Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Breakfasting at Lunch..

Hello all!  All hell broke loose today as it is reaching up into the 90's today and tomorrow.  People, as expected, are starting to complain about the heat already.  Seattleites just can't be pleased.  :)  I'm not complaining though because warmer weather means DRESSES and SKIRTS.  My friend, Jean, who has impeccable taste in fashion, and I have declared this week amongst ourselves as dresses and skirts week.  We're trying to NOT wear pants the whole week, which is hard to do here.  Maybe we'll even carry this through next week since it was a short week. 

So I went to Anthro yesterday and didn't find what I was looking for.  I really wanted to try on the Roped-In dress and the Breakfasting dress.  But the store I went to had none of those around.  I left disappointed, so I decided to try again today, but at a different store.  I just got back from the Uvillage Anthro and they had a bunch of the Breakfasting dresses.  I grabbed a Small, knowing that it ran huge. 

I know this dress got pretty bad reviews online.  Everything from fit issues, to fabric issues, to the pleated skirt.  I would have to agree that if it were at it's original price of $138, it would never tempt me in getting it.  But at half price, I thought it was worth it.  The Small fit perfectly, although I couldn't get it to zip up cause the zipper was in the back (how do you reviewers deal with this issue???), but I know it will.  The fabric itself is a little thick, but then it's nothing I can't handle since we have pretty mild summers here.  I also thought the pleated skirt, although accentuated the hips a tad bit, was nothing too bothersome.  Many of you know that I've been looking for bridal shower and rehearsal dinner dresses and for now, I think I'll keep this as a contender.  It'll hang in my closet with the tags on for a little while until I truly decide to keep it.

Today I wore a dress I got for my friend's wedding last year.  I've only worn it once and that was to her wedding.  I saw this dress floating around on Ebay but there hasn't been much love for it...and I'm not sure why.  I think it might be the silk material?  The kimono style doesn't appeal to everyone?  Anyway, I still love the beautiful patterns and colors.  I just wished it was a tab bit longer since I'm wearing it at work and I feel a bit uncomfortable. 

Dress - Anthropologie (Name????)
Cardigan - J. Crew Featherweight BF Cardi
Shoes - J. Crew

Can I just also say that J. Crew makes the most uncomfortable shoes ever?  I have three pairs of shoes from them, and I guess it took me three pairs to learn my lesson.  These brown wedges are by far the most comfortable and even then I can't walk more than maybe 3 blocks in them. 

OK, off my rant!  Have a wonderful day, ladies!!! :)


  1. You cracked me up about the JC shoes comment - I always thought it was just me bc I see everyone else rocking their JC shoes. The only pair I can wear is their Brewster boots, which are flats.

    As for that reddish unnammed Anthro dress (bc I have no idea either), it looks gorgeous on you! I dig the kimono-type sleeves myself - they cover my man shoulders!

  2. oh, I love the dress in your outfit of the day picture! So pretty! The breakfasting dress is so cute - I don't remember ever seeing it in my store, though. I hate back zippers in dresses...but I also hate side zippers. I'm not sure which is worse!

  3. Love the Breakfasting Dress on you!! I had decided to hold out in case it gets a 2nd cut, although now seeing it on you makes me love it all over again.

    That beautiful dress you're wearing is the Harvest Sunset Dress. :)

  4. Lisa - You are too funny. If you have man shoulders, I must have Hulk shoulders! Don't get me angry...hehe. I hate hate hate J. Crew cause they taught me with such cute shoes but oh my...the terror they do to my poor old feet.

    Ashley - I hate side zippers as well. I tried on the In a Twinkle dress and could not get that thing on me. I finally gave up. I should not be breaking a sweat trying dresses on!

    Roxy - Oooh thank you for the name of the dress. I also googled and found your review of it. How cute were you in that huge jacket!

  5. The Breakfasting Dress is so cute and I love the idea of it as a bridal shower outfit.

  6. I have the Harvest Sunset dress too!! Picked it up on sale last year... but it's too small for me (I got a 4, and I'm only a 6 when something runs big!)... it was so cute and such a good deal, I couldn't pass it up! Hopefully I can lose some weight so I can finally wear it <.< Anyway, it looks great on you :)

  7. Oh, I love the Breakfasting Dress on you! It's so great! I totally think you should wear it to your rehearsal dinner - the color is so bridal. =D

  8. Very cute outfit today. That dress is adorable on you. I also think the Breakfasting Dress looks great on you. I agree with Carol, it would make a great rehearsal dinner dress. It's funny how a price cut will make you have second thoughts on a something. I love a good sale.

  9. Debbie & Carol - I am definitely thinking this is going to be the rehearsal dinner dress. It'll be so cute!

    Sunflowers - You are too funny! I do the same with my old clothes as I used to be a size 2 - 4 when I was living in LA. Hoping one day I can fit back in. Lets be each other's cheerleaders!

    Lorraine - There's been many items I passed up at full price and as soon as they slash it, I'm like "hmm this is cute!". Could it be comparable to a guy becoming cuter after he buys you a couple of drinks? Haha!!! JK!

  10. I think the Breakfasting Dress will be great for your rehearsal dinner! Usually when I can't get the zipper up I ask the SA to help me. Anything for the blog!

  11. After only four days being in the cold and foggy San Francisco I already miss the 90 something degrees weather in Austin heh. Enjoy the warmth and the sun while you can!

  12. Love the Breakfasting dress on you! Perfect choice!

    That unnamed Anthro dress is so CUTE. And I totally agree with you on the J Crew shoes - I haven't found a truly comfy pair yet and I own about 6 pairs. Ridiculous. Actually, one of their sales associates told me she never bought J Crew shoes since they are so uncomfortable/not well made.

  13. Wow. I really wan't a fan of that dress until I saw it on you. Those pleats at the front are so flattering!! It's such a great contender for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. I'm a fan of your strategy too. I often bring stuff home that I'm undecided about.

  14. Sara - me weird but I feel so shy to step outside and have the SA make comments...even though they always say nice things!

    PetiteGorgeous - San Francisco is a weird city to me. I'm not criticizing it cause I love the city, but it's never warm there!! 10 miles outside of it, and it's gorgeous but just whenever I'm in the city limits, it's always so cold and windy.

    Michelle Q - I hate every pair of shoes I've ever got from J. Crew. Haha...I realized the older I get, the less I am tolerable of uncomfy shoes. So I choose them very wisely now.

    Cat - The strategy really works in my favor sometimes. I've decided to return the abronia skirt I got. I just don't like the fit of it enough to wear it over and over again. Sad, I know!

  15. The Breakfasting Dress looks awesome on you!!!! Definately a good contender for the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. I'm glad you found it to try.

    Um, I've seen several of the silk anthro dress you have on on ebay and always wondered what the deal was. I don't think I've see it on anyone in IRL. I LOVE IT! I now need to go back to ebay and look for it. I love the colors and the kimono style of it.

    I cannot tolerate J.Crew flats for very long at all. They are the most uncomfortable FLAT shoes ever. But, I do love their heels. I have no problems with those. Weird, you would think it would be opposite!

  16. I LOVE the second dress on you. The fit is so flattering.

    Thanks for the tip about J.Crew shoes! I haven't bought any but I think I won't now! :)

  17. Hi Cindi! Thanks so much for posting a review of the Breakfasting Dress. I saw it in my Anthro and thought it was so cute, but didn't have a chance to try it on. It looks great on you!

    I actually wrote a post on the Breakfasting dress and how much it reminds me of a BCBG dress. I'm fairly new to the blogging world, but if you feel like checking me out, I'm at