Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something old and something blue...

I am super excited about my OOTD today even though it's nothing fancy.  At first glance, it's actually very blah and boring but I feel a little emotionally attached to this outfit because of the blouse (my apologies, I do not know the blouse name).  I first saw this little white number on the sale section of Anthro's website some time last year.  I want to say early last year.  At the time, only a size small was left so I decided to order it and try it on, thinking if it didn't fit, I can return it.  When it finally arrived at my doorstep, it was indeed too small.  Not to mention, I could not even fit my elbow through the capped sleeves.  It was so cute though, I really could not part with it.  So I kept it in my closet hoping one day, it'd miraculously stretch out and I can fit into it. 

Last night while I was fussing over what to wear, I decided to pull out the blouse and try it on for kicks and giggles.  And yes, miraculously, it fit!!!  I even got my arms through the sleeves!!  I was so happy, I jumped up and down and did a little happy dance.  What a great feeling!  First, to know that I made the right decision to keep the blouse, but second to realize that all these months of changing to a healthier lifestyle paid off.  I definitely love this little number and will get a lot of use out of it, I'm sure.  The fabric is thin, perfect for summer but at the same time, doesn't wrinkle easily.  And we all know how I hate hate hate clothes that wrinkle easy! 

Without much further ado, here she is (the blouse of course)....

My arms fit!!!! :)

Sorry for the boobie shot but I wanted to show off the details of the shirt.  It's got some sewn in detail that I was instantly attracted to. 

I was reading Kathryn and Carol's blog and noticed that Kathryn owned a bunch of jewelry from an online Etsy store called Oh Hello Friend.  I decided to check it out and bought a smiliar necklace that's in the above picture.  I love the cute, antiquey feel to all the jewelry.  They are like little charms from heaven!

Blouse: Anthropologie circa 2009
Cardigan: Express Studio (very old...2005)
Slacks: Banana Republic (circa 2007)
Necklace: Oh Hello Friend
Shoes: Seychelle's

Well there you are!  It's my version of something old and something blue.  Have a wonderful hump day!


  1. Cindi - i love that top! and i'm so glad you're feeling good about yourself and the work you've done in creating a healthier lifestyle. you're beautiful :)

  2. That blouse is simply lovely on you and that necklace is to die for. You look beautiful the whole ensemble. I just visited the Oh Hello etsy shop. I'm going back and forth between the wishing well and the harmonica necklaces. They are both calling to me.

  3. Thank you, Aimee! That's really sweet. I'm glad I kept the top too. I just love the feeling of knowing I didn't let something go to waste...especially something this cute!

    You're so funny, Cat! I love the harmonica necklace myself and almost got that. For some reason when I wrote the blog, the necklace I did buy wasn't online. But now it's there. It's the moment in time pocket watch necklace. I just love the vintage look of all the jewelry and the prices are great! The items arrived in such cute boxes, wrapped neatly and looks more expensive than they actually are. :)

  4. YAY!!! You don't even understand the happy dance that I'm doing, right now. I love your blouse and the story behind it. And I love that you've experienced the joy of Oh, Hello Friend! Your post brought a huge smile to my face...thank you!!! =D

  5. You're so cute, Kathryn and you're welcome! I know Oh, Hello Friend do special events in Cali and she might have some more pieces there that's not online. But i just love her stuff. And they were wrapped so well when I received it. So cute!

  6. That top is too cute! Yay for you and making the change to a healthier life:) I'm trying to do the same thing myself. I adore the necklace.

  7. the blouse is adorable on you! love the belt too.

  8. Thank you, Tiffany! So glad to have another fellow Seattle-ite reading. :) Don't you just hate this weather? Can't wait for it to get nicer.