Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty in Pink and a Certificate

When I began to think about what colors I'd use for my wedding, pink and black were always in the front runner.  I love the combo together, but decided to go with black, red and white.  Our venue is extremely white!  It's got white walls, white curtains and old wooden floors.  Red and black, we decided, would be the right choice for the sleek and chic vibe we were going for. 

So pink and black would be appropriate to wear for getting our marriage license/certificate right?  Chris and I are taking a long lunch and headed down to the courthouse today to apply for a license.  How exciting!!!!  I heard that we have to raise our hands and swear that we are not any way related to one another.  This is going to be fun!  I just hope we get a county worker that's remotely interested and not monotoned and in a bad mood. 

Cardigan - J. Crew
Blouse/Tank - Nordstrom Point of View
Trousers - Nordstroms Point of View (Halogen)
Shoes - Seychelle Veronicas (Nordstrom)


  1. how exciting! Just think, you're basically married after getting the certificate, the rest is all show!

  2. Congrats getting all the "legal business" of getting married out of the way for the fun stuff!

    And I love your outfit today!

  3. This is an adorable outfit! The Halogen trousers are great! Sometimes it's tough to find black clothes that will work in the summer, but these look so crisp and cool!

    And congrats on getting your marriage license -- how exciting! You're one step closer to being legally, officially, and ceremonially wed!

  4. Ashley - I KNOW! The whole process is really not as romantic as they make it seem in the movies.

    Lisa - Thank you! This ruffle top reminded me of you and your outfit the other day. Hehe.

    Jamie - was 59 degrees this morning and right now it's still cloudy. We have pretty mild summers so most days we can get away with having trousers on.

  5. Love the color combinations. Congradulations! I am so exited for you. Take lots of pictures as if you are doing a documentary and have as much fun as you could.

  6. Oh, I remember doing that courthouse bit 5 years ago. So exciting! Well, actually, it's not really, but the part where you hold up your right hand is pretty funny :) I absolutely cannot wait to see your weddiing pictures (especially the dress!!!)!

  7. You look adorable! What a great outfit (for getting your marriage license and otherwise)!

  8. How exciting! This was a great outfit choice today. I love the pink top on you!

  9. Aw cute ruffles. I love that color on you!

    And I totally forgot about getting sworn in for a marriage license. I was (of course) joking around when we got ours and the woman was taking it so seriously as if we were trying to trick her into letting us get married! Whoops! LOL

  10. yay! we didn't have to swear anything.. although I might have sworn a little when there was a minor breakdown in communication over last names and who would be changing to what..
    anyway, you look so cute and I love the deep rich pink color of your tunic. it looks wonderful against your skin tone!

  11. Oh how exciting, congrats Cindi!! You look absolutely adorable and enjoy the moment!!

  12. What a special moment for you and Chris. It sounds like it's been a long time coming! I like the drama of your red and black color scheme. So dying to see pics!!

  13. Inkmark - We love to take pictures of everything we do to document it. We have so many in our folder on the Mac at home! Haha.

    Aimee - OMG the raising of the hands thing was so funny. She took it all seriously and I had to hold back from cracking up.

    Carol and Debbie - THANK YOU. Hot pink was my favorite color as a kid...hehe so girly!

    Kathleen - Haha that's so funny. Yeah those people take it so seriously...but if I were to do that on a daily basis, I'd be so bored!

    Spiffy - You recently had to go through the same thing huh? How exciting for you as well! I can't wait to see your pics!

    Dea - Thank you as well. I'm definitely enjoying being in the moment. I've heard that so many brides get bored right after the wedding because all the rush and excitement dies down. So I'm relishing in this year. :)

    Cat - I wish I had more black accents in my decorations but I ran out of ideas. We really don't have much other than our program envelopes and I might buy black ribbon to tie around our centerpieces. I hope it works out!