Sunday, July 11, 2010

Special Bachelorette Edition...

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone having a wonderful weekend.  Like last weekend, my parents are over to work on the deck again.  It's coming along so nicely and I just can't wait for it to be built so I can share more pictures!

As many of you who follow me already know, about a month ago, I had my bachelorette weekend in Santa Monica.  My friend, Malena, just sent me the pictures and I'd like to share them with you all.

Malena is one of those friends who will always be there for you.  I know it sounds like a cliche, but it's so true.  Back in college, during my immature years, it seems like I always had boy problems.  And whenever that happened, no matter what she's got going on, Malena would always be there with me, gabbing away about my problems.  I'd always feel 100 times better after meeting up with her.  She now resides in Chicago, and have been there for 4 or 5 years now.  Deep inside, I secretly hope that she'll some day move back to Seattle, but I'm extremely happy that she was able to make the move out on her own to conquer an unfamiliar city.  She's made a great home in Chicago, with her great soulmate and I couldn't be happier for her.

Jean (right) is my Matron of Honor.  She was the one responsible for making my weekend in Santa Monica as special as it was.  I've known Jean since we were in high school, but honestly, both of us don't ever remember our first times meeting one another.  In our memories, one day we were just friends!  We both keep each other company at work, as we chat online about The Hills, The Bacheleor and Bachelorette, complain about the whether, and on and it was inevitable that when I met Chris, Jean was the first one to hear an earful.  We always joke that her husband, Jun, and I are long lost brothers and sisters, because we share similar likes and dislikes.  But likewise, I think her and Chris share similar characteristics as well.  Both of them are creative, funny, smart, and forever loyal to their loved ones.  Thus, it was a no brainer that when it came to choosing a Best Woman, Jean was the one that fit the bill!

Marla (left) is another person I've known since high school, but through Jean and Malena.  We actually didn't become close until just a few years ago.  Marla always makes me laugh with her sassy and witty comments...I know I can always count on her to cheer me up if I'm having a bad day.  When I think back of the times when I LOL'd or ROFL'd, for some reason, Marla's always there with me...or is the reason why we laughed that hard.  During this trip, there were a couple of moments where we girls had some laughing episodes, and it was because of Marla.  She's definitely a fun girl to be around.  But more seriously, Marla is a social worker, and I truly admire her passion for wanting to help out those that are less fortunate and in need of guidance.  The world is in need of more people with that type of passion, and I'm so lucky to have someone like her in my life.

Wai and I met in our 9th grade Language Arts class.  And when I first met her, I knew she was a girl full of punch in a teeny tiny body!  She's like one of those 5 hour energy drinks, just full of oommph, in a small package!  I love Wai for her ambition and courage.  She was one of the first ones out of all of us to have to deal with a serious loss when we were all in college.  And through it all, she never cracked under any stress or pressure.  She also recently just got engaged to someone truly special, and she once told me after meeting her BF, she finally realized why I seemed so happy with Chris.  I'm glad she's able to find someone to share the rest of her life with, and I will be her Matron of Honor....I'm definitely honored!

Shenna and I met at work when I moved to LA.  We actually never hung out while I lived there, but three years after moving back to Seattle, Shenna is the only person I still keep in contact with.  Now thinking back, I regret not getting to know her better while I still lived there, but there's something to be said about someone when they try hard to still stay in touch.  She often will call me for career advice, which I am honored that she trusts me in giving her such important guidance.  Shenna has this quality about her, she instantaneously makes you feel comfortable around her.  All my other girl friends, I believe, felt the same way after meeting her.  And of course, even though she's known me the least amount in terms of time, she sure knew me for sure.  She gave me an Anthro gift card that night.  THANK YOU, SHENNA!

Here's me with my high school girl friends, getting ready to go out for the night.  I guess blue and black were the colors of the night!

Ahh...of course, the infamous sun burned shot.  I seriously wasn't kidding when I said I got burned to a crisp. Ouch!  At this time, my arms felt like they were on fire!

Thank you to all my girls that made my weekend such a memorable one.  I am truly one lucky girl to have such great girls in her life.  I love you all!


  1. Could you and your friends be any cuter? I love all the stories about how you met and what qualities you love about them! Looks like you girls had an amazing time (besides the sunburn -OUCH!).

  2. What a great tribute to your wonderful friends!
    You ladies all look great in the black and blue!!!

  3. how wonderful that you have these awesome friends in your life! They all sound fabulous!

  4. What a sweet post! It's so great to have good friends in your life, eh? You are very blessed!

  5. What a gorgeous group of ladies you are!! You are very lucky to have a such a close group of friends in your life. Looks like an amazing time you had together!

  6. i love how everyone matches! looks like you had a great time. mine is this weekend, i'm hoping it won't rain! hehe.