Friday, July 30, 2010

Skillet...A Lunch Date!

I know Fridays are dedicated to previews and fitting room reviews, but today Chris took a flex day, and he decided to come to Bellevue for a lunch date.  One of the most popular moving lunch trucks in Seattle was in downtown Bellevue today and we just had to go try it.  So, needless to say, no previews.  But...I did bring you yummy pictures.

The truck typically shows up at 11 am, we arrived around 12:05...and as always...there's a line.

Cheesy as usual...

A Japanese network from NYC was here and they were interviewing people about Skillet.  I was interviewed...haha!  But wasn't able to capture me in a picture. 

This is the grass fed burger with what they call poutine...which are fries smothered with gravy, cheddar cheese and other herbs. 

Chris ordered the pork belly tacos but we ended up getting the duck.  We didn't go back to exchange it since the duck was great as well.

As a side, pasta salad!  This had some exotic fruit in it that we didn't know what it was exactly.  But the pasta looked like it was hand made.

Chewy looking longingly at Daddy eating...nothing for him.  Awww!

He did get the last of my watermelon lemonade though.  He loved it!

If anyone's from Seattle, or is going to visit soon, you need to go to and find out where they're going to be when you're here.  It's one of the best tasting foods I've had...not to mention it's a food truck!!! 

I also heard I have a fan that looks forward to my blogs daily.  Hi, Ami!!!  Chris' friend from college follows my blog, I believe anonymously, but I'm glad I'm able to bring some good time killing on a daily basis.  Visit her wonderful blog here.  Ami is such a talented photographer, a hobby I'd like to pick up one day and hope to become half as good as her.  So go and check her blog out!

I'll be back with maybe a Monday preview next week!  I still want to go to Anthro to see the latest fall items.   

Also, before I go, I mentioned earlier this week that Chris and I went to apply for our marriage license.  The experience itself definitely wasn't as romantic as I though it would to be.  It was a wham-bam-thank-you-maam experience as we were the only couples there and the process took less than 5 minutes.  Not to mention the legal certificate itself looked like a photocopied mess!  Haha...but we did get a pretty one, which is not legal binding, for signing during our ceremony.  We're one step closer!  WOO!

Happy weekend all!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Truly Grateful...

About three months ago, while online trying to get outfit ideas for my then upcoming engagement pictures, I came upon the blog of Kim from Anthroholic...whom many of you know.  I spent an entire night and the next day reading almost every post Kim had and from there, discovered Tien from Adiaphane, Ashley from Anthropologie Girl, Sara from You, Me and Anthropologie, Cat from Anthrosdottir and Carol and Kathryn from In Pursuit of Pretty Things.

I've become a huge fan of reading every single one of these blogs, as well as many others I've since started to follow.  I literally look forward to coming into my office in the morning, get my usual morning cup of joe, and sitting down to read what new blog entries popped up while I was sleeping. 

Reading blogs and talking about fashion is one thing, but what I was never expecting during this whole time was the friendships I've started to gain from all you wonderful girls.  On top of that, how generous some of you can be to people that you've never met.  Cat, from Anthrosdottir kept me in mind when she found an unsual mark down of the new sapphire Acting Out Skirt and decided to snatch it up for me as an early wedding present.  And last night, I found on my door step yet another package from Anthropologie.  I didn't open it right away because I assumed it was my Clinton Trench...but after seeing Anthro's shipping email saying it'd arrive on 8/2/2010, I tore open this box.  Inside was this:

To my surprise, they were from Carol and Kathryn of In Pursuit for Pretty Things.  The mugs stood for of course Cindi and Chris and they were our wedding present.  I was so filled with emotion that I was almost in tears.  I just can not believe what incredible, strong, beautiful women are out there and how this wonderful little blog community has affected my life.  These days we hear about how women are always competitive and jealous of one another.  How we can never just support one another without an alterior motive.  Although this may be true in some ways, it sure does not apply to this blogging community.  I've never seen a group of girls so supportive and honest with one another.  I'm so happy I've decided to join you wonderful girls as part of this online family.  Thank you for all the joys you've brought to my life and hopefully, I've sprinkled some in yours.

Cat - I love reading about your traveling adventures and work mishaps (though I'm sure you're a super top performer).  I continue to look forward to your ever-so-awesome fitting room reviews.  Although you and I are different sizes, I value what you have to say and always end up trying on things you've reviewed.  I look forward to meeting you some day!

