Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Heart Lucy!

After we photographed SaraLeigh+Ryan's wedding, they were kind enough to provide us with our first Yelp review ever.  Within the review, they wrote:

"In addition to their attention to detail and artistic ability, they are an energetic and positive balance and such a pleasure to work with. Choose Cindi and Chris Photography and you'll be guaranteed to have your event documented in an artistic and balanced way. You might end up with a couple of friends as well. "

We were totally ecstatic about what they wrote, but what struck a chord to us was the last sentence.  As we try to set our foundation for our business, we really want to make sure we not only gain our customer base, but also make friends along our journey.  Last night, Chris and I went to dinner with Lucy and family.  This was actually our second time getting together after our shoot and we just couldn't get enough of the beautiful Lucy herself as well as her wonderful family members. 

That face just kills me!!!  I want one of those...if anyone sees one on sale, let me know!

I'd have to say, Lucy's the only girl that Chris can kiss without me feeling jealous! :)

Sophie and her steak.  :)  She was kind enough to share though!  :)

Lucy and her family are such fun people to hang around with, we're looking forward to another steak night at Perche No already!  :)  Like the restaurant's name...Perche No!!!  WHY NOT go for another 3 pound steak with some good people.  


  1. O.M.G.
    If it wasn't for this computer screen, i'd go up to her and cuddle her!

  2. COngrats on the great review...that's awesome!!!

  3. What an adorable baby! These pictures are so cute. Congrats on the good review!

  4. WOW! you're first yelp review! You're so legit it's awesome! That baby is too cute for words. The cheeks slay me.


  5. Why of course you love her! She's adorable! And congrats to you for the great review!