Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Insane for health, insane for snakebite

Hello hello everyone. Welcome to a lovely Tuesday night. I know a lot of you were out today at your local Anthro stores checking out the new sales items since last week, disappointingly, didn’t bring us much. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go. I totally forgot it was a Tuesday this morning and carpooled with the fiance. So I was stuck on Ebay instead trying to track down some older items I did not get a chance to purchase.  But I do hope all of you scored a lot of good stuff! 

The fiance and I just got back from our normal routine Tuesday turbo kickboxing class. Tuesdays, Thursdays and most Saturdays are our turbo classes and the remaining days are our Insanity nights. Insanity, for those of you who don’t know, is INSANE!!! It’s a 60 day cardio interval training program developed by fitness trainer Shaun T. I know he sounds more like a rapper than someone that can whip your butt into shape, but it’s been working for me so far. On non turbo days, I do the routines that are around 35 minutes long. By the end of the warm up (which is a series of running and jumping activities you repeat 3 times, each time faster than the last), I’m already sweating like a pig and that’s only 12 minutes in. My endurance has definitely gone up since I’ve started this program and I plan on continuing this for a long time! Growing up as a chubby Asian high school girl, I really did not enjoy those teenage years. All my Asian friends were small and petite and I SOOO wanted to be like them. I remember I wanted my 5’5” and size 14 frame to be 5 feet tall and a size 0!!! But now that I’m older and love myself a tad more, I am glad I’m actually the height I am. Makes fitting into clothes a lot easier. J Working out for me is more of a lifestyle now than just something I do before a big event (although the wedding has been a good motivator for me). Here’s me, trying to be tough after a good INSANE workout last night. BTW, I got that Lululemon top on sale and I just love them. I love how there is already an attached bra for support on the inside. Need to get more!

Here's today's OOTD. I once passed by a Chico’s in the mall and said to the fiance, “Babe, slap me if I ever wander into that store.” His response was, “What? You dress like that already!” MEN! But hopefully, today’s outfit isn’t too Chico-esque. Sometimes I’m just not sure, ya know? I grabbed this cardigan on sale at Anthro and it’s just so versatile. It goes with a lot of the pieces I have actually. And since the ruffled tank from J Crew is a tad big for me, I decided to belt it and the cardigan hides the flaws in the arms where you can see my bra! Haha.

And here's the outfit with the snakebelt on the outside of the cardigan. 

I just love these earrings!  Got them for my friend's wedding and have worn them so many times.  They are from Anthro of course. 

And of course, the SHOES!  These are patent peeptoes I got as part of my engagement pictures.  I will be sure to blog about the outfits soon!

Cardigan - Anthropologie
Tank - JCrew Rolling Ruffle Tank
Belt - Anthropologie Snakebite
Earrings - Anthropologie
Necklace - Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes - RSVP from Zappos.com

Now onto the belt. Can Anthro please manufacture more of these ASAP? I don’t know if I can wait until the end of this month for the gray snakebites to come out. I found the brown by calling customer service and it was a trip getting them. It is just so versatile and comfortable. I hate belts that make me feel like I can’t breathe in them, so this one I know I have to own more than one! I might get this in gray and black as well, but we’ll see.

Oh snakebite, I've been bitten and I'm now smitten!  How I love thee!!! 

Anyways, I will definitely be taking an extra long lunch break tomorrow to visit my local Anthro store since I wasn't able to check out the sale today.  Have a wonderful night!

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