Carol - You're truly a sweetheart, so helpful and thoughtful.  A true mom!  I think you have probably two of the cutest kids in the world and look forward to seeing them grow up on this blogging community.  Thank you so much for thinking of Chris and I during this time!  I look forward to your blog entries everyday, so keep them coming! 

Kathryn - Chris and I have talked about naming our daughter, if we have a girl, Kathryn, because every Kathryn we've known has been nice and sweet, like yourself.  :)  Besides, we love the name Kat as a shorter version, and of course all the Kats and Cats we've met are also great girls (as proven by the lovely Cat! Haha).  Your friendship with Carol is truly a special one and I oftentimes wished I still lived in LA so you guys can adopt me.  :)  You're such a wonderful and creative person so thank you for thinking of us! 

I'm truly touched, humbled, and grateful!  I love ALL you girls who follow me and thank all that make an effort to comment to boost my ego!  Haha.  What a lovely Thursday so far.  I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty in Pink and a Certificate

When I began to think about what colors I'd use for my wedding, pink and black were always in the front runner.  I love the combo together, but decided to go with black, red and white.  Our venue is extremely white!  It's got white walls, white curtains and old wooden floors.  Red and black, we decided, would be the right choice for the sleek and chic vibe we were going for. 

So pink and black would be appropriate to wear for getting our marriage license/certificate right?  Chris and I are taking a long lunch and headed down to the courthouse today to apply for a license.  How exciting!!!!  I heard that we have to raise our hands and swear that we are not any way related to one another.  This is going to be fun!  I just hope we get a county worker that's remotely interested and not monotoned and in a bad mood. 

Cardigan - J. Crew
Blouse/Tank - Nordstrom Point of View
Trousers - Nordstroms Point of View (Halogen)
Shoes - Seychelle Veronicas (Nordstrom)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Anthro Excursion Update

This past Saturday, Chris' lovely sister, Jill and I went to get our dresses tailored for the wedding, then headed straight to Anthropology to do some power shopping.  Jill has been to Anthro before but have never made a purchase there.  Yep folks, she's an Anthro virgin!  And I wanted to be there when she lost it for the first time!  :)    We walked around and quickly grabbed our fair share of items to try on.  I gave Jill some privacy to try her items on in solitude, but after awhile I couldn't contain myself.  I knocked on her door, she opened it and said, "I really don't want to take this off!"  What was "this" you ask?

I couldn't find this knit top online to get the name of it, but doesn't this just look lovely on her?  Look at that smile on her face?  Now that's a I-love-this-top-and-need-it-in-my-closet smile!  Needless to say, this plus the Artists's Medium Tank were her first ever Anthro purchases.  I'm pretty certain they won't be her last.  Chris said I've created a mini little Cindi monster.  Jill is very thrifty...much better than me at her young age.  So, I trust that she will make her purchase decisions wisely.  I'm already starting to teach her trade secrets that I've learned through the bloggy world on how to find sales items and great Anthro deals.

I also was able to find a couple of items to try on for fun.

Foremost Dress - $118

I was so underwhelmed when I put this dress on.  It's a pullover style, which makes me torn, because I hate side zippers but pulling this over my head I felt like I was going to rip it.  The rayon fabric didn't help either and I typically don't go for rayon unless it's a style and print that I can not resist.  I think what bothered me the most was the removeable belt.  The dress itself fit perfectly but the belt was so tight, I felt like I was going to cut off circulation.  The teeny tiny elastic on the belt really didn't stretch much, so not much give there.  Great concept, poor execution.  Size wise, I think this might run a tiny bit big, so I would recommend sizing down.  I'm wearing a Small here.

Yet another jersey dress which I don't need, but decided to try it on for fun.  I'm wearing a Small here and I think it might run a little big.  I'm normally a Medium.  The fit was great, fabric soft, and length hit me perfectly.  I loved the simplicity of the dress and the v neckline was very flattering.  The knot detail on the bodice also gave it that flare.  And of course, with a lot of Anthro dresses, the pockets I loved!  This is an easy transition piece to the fall, but I advise if you like it, wait for sale.  There are just so many jersey dresses out there right now that's currently full price, something is bound to hit sale soon!

