Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Preview...and a decision...

Hello lovely readers.  Ahhh...a huge sigh of relief.  It's Friday, it'll be a beautiful weekend and I've made a decision over the whole Clinton vs. Alice ordeal.  I've decided to follow everyone's advice (and with my gut instinct) to return the Alice and get the Clinton.  The one I was wearing in the pics was a 6, but I wanted to size up to an 8...and there are no eights left in Seattle.  Booooo.  I'd have to order it online, which I don't like doing sometimes because they arrive a wrinkled mess.  Thank you everyone for your honest opinion.  It helped a great deal! 

My future sister-in-law, Jill has asked me to go with her to Anthro tomorrow after my wedding dress appointment.  Eeek...I'm getting my dress altered by the way.  Ugh...I just hope they are able to make it work.  I'm sure it'll be fine but I still feel nervous about it.  So, tomorrow I'll take the Alice and return it.  But I'm super excited to shop with Jill.  She's an Anthro virgin, I'm hoping she'll make her first purchase tomorrow with the graduation gift card me and Chris gave her! 

OK...onto some dressing room reviews.  I'm super excited about these so here goes:

Acting Out Skirt - $88

The lovely Cat saw the Sapphire version of this skirt at her store and have decided to get it for me.  It's currently on its way to me, but I saw it in my store and decided to try it on to see if the fit is similar to the original gray version.  The one I have was a size 8 which fit fine but loose at the waist, so I decided to grab the 6 in this (the size Cat got me) and voila!  Fits like a glove!  The shape is the same as its original sister but the fabric is made of mostly tencel.  I used to work for a wood products company, and when I was there, they were saying how a type of revolutionary fabric is going to come out made from wood cellulose.  I introduce you Tencel!  It's a harder fabric and shinier than your normal cotton but I love it.  It's environmentally friendly and it looks dressier!  At $88, I would pay full price for it.  For something that fits this well and has such bulk, $88 is not bad at all.  Thank you, Anthro! 

Mystery Skirt 1 - $128???
I did not see this skirt online but if I were to name it, I'd name it the Starry Night Skirt.  The design on it, which are little black and white circles, reminds me of the Van Gogh Starry Night painting.  I believe the fabric is a wool with polyester lining.  It's not pictured, but it did come with an elastic thin belt which hooks together by interlocking rings.  I did love the length on the skirt.  I think it'll suit shorter girls more since it came just above my knee.  I did not care for the fit of it as much.  I didn't hate it, but it was just so so for me.  I think there are other skirts for the fall out currently that are much cuter.  I'd definitely wait for a sale on this.

Mystery Skirt 2 - $158

I won't go into too much detail about this skirt since it's been pretty popular around the bloggy world and probably a lot of you have tried this on.  I definitely had to size up on this, to an 8.  But then with Anthro skirts, sizes are always a hit or miss for me.  I did love the fit, the design, and the ruffles cascading down on the side.  I think at $158, it is EXTREMELY steep for a skirt, but will be hunting this down once it hits sale...if it ever does. 

I fell in love with the ruffles down this skirt when I first saw it online.  I don't know why I waited until now to try it on.  Once on, I was underwhelmed.  I believe this was meant to be worn at the high waist because if it wasn't,  it'd be way too long.  Even at my high waist, the bottom hit right below my knee.  Shorter girls will be disappointed with this.  Additionally, the ruffles for some reason highlighted my tummy too much.  I felt like my tummy was protruding out a little bit.  Finally, I couldn't help but feel a bit itchy in this.  BIG no no!  The fit is TTS though and I probably might have to consider this come sale time.

Ahh...another top/bottom connected dress.  The top is a silk material, which made this dress feel dressier than normal.  The ruffled neckline made me feel like I had a statement necklace on...and I loved it.  The bottom skirt is made of cotton with wonderful blue floral/paisley patterns.  Plus, it has pockets!  I think the fit is TTS and the length is perfect for my 5'5" height.  Personally, I think the price of $138 is a great compromise for the quality of the dress.  If you're looking for a special occasion dress, this one fits the bill.  How many special occasion dresses can you buy for $150 or less right?  Wishlisted for me..hoping for a sale.

I saved the best one for last, gals!  I saw this dress a couple of times before and every time I pass by it, I think "garbage bag".  On the mannequin, it looked dowdy and I'm not a huge fan of dresses with no structure.  But yesterday, I decided to give it a try and OH MY GOSH!!!  There's no zip to this dress, only a keyhole-ish button enclosure in the back by the neck.  So pulling this on was a little difficult.  I fussed with the lace on top and once it was on right, my heart melted.  I never thought I'd look good in something like this, but I just loved it.  I believe this runs a little large, but the size 6 fit fine on me.  Anything smaller, I'd be afraid I'll rip the lace up top.  Do becareful not to snag the lace though, because that'd ruin the dress.  I can see this piece transitioning into the fall with some cute leggings and boots...and maybe the Clinton Trench over it?   Hehehe.  Length wise, I didn't feel it was too short.  Especially if it'll be donned with leggings in the fall.  Material is a true silk, very soft and light but it is lined, which is great!  This just jumped on the top of my wishlist.  SWOON!

There ya go girls.  I hope I've peaked your interest enough to try some of these things on if you haven't already.  Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I like the Luminous Graphite Skirt on you. I felt that was the item stand out the most among the things you reviewed. Especially the gatherings on the left seem to have a Lengthen effect. I'm not a pencil skirt type of girl but I think I will try it on if I see one.

  2. I just can't get over how beautiful the floral blouse looks on you! And I really really like the Seaside Field Dress. The green is so vibrant.

