Thursday, May 5, 2011

Counting Beans Till I Fell In Love

When I was young, I remember I'd draw all the time.  They weren't great drawings, of course, because I'm not a natural artist when it comes to drawing with my hands.  I'm just not.  My friends try to be nice and tell me I do fine, but I  know the truth...and I don't mind it.  And for the longest time, I thought I was a natural accountant.  Meticulous, analytical, ordered, name it.  But as I got older, get to know myself a little better, and start to not be afraid of failure and what other people thought of me as much, I started to accept that I am indeed not a good accountant.

Don't get me wrong, I do my job well.  I think I'm a hard worker and my parents have taught me great work ethics.  But I'm not a natural at crunching numbers.  In fact, most of the time when I open up an excel sheet, my mind goes blank for a second and my eyes go like this 0_0.  I know I need to focus hard to get my job done right and it's just what I've learned to adapt to for the last 10 years of my professional working career.

What I believe I'm truly good at is looking at the big picture.  I like to come up with ideas and put those ideas in place.  I vibe off of people and connect with them easily.  I LOVE spending time with people, catching up, getting to know about their lives.  And I think that's why I value the blogging world so much.  But it was not until recently that I realized what I've been doing all my professional life is not what I was meant to do.  I believe realizing this doesn't mean I'm going to quit, or that my last 10 years as an accountant was a waste.  I am thankful for my experience and will continue to stay in this career for as long as I need to.  I just came to terms with reality...and my true love.

My true love is photography and capturing moments in people's lives.  The energy and joy I get out of holding my camera with a couple that are in love is indescribable.  Well, I can't convey it in words, but for those that's reading this and also live their life for their passion, you know exactly how I feel.  :)  I went back to my very first post I blogged and this is a direct copy and paste:

"Photography is something I fell in love with after I met Chris. He’s an artsy accounting auditor which I didn’t think existed but apparently they do! I’m currently not very good at it but have invested in a great Canon 7D to start perfecting this skill. I will definitely be sharing with ya’ll some great pics if I get the chance to catch some."

Looking back at my year of blogging, I've come full circle I guess.  :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. I think photography combines both your analytical and strategic sides - the equipment is technical but you've got to "see" how to use it in the environment to make your subjects looks natural and beautiful. I'm so glad you are doing what you love, girl!

  2. Cindi- I just ordered a new lens (thank you for the comment)! I am so excited!!

    I know how you feel. I don't think I am a "natural" teacher. I really really really love exercise and nutrition and fantasize about merging my career in that direction. Like you, I don't dream of leaving teaching because it's my bread and butter but I would love to someday incorporate what I really enjoy into my life in a "professional" way. You are my inspiration :)

  3. when I said professional way I meant professional life. damn pinot!

  4. Hey Cindi - I can relate to you. I studied Economics at university, but let me tell you, im not an economist, nor really interested in it, despite me passing with flying colours. I'm not working professionally in economics thank goodness, but at the same time i don't think what i'm doing now professionally is what i love doing. To me, it's just a job that pays the bills (and erm.. some clothes on the side). I dream of working in fashion or something design-y, but not too fond of the industry.
    I'm glad you've found something you love doing - it's not always right there in front of us!

  5. What a sweet post!

    Sometimes, excel spreadsheets give me headaches, but I love that feeling when I done with some project or another and I get to organize the data and present it.

    Full circle moments are so beautiful.