You can always tell it's fall time when a lot of things come in gray!  I love gray but sometimes it just don't go with my skin tone.  I did like this blouse, but did not love it.  Things I liked about it:  first, the neckline.  It's a faux wrap blouse, so the wrap part is attached to one mishaps which is always nice.  I also loved the puffed sleeves...adds a nice feminine touch.  The tie itself is velvet in texture, which adds a little zing to the blouse.  However, the color just was drab on me.  The pink detailing around the neckline is cute, so I probably would like to wear this on its own.  But then come fall and winter time, I'd want to wear this with a cardi, which would hide the nice detailing.  Size wise, usual 6 worked here. 

BTW, the wedges I'm wearing are Tom's.  I first saw them on the lovely Cat and just had to get them.  Of course they were all sold out in my size, but I was able to find these at an online boutique in Canada!  :)  They are so comfortable and cute.  I love that they're also for a good cause. 

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, July 26, 2010

T-Minus 33!'s exactly 33 days from the big day.  I'm getting super nervous, especially when it's night fall, because as studies have shown, people tend to get more emotional during the night.  We still have so much to do it seems and I just can't believe in a little over a month, everything has to be perfect.  Well, not perfect...I've admitted to myself that it won't be.  Which I'm fine with.  But I want to at least make that day as fun as possible...for myself, Chris and my guests.

Anyhoo...enough of that.  A couple of you who's also sharing in this joyous wedding planning time with me have asked me what my first dance song is going to be.  It comes with a background story, so if I bore you...please just scroll down to my OOTD pics.  Hehehe.

When I was living in LA and Chris was here in Seattle, we decided to take a trip to New York City together.  We wanted to save up some money so we made a pact to not visit each other until the trip.  Which left us 25 days.  25 days for some isn't very long, but we visited one another every other week.  So 25 was a huge number for us.  We made our little countdown, but everyday Chris emailed me a song and a little blurb about how that song reminded him of me and why he chose to send it.  On T Minus 9...nine days before we were set to meet in New York, the song he sent was B4-4's That's How I Know

My friends ask me
When it comes to giving you my heart
How can I be sure?
'Cause they see how fast we
Filled up all the empty parts
In my soul and yours
When I answer it erases their doubts
'Cause the truth comes out

When I'm miles away
And I still feel your touch
When I make mistakes
And no one gives up
When you're in my arms
Baby you're still not close enough
That's how I know it's love
It's love

Just like they are
I'm amazed I found someone made just for me
Oooo your love so far
Tell me I would be a fool not to believe
That I've been given a gift in this life
I must have done something right

When I'm miles away
And I still feel your touch
When I make mistakes
And no one gives up
When you're in my arms
Baby you're still not close enough
That's how I know it's love

Now I know what forever's for
Each day I want you more

When I'm miles away
And I still feel your touch
When I make mistakes
And no one gives up
When you're in my arms
Baby you're still not close enough
That's how I know it's love

That's how I know it's love

So ok, B4-4 is a Canadian boy band...and I get that.  A first dance song from a boy band.  Oy!  But the song is sweet and so are the lyrics, so who cares if they are Backstreet Boys wannabes.  Chris and I were determined to use songs for our wedding that's not overly used in other weddings.  I didn't want to walk down the aisle to Canon D.  And for those of you who used Canon D, I have nothing against it, it's a great song.  But I wanted to be different.  Through this process, we were able to find such great artists on Youtube and other websites.  Artists with such great talent, passion...and artists that are not Justin Bieber.  :)  I will post my processional and recessional songs as well in the days to come.

This OOTD was actually from last week.  I just can't get enough of the two-wheeler dress and pairing it with the mustard colored cylinder belt was perfect.  Love it!

Happy Monday all!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Preview...and a decision...

Hello lovely readers.  Ahhh...a huge sigh of relief.  It's Friday, it'll be a beautiful weekend and I've made a decision over the whole Clinton vs. Alice ordeal.  I've decided to follow everyone's advice (and with my gut instinct) to return the Alice and get the Clinton.  The one I was wearing in the pics was a 6, but I wanted to size up to an 8...and there are no eights left in Seattle.  Booooo.  I'd have to order it online, which I don't like doing sometimes because they arrive a wrinkled mess.  Thank you everyone for your honest opinion.  It helped a great deal! 

My future sister-in-law, Jill has asked me to go with her to Anthro tomorrow after my wedding dress appointment.  Eeek...I'm getting my dress altered by the way.  Ugh...I just hope they are able to make it work.  I'm sure it'll be fine but I still feel nervous about it.  So, tomorrow I'll take the Alice and return it.  But I'm super excited to shop with Jill.  She's an Anthro virgin, I'm hoping she'll make her first purchase tomorrow with the graduation gift card me and Chris gave her! 

