shy about doing, but decided to just joke around and do a quick one.  Of course, being so talented, he caught me!  You can't get passed him! :)

This is probably one of my favorites.  I loved the curvature of the train and of course, the graffiti on it. 

I think one of the hardest things for me was when Erwin asked me to do silly shots.  I couldn't come up with anything but ugly faces!  His direction helped though and I'm glad he was able to catch these. 

Yes, that's my "What the hell is Chris doing???" face!

I can't say how much I love love love this shot!  While we were posing for this, I totally did not think this shot would turn out so wonderful.  I really didn't remember the thick blanket of clouds above us, but I think Erwin might have layered separate photos together.  I just love the colors and doesn't Chris look so GQ? =)

There's my GQ man!

The tires shot was an example of how an artist like Erwin sees inspiration and the end result is amazing.  We were actually done with our shoot and walking back to our car when he saw these two old tires leaning against the wall.  He asked us if we could take one last shot.  I'm thinking..."SURE!"  The tire was dirty as it could be but he was able to make it work.  This actually turned out to be one of my favorites as well.

Every engagement session, Erwin asks to take a photo with the couple.  I think it's a great idea! 

Well, there you go everyone!  I can't ramble enough about how great this session was and about what a great photographer Erwin is to work with.  Our session was originally supposed to be 2 hours, but we actually took about 4 hours to take all the shots we needed.  And I've never heard of a photographer providing photos the very next day after taking them.  Erwin was able to provide me with these before he had to fly off to New York (for another engagement session) because he didn't want us to wait.  Check out his blog here for other wonderful engagements, weddings, and events.  Our wedding is in 3 months and I can not wait to work with him again.  I'm sure he'll be able to capture all the beautiful moments and his pictures will be worth a hundred thousand memories and words! 

Thank you, Erwin and Stefano for such a great weekend!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wrinkley Friday

Happy Friday fellow readers!  This week just zoomed by it seems and I'm so happy the weekend's almost here because it's going to be a fun one.  Tomorrow the Fiance and I are going to take our engagement pictures!  YAY!!!  The forecast calls for some scattered showers (lovely isn't it???) but we're hoping it'll at least be semi-nice.  I will definitely be back tomorrow with a recap of the photoshoot. 

Yesterday was my mom's birthday but we're not celebrating it until Sunday.  We're going to a Japanese steak house and gettin' some sushi.  My fave!

Now for my OOTD.  Don't you hate it when you've picked out a cute outfit the night before just to have it disappoint you when you have it on?  This outfit works somewhat, but the material of this dress wrinkles so easily!  I totally feel like a slob in it and feel I need to constantly adjust it to try to smooth out the winkley mess.  The only things making me feel cute are the leggings ($4.95 sale at Anthro YAY!!!) and the shoes. 

See the wrinkled mess???

Dress: Banana Republic ruffled shirt dress
Cardigan: Nordstrom Halogen Boyfriend Cardigan
Tights: Anthropologie
Shoes: Bouquet of Roses Heels (Anthropologie but bought on Ebay)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've fallen...

Ladies, do you own any cuffed slacks? Cause I do! And a few years ago I went through this cuffed pants phase, where every pair of work slacks I bought had them…not knowing at the time that they actually make you look shorter than you actually are. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have bought so many pairs that I still wear today because I don’t want to waste them. But as Joey from Friends would say, that’s a “moo” point. I don’t like to waste clothes so I’m going to wear those cuffs to their death. Which brings me to a story I’d like to share.

It was a sunny morning at work. I was in the office, in my cute black cuffed slacks and I believe a red thin sweater. My normal routine when I get to work is turn on the computer and while it’s booting up, I get my usual cup-a-joe. As I walk down the hallway leading to the kitchen area, I felt fresh and cute. You know, that feeling you get when everything fits just perfect and you KNOW you look cute? However, all of a sudden I feel this slight tug at my right pant leg. Everything seemed to move in slow motion now and as I process in my head what was going on, I realized that my left heel of my pump was attached to my right leg cuff. Now, I’m sure this has happened to many of ya’ll who’s ever owned a pair of cuffed slacks. So, I don’t need to go into detail the physics of how a heel can get inside cuffs. Just trust that it happens all the time with thinner heels. The law of gravity took ahold of me and my whole body started to tilt forward, and I’m thinking “I’m going to wipe out right in this office!” You know that thing you do when you stumble and you try to gain your balance back? Well, that thought did come to mind as I tilted forward, but if you’re tilting past the 45 degree mark, you just need to accept the fact that you’re gonna fall. In my head I thought, “Oh f**k it!” Like a seasoned actress, I committed to the fall. And I fell hard! It wasn’t a feminine stumble that you see in the movies. It was a WIPE OUT and the thump that came out of it was to be heard by all cubes surrounding the kitchen area. Those stupid earthquake ready floors only made the thump louder. I felt like I was 350 pounds! I thought I saw smoke, and heard sirens as the secretaries sitting in that area rushed over in slow motion to help me up. I quickly jumped up, with bruising to the ego more than anything and told the secretaries that I was fine. I smile, brushed off my pants, shift my eyes back and forth towards ALL of the people that were still looking at me, and continue off into the kitchen to get my coffee.

Through this lovely experience, I’ve decided to part with those slacks. I do have a gazillion other cuffed slacks though but rest assured, these ones are sewn closed to give the illusion of a cuff. =)

Now my OOTD for the day.  This tank I bought on sale after seeing it in the catalog with the Blooming Lattice Cardi.  I returned the cardi because, sadly, I was unable to find things I already had in the closet to wear with it, but kept this tank because it's very colorful and different.  It fits very well and I'm glad I kept it. 

Look...CUFFS!!!  See what I mean?  These ones are fake tho, sewn together so my heels won't get caught in them.  Besides, the heels I was wearing today probably were too thick anyway. 

Deletta Tank - Anthropologie
Ruffle Cardigan - J. Crew
Martin Fit Slacks - Banana Republic (circa 2007)
Apple a Day Pumps - Seychelles
Forever 21 Pearl Necklace