Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Naked Face!

I've always considered myself a fairly low maintenance girl.  From the moment I wake up to when I'm foot out the door leaving for work, the total time for me to get ready is approximately 30 minutes.  And that includes making myself a nice cuppa joe for the lovely 520 traffic I have to endure every single day.  Today I was quite proud of myself when I found that I was a little early.  I get in the car and drive off, thinking today was gonna be a great day! 

I look into the rear view mirror like I always do while in traffic just out of habit and noticed that my eyes looked a bit small.  I mean, this wasn't my usual get-ready-for-a-great-workday Chinese eyes.  These were NAKED eyes.  Wait...it's not just my eyes...it's my whole face.  MY FACE IS NAKED!  I had completely forgotten to put any amount of make up on.  Now before anyone judge me and make up their mind about how vain I am, I am not one to never wear make up.  I am not one of those girls that can not step outside without make up.  I often go "faceless" on the weekends and the first thing I do when I get home is wipe all the gunk off.  And if I go out again to run errands, I don't reapply.  But I work in a professional environment and have established myself to be somewhat of a professional, so showing up for work with nothing on was a little daunting.  The good news is I don't think anyone noticed.  I didn't even get one, "Oh Cindi, you look tired today" comment. 

Forgetful is the theme today because I just wanted to mention that I left my car on for an hour and a half while I was happily taking my turbo kickboxing class.  I guess all this isn't as bad as that one time when I went to a bridal shower and forgot to put on a...you'll never guess...a bra!  Spending the whole afternoon with my arms crossed trying to protect my girls and acting like I'm just "cold" probably tops the list of forgetful moments. 

So...here's my OOTD.  Good thing the blackberry camera is fuzzy.  Now that I look at myself, I DO look "tired".  =)

I wish I had a belt for this outfit but I'm holding out until the end of May to get the Snakebite belt from Anthro in gray and black!

Look at that nekked face! 

I love the details of this skirt and got it on sale last year at Anthro.  I finally was able to wear it today. 

A great score at DSW this weekend.  I really should not get anymore yellow shoes but I just live the color.  Makes me happy!

Cardigan - Halogen (Nordstrom Point of View)
Tank - Flounce white cotton (Nordstrom Rack circa 2007)
Skirt - Fertile Loam Mini (Anthropologie)
Shoes - Seychelles
Necklace - Forever 21


  1. You look gorgeous, naked face or not. I go naked everyday...solely because I never learned to put makeup on. I have this fear that I'll end up looking a bit circus clown if I try. I've been hooked on all those makeup how to videos on youtube, but too chicken to try anything.

  2. Cat, I know how you feel cause I didn't start wearing make up until after college with that exact same fear. For us Asians, it's hard to find something just right for the eyes without making us look like Ling Ling the panda bear. I stick with neutrals and very light applications. You have such delicate features though and look gorgeous going "nekked"!