OK...onto some dressing room reviews.  I'm super excited about these so here goes:

Acting Out Skirt - $88

The lovely Cat saw the Sapphire version of this skirt at her store and have decided to get it for me.  It's currently on its way to me, but I saw it in my store and decided to try it on to see if the fit is similar to the original gray version.  The one I have was a size 8 which fit fine but loose at the waist, so I decided to grab the 6 in this (the size Cat got me) and voila!  Fits like a glove!  The shape is the same as its original sister but the fabric is made of mostly tencel.  I used to work for a wood products company, and when I was there, they were saying how a type of revolutionary fabric is going to come out made from wood cellulose.  I introduce you Tencel!  It's a harder fabric and shinier than your normal cotton but I love it.  It's environmentally friendly and it looks dressier!  At $88, I would pay full price for it.  For something that fits this well and has such bulk, $88 is not bad at all.  Thank you, Anthro! 

Mystery Skirt 1 - $128???
I did not see this skirt online but if I were to name it, I'd name it the Starry Night Skirt.  The design on it, which are little black and white circles, reminds me of the Van Gogh Starry Night painting.  I believe the fabric is a wool with polyester lining.  It's not pictured, but it did come with an elastic thin belt which hooks together by interlocking rings.  I did love the length on the skirt.  I think it'll suit shorter girls more since it came just above my knee.  I did not care for the fit of it as much.  I didn't hate it, but it was just so so for me.  I think there are other skirts for the fall out currently that are much cuter.  I'd definitely wait for a sale on this.

Mystery Skirt 2 - $158

I won't go into too much detail about this skirt since it's been pretty popular around the bloggy world and probably a lot of you have tried this on.  I definitely had to size up on this, to an 8.  But then with Anthro skirts, sizes are always a hit or miss for me.  I did love the fit, the design, and the ruffles cascading down on the side.  I think at $158, it is EXTREMELY steep for a skirt, but will be hunting this down once it hits sale...if it ever does. 

I fell in love with the ruffles down this skirt when I first saw it online.  I don't know why I waited until now to try it on.  Once on, I was underwhelmed.  I believe this was meant to be worn at the high waist because if it wasn't,  it'd be way too long.  Even at my high waist, the bottom hit right below my knee.  Shorter girls will be disappointed with this.  Additionally, the ruffles for some reason highlighted my tummy too much.  I felt like my tummy was protruding out a little bit.  Finally, I couldn't help but feel a bit itchy in this.  BIG no no!  The fit is TTS though and I probably might have to consider this come sale time.

Ahh...another top/bottom connected dress.  The top is a silk material, which made this dress feel dressier than normal.  The ruffled neckline made me feel like I had a statement necklace on...and I loved it.  The bottom skirt is made of cotton with wonderful blue floral/paisley patterns.  Plus, it has pockets!  I think the fit is TTS and the length is perfect for my 5'5" height.  Personally, I think the price of $138 is a great compromise for the quality of the dress.  If you're looking for a special occasion dress, this one fits the bill.  How many special occasion dresses can you buy for $150 or less right?  Wishlisted for me..hoping for a sale.

I saved the best one for last, gals!  I saw this dress a couple of times before and every time I pass by it, I think "garbage bag".  On the mannequin, it looked dowdy and I'm not a huge fan of dresses with no structure.  But yesterday, I decided to give it a try and OH MY GOSH!!!  There's no zip to this dress, only a keyhole-ish button enclosure in the back by the neck.  So pulling this on was a little difficult.  I fussed with the lace on top and once it was on right, my heart melted.  I never thought I'd look good in something like this, but I just loved it.  I believe this runs a little large, but the size 6 fit fine on me.  Anything smaller, I'd be afraid I'll rip the lace up top.  Do becareful not to snag the lace though, because that'd ruin the dress.  I can see this piece transitioning into the fall with some cute leggings and boots...and maybe the Clinton Trench over it?   Hehehe.  Length wise, I didn't feel it was too short.  Especially if it'll be donned with leggings in the fall.  Material is a true silk, very soft and light but it is lined, which is great!  This just jumped on the top of my wishlist.  SWOON!

There ya go girls.  I hope I've peaked your interest enough to try some of these things on if you haven't already.  Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alice vs. Clinton...Need Help!