    I had to get my wedding dresses altered. Being how tiny I am, the task was very challenging for my tailor :). She did her best, however, I still had to pull up the dresses once a while as they were strapless.

  3. All great reviews and I think everything looks awesome on you, Cindi.

    I've got the Acting Out skirt (that charcoal one) on my wishlist - do you say that it fits TTS or a little big? I like my pencil skirts to typically sit at my high waist.

    The Discovered Lace dress looks rocking on you! I feel that piece is very hit or miss dependent on body type but I think you wear it really well.

  4. The Seaside Fields dress looks wonderful on you. The colors really work beautifuly with your complexion! I saw this dress at Anthro, but didn't give it a second look. Maybe I'll have to head bak and see if it would work for me too!

  5. Inkmark - Thank you! I think I will need to play around with the graphite skirt. It didn't hit me off the bat as an WOW piece, but I am not giving up on it.

    Sydney - Aww thank you. The blouse was bought on sale and I think it was the last one in my store. I snatched it up right away! You also looked lovely on your wedding day. We Asians don't have enough boobies to hold strapless dresses up.!

    Lisa - I believe this version fits more TTS than the first one. I could have sized down on the other one, but this fits a little snug. I think the 0 could fit you nicely, but definitely try it on first. When I wear it, I wear it in my mid waist because it's not like the same waist as the graphite skirt above. But definitely not a low waisted skirt either.

    Jamie - I was afraid to put the seaside fields dress on because the other dresses designed like this wasn't a big fan of me. I hate side zippers in the dressing room too because I always tend to pinch my skin. But I'm glad I was able to get this on. I love it!

  6. Cindi, you are rocking this stuff!! My favorites are the Acting Out Skirt, Seaside Fields Dress, and Discovered Lace Dress. They all look awesome on you!! I also really like the Graphite skirt on you. This is an excellent preview as I now can't wait to try some of these on! :)

  7. Great reviews! You seriously look good in everything you tried on. :-)
    When I first saw the new color of the Acting Out Skirt on the website I immediately thought of you because you're so cute in the grey one!

  8. Thanks for the reviews--I just love the discovered lace dress on you! It looks so pretty and I'm so glad about your decision for the clinton trench...I didn't get a chance to put my 2 cents in yesterday but the clinton is for you :-)

  9. I love the Discovered Lace Dress on you too! I have yet to see it look bad on anyone! Thanks for the great reviews :-)

  10. I love the Acting Out Skirt. I love the color the best!!! All those skirts looked great on you and fit you perfectly. Wow. You make pheasants look good ;)

    Make sure you prepare Jill for all the pretty things she's going to see so she doesn't go into sensory overload shock when she go to Anthro!! :)

    have a great weekend.

  11. What a great set of reviews - well done you!

    I have just added the Seaside Fields dress to my Wishlist after seeing how pretty it looks on you! It might be my first Anthro dress!

    I loved the Acting Out skirt when I first saw it but I think now it is a must for me, the sapphire looks so pretty! Will it make it to sale do you think....?

    And of course the Discovered Lace dress is so glamorous too!

    I hope that mystery pheasant skirt comes up on the website soon, it's so different.

    Thanks for a wonderful set of fitting-room fun!

  12. i've been swooning over the discovered lace dress as well. it has a vintage feel to it, which I LOVE! looks cute on you :)

  13. Erin - Thank you! I remember you had a dress that was green which you really liked but when it came it didn't work because it was boxy. I really think the lace dress will be a great alternative for you!

    Debbie - Aww! Thanks! I do love the acting out's just so simple and sleek. I hope you get to try these on too.

    Jadan - Thank you for putting in your two cents. It's never too late!

    Pamela - Ahh...pheasant. That's what it's called. Haha...I do love the fit, I'm just not sure about the patterns. I really hoped this was more of a simpler look.

    Katya - The Acting Out Skirt I got in gray did make it to sale eventually. But I had a hell of a time finding it. I eventually got it in LA. This version will probably make it to sale as well...just don't know when. But again, I think 88 is a great price...definitely an investment piece.

    Sammie - Oooh girl..that lace dress would look so good on you. My friend just tried it on today at lunch, she's about your size I think and it looks great on her as well. Seriously flatters all figures!

  14. LOVE the last 2 dresses on you Cindi! The 2nd to last is very flattering!

    xx Vivian @

  15. oh, how i wish i could afford those skirts!

  16. So glad the Acting Out Skirt is a winner for you. I found it to run a bit smaller in the sapphire version. That last dress is just to-die-for-gorgeous. It must find a place in your new closet!!

  17. Cindi, you are totally rocking all of these! *Especially* the Discovered Lace, which is like -- wow. And I am totally in love with this "Van Gough" skirt of yours (and your name for it is awesome and so accurate!).

    I'm so glad you got the Clinton Trench! (Or are going to get it anyway...) I was trying to comment on your post but blogger kept rejecting my comments. But yay, everyone else agreed with me anyway. You looked seriously awesome in it.

  18. Wow, this is the first review of the Discovered Lace I've seen where I finally see the appeal! This dress looks AMAZING on you. I think this dress requires some curves to really make it shine, so it doesn't just hang on the frame.

  19. I'm maybe a little late on this one sorry but I just discovered your blog through Cat's blog. You look great in the acting out skirt AND the luminous graphite skirt. The Luminous Graphite fits on you like on the catalog model! You should definitely reconsider it (you made me try this one actually!) ;-)

  20. Gen - Really? Aww that's great. I'm glad I inspired you. Haha. I hope you liked it and brought it home with ya!