Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FINALLY UNVEILED: Cindi+Chris Photography!!!

Hello my loyal followers!  Happy summer and I hope everyone had a great, safe July 4th weekend.  I was working part of the weekend for quarter-end close at work.  But for the remaining part of the "long" weekend, Chris and I worked on our project we've been so excited to reveal.

Ladies (and some gents), I'd like to introduce you to our blood, sweat and tears...

Cindi+Chris Photography

This website is the representation of the journey we've had for the last few months.  We've taken thousands of photographs, spent endless hours of photo editing, and just recently Chris and I pulled all nighters to build this site.  Well, it's all paid off because I'm SO proud of the results.

For those that's followed me from those days when I used to take OOTD's in my work bathroom, I thank you SO much for sticking around.  You have no idea how much it means to me that you take the time to read my blog, comment on my clothes, and most recently, comment on our photos.  We've had such a great journey so far and I can't wait to see where our new site and business takes us.

With the new website comes a new blog.  My friends, I'd be so honored if you'll take the time to visit our new blog and subscribe if you'd like to see our latest work.  We've got some great things lined up so I hope you're just as excited as I am!  Simply Cindi will still be up in the meantime, but our new blog is where I'll update more often.  Don't worry though, the new blog will display most of our work, but I'm a firm believer that my potential clients and bloggy friends are just as interested in certain aspects of my personal life.  Thus, I'll still be Simply Cindi if you will.

So friends, come visit.  Stay awhile and be merry!  Mooches to everyone!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If You Build It...They Will Come...

Hi Folks!
I know I've been absent for a while now...

...but I have not been slacking I promise!

Simply Cindi is undergoing some changes and it's going to be truly exciting!  I just can not wait to share it with everyone!

Until we reveal this project we've been working on, meet Danbo!  He is our newly adopted workerbee.  Danbo's worked side by side with me everyday for a few weeks now and the late nights we've been working burning the midnight oil will be worth it...we hope.  No wait...we KNOW!

Until then...hugs and kisses and please stay tuned!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Heart Lucy!

After we photographed SaraLeigh+Ryan's wedding, they were kind enough to provide us with our first Yelp review ever.  Within the review, they wrote:

"In addition to their attention to detail and artistic ability, they are an energetic and positive balance and such a pleasure to work with. Choose Cindi and Chris Photography and you'll be guaranteed to have your event documented in an artistic and balanced way. You might end up with a couple of friends as well. "

We were totally ecstatic about what they wrote, but what struck a chord to us was the last sentence.  As we try to set our foundation for our business, we really want to make sure we not only gain our customer base, but also make friends along our journey.  Last night, Chris and I went to dinner with Lucy and family.  This was actually our second time getting together after our shoot and we just couldn't get enough of the beautiful Lucy herself as well as her wonderful family members. 

That face just kills me!!!  I want one of those...if anyone sees one on sale, let me know!

I'd have to say, Lucy's the only girl that Chris can kiss without me feeling jealous! :)

Sophie and her steak.  :)  She was kind enough to share though!  :)

Lucy and her family are such fun people to hang around with, we're looking forward to another steak night at Perche No already!  :)  Like the restaurant's name...Perche No!!!  WHY NOT go for another 3 pound steak with some good people.  

Friday, May 20, 2011

Couples Slideshow: Ali+Tyler

A typical Friday night nowadays consists of home cooked dinner, some red wine (this week it's boxed red wine.  I know...classy eh??), and photo editing.  And when it comes to photo editing on a Friday night, the photos themselves better be damn good ones to hold my attention.  And good photos usually comes with cute couples.  When it comes to cute couples, it doesn't get better than Ali+Tyler.  I'll let the slideshow speak for itself.  Enjoy!

Location: Marymoore Park; Redmond WA
Music: Count on Me - Bruno Mars

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Special Wedding - Wai+Tatsumi

Hello girls!  I've been missing from the bloggy world for a few days and I have a really good reason why.  I promise!  One of my best friends from high school got married last weekend and you may all know her as Wai of Wai+Tatsumi!  In typical Seattle fashion, it poured down rain the whole day.  But an hour before the ceremony started, the sun peeked through the clouds just a little bit.  At least it stopped raining for their ceremony, even through the venue was prepared and let the tent down. 

I was so happy and honored to have stood up there by Wai as her Matron of Honor.  Wai was my very FIRST friend I made in my high school where I started knowing almost no one.  We've been through some thick and thin times, and our friendship, I'm sure, will always stay strong.  I don't think I've ever seen her as happy as she is now.  Tatsumi is her perfect compliment...just like Chris and I and we couldn't be more happy for these two love birds.  We had our cameras on with us while we spent the day with the bride and groom, so I'd like to share some with you all.

It was a rainy Sunday, so the umbrellas at the salon defined the day

The groomsmen getting ready

Me being my cheesy shelf!

Tats wrote the sweetest vows.  I saw my husband tearing up in the audience

The first dance was to a New Kids On The Block song!

Congrats, Wai+Tats!  You guys are such cuties.  May you enjoy a happy life!  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Engagement - Shannon+Kevin

She seemed calm, cool, collected, and possessed the sweetest smile I've seen in a long time. He was nervous, talkative (probably due to his nerves), and a little worried about his hair. Together, Shannon+Kevin were both slightly shy infront of the camera, but it didn't take them long to get comfortable. The hubby and I met Shannon+Kevin early this year while we were shooting SaraLeigh+Ryan's wedding. Kevin and Ryan grew up as childhood friends, but school brought Kevin to Austin, where he met Shannon. It must be our gorgeous weather that attracted the couple to decide to make Seattle their home, but I'm sure glad they did. These two lovebirds are getting married in August and we can't be more excited and flattered that they've chosen us to share it with them as their photogs.

From getting stuck in a traffic jam, to getting lost on the way to Discovery Park, to talking endlessly about French pastries and cheap happy hours, we had so much fun with Shannon+Kevin, we sorta didn't want the day to end. But in the interest to not sound like we're weird and stalkerish, we'll just say this: Shannon+Kevin...we're so happy for you! And we can't wait for your special day.

Work it!!! 

Kevin was so nervous about the shoot, afraid that he won't look natural.  Now, just look at that smoldering face!  It's worth a million bucks!

For a complete slideshow, turn up your speakers and click below.

Location: Washington Park Arboretum, Discovery Park
Song: Love - Matt White

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blogiversary Winner and a Special Video

Good Monday evening everyone!  I am truly sorry for being a day late in announcing my one-year blogiversary giveaway winner.  But Chris and I were knee deep in photo editing and celebrating Mother's Day.  And before we knew it, Sunday just flew by.

Anyhoo...without further ado...the winner of my giveaway is:

JEN of Vintageglammz!!!
I'm not sure how Jen found me in this vast bloggy world but I'm sure glad she did.  She's such a sweet person and she always has such good insightful comments.  I know she reads every word of every blog and I'm thankful for that.  If Jen and I lived in the same city, we'd definitely be good girl friend.  But until we meet, mate...we'll have to stay in touch through this blog!  Congrats!!!  Check your email! :)

I mentioned above that the hubs and I hung out with our parents this whole weekend.  And in honor of Mother's Day...or just Parents Day in general...we'd like this share this video we specially made and played during our wedding.  We didn't just want to make a speech for our parents at our reception, we wanted to do something more special than that.  This video allowed us to show them, and our guests, how much they mean to us.  So...enjoy!