Friday, May 13, 2011

Engagement - Shannon+Kevin

She seemed calm, cool, collected, and possessed the sweetest smile I've seen in a long time. He was nervous, talkative (probably due to his nerves), and a little worried about his hair. Together, Shannon+Kevin were both slightly shy infront of the camera, but it didn't take them long to get comfortable. The hubby and I met Shannon+Kevin early this year while we were shooting SaraLeigh+Ryan's wedding. Kevin and Ryan grew up as childhood friends, but school brought Kevin to Austin, where he met Shannon. It must be our gorgeous weather that attracted the couple to decide to make Seattle their home, but I'm sure glad they did. These two lovebirds are getting married in August and we can't be more excited and flattered that they've chosen us to share it with them as their photogs.

From getting stuck in a traffic jam, to getting lost on the way to Discovery Park, to talking endlessly about French pastries and cheap happy hours, we had so much fun with Shannon+Kevin, we sorta didn't want the day to end. But in the interest to not sound like we're weird and stalkerish, we'll just say this: Shannon+Kevin...we're so happy for you! And we can't wait for your special day.

Work it!!! 

Kevin was so nervous about the shoot, afraid that he won't look natural.  Now, just look at that smoldering face!  It's worth a million bucks!

For a complete slideshow, turn up your speakers and click below.

Location: Washington Park Arboretum, Discovery Park
Song: Love - Matt White


  1. Wowza, how did you do that last picture? It looks so cool!
    Your photography is exceptionally good. I'd hire you in a heartbeat if I wasliving In your area!

  2. Good job Cindi and Chris! The "smoldering" photo is my fav!

  3. I love how anthro-esque Shannon is in the first set. Great pics!