Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Anthro Excursion Update

This past Saturday, Chris' lovely sister, Jill and I went to get our dresses tailored for the wedding, then headed straight to Anthropology to do some power shopping.  Jill has been to Anthro before but have never made a purchase there.  Yep folks, she's an Anthro virgin!  And I wanted to be there when she lost it for the first time!  :)    We walked around and quickly grabbed our fair share of items to try on.  I gave Jill some privacy to try her items on in solitude, but after awhile I couldn't contain myself.  I knocked on her door, she opened it and said, "I really don't want to take this off!"  What was "this" you ask?

I couldn't find this knit top online to get the name of it, but doesn't this just look lovely on her?  Look at that smile on her face?  Now that's a I-love-this-top-and-need-it-in-my-closet smile!  Needless to say, this plus the Artists's Medium Tank were her first ever Anthro purchases.  I'm pretty certain they won't be her last.  Chris said I've created a mini little Cindi monster.  Jill is very thrifty...much better than me at her young age.  So, I trust that she will make her purchase decisions wisely.  I'm already starting to teach her trade secrets that I've learned through the bloggy world on how to find sales items and great Anthro deals.

I also was able to find a couple of items to try on for fun.

Foremost Dress - $118

I was so underwhelmed when I put this dress on.  It's a pullover style, which makes me torn, because I hate side zippers but pulling this over my head I felt like I was going to rip it.  The rayon fabric didn't help either and I typically don't go for rayon unless it's a style and print that I can not resist.  I think what bothered me the most was the removeable belt.  The dress itself fit perfectly but the belt was so tight, I felt like I was going to cut off circulation.  The teeny tiny elastic on the belt really didn't stretch much, so not much give there.  Great concept, poor execution.  Size wise, I think this might run a tiny bit big, so I would recommend sizing down.  I'm wearing a Small here.

Yet another jersey dress which I don't need, but decided to try it on for fun.  I'm wearing a Small here and I think it might run a little big.  I'm normally a Medium.  The fit was great, fabric soft, and length hit me perfectly.  I loved the simplicity of the dress and the v neckline was very flattering.  The knot detail on the bodice also gave it that flare.  And of course, with a lot of Anthro dresses, the pockets I loved!  This is an easy transition piece to the fall, but I advise if you like it, wait for sale.  There are just so many jersey dresses out there right now that's currently full price, something is bound to hit sale soon!

You can always tell it's fall time when a lot of things come in gray!  I love gray but sometimes it just don't go with my skin tone.  I did like this blouse, but did not love it.  Things I liked about it:  first, the neckline.  It's a faux wrap blouse, so the wrap part is attached to one another...no mishaps which is always nice.  I also loved the puffed sleeves...adds a nice feminine touch.  The tie itself is velvet in texture, which adds a little zing to the blouse.  However, the color just was drab on me.  The pink detailing around the neckline is cute, so I probably would like to wear this on its own.  But then come fall and winter time, I'd want to wear this with a cardi, which would hide the nice detailing.  Size wise, TTS...my usual 6 worked here. 

BTW, the wedges I'm wearing are Tom's.  I first saw them on the lovely Cat and just had to get them.  Of course they were all sold out in my size, but I was able to find these at an online boutique in Canada!  :)  They are so comfortable and cute.  I love that they're also for a good cause. 

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Oh, wow. She looks so happy in that shirt! I really like the color combo of that first dress-the blue with the green belt. It looks really nice on you. You said that the belt is removeable--could it be be loosened a bit so it doesn't feel so tight? I know what you mean though about pull over style. I hate them because I have a broader upper body compared to my bottom, so I always feel like the top is going to rip.

    I don't think the gray is a terrible color on you. That style top looks really cute.

    Ok, I'm now going to look up those shoes. I love them!

  2. She's wearing the High Tide Tee, which is so cute on her!!!

  3. she looks so cute in that tee! I looked like a strange plant when I tried it on! I'm happy to hear you are bringing others to the dark side :)

  4. Aw she looks adorable! How exciting that it was her first Anthro purchase!

    Great reviews - I felt the same way about the Turbine Dress. Nice, but kind of generic for the cost.

  5. i'm giving you golf claps right now for getting your friend to join our world! haha! she looks amazing in that top!

    i like the foremost dress on you - it's too bad about the rayon fabric and the belt being too tight though! :(

  6. Liz - Thank you for the nice compliment! I really don't know if I'd love the dress so much that I'd go to the trouble of lengthening the belt. I hope you have luck with the shoes! Let me know if you don't find them.

    Kim - Ahh...thank you! You're always so helpful!

    Spiffy - I'm happy to recruit anyone! Haha. Jill has a great sense of style and I will be looking towards her in the future when I grow old and styleless to get me get out of a rut!

    Kathleen - I saw that you tried the gray on? What did you think? I felt it was even more meh than the navy one on the hanger. Gray all over sometimes just don't work for me.

    Aimee - You know, I might have sabatoged myself by picking items that day I KNEW I wouldn't buy. I was trying to be good. :) But the foremost dress just wasn't good. The pics made it look better than it really is. HA!

  7. Cuteness, your future sis-in-law looks great in her new Anthro blouse. Here's to more!

  8. Aw, once you go Anthro, you never go back ...

  9. Jill is so adorable and that is a perfect first purchase and memorialized in the blogoshere. I'm liking the style of lots of recent Anthro dresses, but the jersey and rayon fabrics are really killing me. You got the Tom's! Congrats on finding them! I seriously can't stop wearing them and am actively trying to find a reason to wear them to work.... which I know is completely delusional.

  10. Poor Jill, she will be hooked just like the rest of us. *haha

    The best part of the foremost dress is the belt. If the belt doesn't work, that kind of defeats the purpose. I think you look really cute on it. Did you try a different one? Sometimes a different dress of the same size might give you the slight difference that might work if it is only a little bit tight?

  11. The High Tide Tee looks great on her!!! What a fun shopping day!! I feel the same way Jill did when she put a piece of Anthro clothing on...you don't want to take it off, therefore you end up buying it...all!