OK ladies I need your help!  Last Friday I purchased the Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat.  See my review here.  I was just at the Uvillage Anthro and saw the purple in a Small so I went ahead and tried it on.  Last Friday they only had a cream so I was unable to try a purple one.  This week I guess they restocked.  So here's me in the purple motif:

I still love this sweatercoat, however, I don't remember it being this short the last time I tried it on in the cream.  The purple is beautiful as I expected and goes with my skin tone quite well.  So why do I need your help?  Well, I'm having second doubts about this.  And here's why:

Ladies, I never thought I'd fall in love with this Clinton Trench.  I thought, ok, trenches are more spring, so I don't need to spend the money on one.  I also have a simple trench I just bought but this one is just so different.  I also was afraid all the ruffles and the belt tie would be too much...too busy...but it totally wasn't.  I felt so pretty in this.  Additionally, I wanted to make sure the jacket can be worn open, without needing to be zipped and tied if I'm just running out in a hurry, and based on the above picture, I think it looked fine.

So, what to do girls?  I need your vote.  Chris already lets see if you agree with him.  Which one do you prefer?  Thank you in advance girls!

OK, so now onto my OOTD.  Since it was cloudy out today, I decided to where pants, which I haven't worn in about two weeks now.  My wedding photographer yesterday posted up an engagement shoot he recently did and the bride-to-be was wearing Anthro's Curlytop Cardigan!  Aren't they cute?

It reminded me that I also own this cardigan and I also bought it months back thinking I'd wear this for my engagement pics.  I ended up not wearing it for that occasion, but still loved it so I kept it.  At the time, my size was all so out but I was able to locate one in the Atlanta store, which Anthro sent to me free of charge.

Curlytop Cardigan and tank (Anthropologie)
Slacks - Halogen (Nordstrom)
Necklace - Oh, Hello Friend


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Cat's Meow and a Blog-thday Outfit

Hello hello everyone!  What a great Wednesday it's been so far as there were a whole bunch of blogs ready for me to read in my dashboard.  I love to start off my day in my office with a cup of coffee and catching up on my blogs.

I received one of the best surprises from the lovely Cat of Anthrosdottir yesterday.  Her and I both own the Acting Out Skirt in the gray from last season.  And when Anthro released the new color way, of course I was debating on whether I should also get it in another color since I loved the skirt so much.  Then last night I received a comment from Cat saying that she found the skirt at the store she visited and it was marked down to $19.99!!!  Also, that she decided to get a 6 for me as an early wedding present!!!  I was so ecstatic when I read it that I just had to squeal in the myself.  I seriously am very thankful for Cat's thoughtfulness and generosity.  I think this blog community is filled with wonderful girls and I'm so blessed to be apart of it.  THANK YOU again, Ms. Cat!  I can't wait to wear it. 

Throwing some additional love her's Kim of Anthroholic's first year anniversary!!!  I stumbled upon Kim's blog when I was searching online a few months ago for Anthro inspired outfits.  That was how this whole blogging thing happened for me.  From Kim's blog, I found Tien's, then Cats, know who you are since I follow you.  :)  Kim inspires me in so many ways, I literally have a folder at home on my computer titled "Outfit Ideas" and most of them are filled with Kim's outfits.  I love her sense of style and without ever meeting, she seems like such a great person!  To celebrate, she's decided to throw a virtual party.  Of course, I had to join!  For this occasion, I've decided to bust out my Perilla dress. 

Sorry for the lighting in these as we haven't had the chance to get blinds yet, so the window in the bedroom behind me lets in some morning sun.  But hey, at least it's a different scenery from my usual work restroom right? :)  I love how this dress fits and how it feels.  It's so comfortable that I can lounge in this dress at home.  I'm so glad I made this purchase!  Now...lets get this virtual party started!

Dress - Perilla Dress (Anthropologie)
Cardigan - J. Crew
Shoes - Nordstrom Salon Shoes more thing before I go.  A couple of days ago, I posted and asked for your advice on leather/faux leather jackets here.  I went back to the Nordies sale this week and got this!

The brown/bordeaux color was cute but they only had a medium in this.  I tried it on regardless but felt that I liked a snugger fit.  Instead, I decided to buy the navy-ish color which will match with a lot of items I have in my closet for work. 

Here's me trying it on for Chris.  What do you girls think?  I think it matches with the red and white striped tee quite well.  I love the ruffles as it makes the leather look more feminine. 

Thanks for stopping by girlies!  Have a wonderful hump day.