Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I got you, Camilla!

Hello all!  What a beautiful day it is here in Seattle, mid to high 70's and sunny.  THIS is what Seattle summers are usually's just perfect! 

I decided to take a longer lunch today and wander over to the Uvillage Anthro to try on some pretties for my Friday Preview.  My other mission was also to try on the Camilla Dress in a Small since last time my usual Medium was a little big.  There were two more Smalls left and I grabbed one immediately!

The result?  It fit perfectly!  I just love this dress so much and was totally disappointed this week when I found out it still hasn't hit the sales rack.  Like the business person that I am, I started to go back to my "buy or wait" Anthro process.  It's a little Visio flowchart that I have in my head.  The process starts with me asking myself if I love the dress.  And the answer is yes, I obviously do.  I don't typically try on something more than once if I'm iffy about it.  Then I ask if I have anything I've recently purchased that I can return.  Especially items that I wasn't totally in love with.  And that answer was yes as well.  I have the Breakfasting Dress, the Abronia Skirt, and the Gossamer Waves Dress in my closet at home, still waiting to be worn.  The Breakfasting dress is similar to the Camilla, but the Camilla I can wear to work and on other occasions as well.  So it was a no brainer for me.  I have decided to buy the Camilla in exchange for the three above mentioned items.  Was it the right decision?  Absolutely! 

Today's OOTD is probably one of my favorites.  I finally decided to debut the Field Game Cardigan.  Let me tell ya, I think this is probably one of my favorite purchases from Anthro.  This and the two-wheeler tops the list, including the Acting Out Skirt, which I'm also wearing. 

Cardigan - Field Game (Anthropologie)
Tank - Halogen lace tank (Point of View - Nordstrom)
Skirt - Acting Out Skirt (Anthropologie)
Shoes - Vaneli (Nordstrom)

I feel so put together and in charge in this outfit.  I'm reviewing financials today, so move over Accountants!  The wrath that is Cindi is coming your way with review comments!  Muwahahaha! >:)

Have a wonderful hump day, everyone! 


  1. Oh, the outfit is a favorite with good reason - soooo cute!

  2. Great purchase- I LOVE the Camilla Dress! I'm going to get it in blue! It looks fabulous on you!

  3. Great buy on the Camilla dress - especially if you're smiling that big in those pics AND a leg kick to boot?!

  4. Love the Camilla Dress - that's going to be so versatile!

    And I'm wishing I had got the Field Game Cardigan now. I love it with the Acting Out Skirt which is one of my favorites too (did you see it's now available in saphire online???)

  5. are you an accountant?
    I love the camilla dress, you definitely made the right decision :)

  6. Good choice, Cindi. You look very pretty in it. Personally, i prefer Camilla to Breakfasting dress way more.

    I wear Camilla with blooming lattice cardigan in navy and Green Thumb Belt in red to complete the look. i love the fabric as well.

  7. That outfit is KILLER.

    Good choice on the dress. You always know it was a good choice when it just FEELS right.

  8. The Camilla dress looks so adorable on you, Cindi! The fit is perfect and the eyelet detail is so pretty.

    BTW, did you see that ModCloth has a cardigan ( that seems to be inspired by the Field Day cardigan? But I think Anthro did it much better -- the stripes on ModCloth's version are just too small and busy.

  9. Thank you, gals for your lovely comments. Boy, you sure know how to make a girl feel great about herself!

    Jamie - Yes, someone posted the field game cardigan copy on modcloth and I do agree, it isn't the same! I'm not even sure about the fabric because the field game is so soft!

  10. Spiffy - Guilty as charged. I'm currently a Finance Manager but I do my fair share of accounting tasks. :) I do love my red pen though!

  11. So cute! I'm planning on wearing my acting out skirt soon. It's great with the FGC. I also fully endorse your decision to go with the Camilla. It's simply gorgeous on you and you can see how much you like it in the pictures!