Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back on the saddle again...

Hello lovely ladies!  It's the beginning of the week again, but at least it's Tuesday and there's a SALE!!!  Not only is there a great sale at Anthro today, but also an awesome one at the LOFT.  I think I might check both of them out today...but with only an hour lunch and some uncomfy shoes, I'm not sure how much I'll get done.  :) 

So I mentioned last week that I was getting a hair cut/trim.  Well, I guess I lied.  On Friday I realized that I made my appointment with the wrong stylist.  So I rescheduled it for Sunday.  But Sunday my parents were over working on the deck, and I really wanted to just spend more time with them.  I ended up cancelling the appointment and have not rescheduled.  I think I will call today though.  Sorry girls, I guess you'll just have to put up with my frizzied mess for a little while longer! 

It's finally going to get up to 77 today.  And for the rest of the week, it'll just get better.  On Thursday I heard it'll hit the 90's...which is considered a heat wave here.  This news is all over the local news and radio...so I bet people are running out to get fans and AC units today.  We have a portable AC unit that we broke down and bought last year when it reached 105 for a couple of days.  So, we're all prepared.  And because of this beautiful weather, I pulled out the vagabond dress.  Might I just say how much I love this dress?  It's so figure flattering and comfortable at the same time.  A win win!  It's apparently dress day at work today, because half of the girls here are wearing them!  I love it!

Dress - Vagabond Dress (Anthropologie)
Shoes - Nine West

I also wanted to upload pics of what I wrote to my friend's BBQ on July 4th.  I picked up this skirt at Target of all places.  They also had a dress version of this, which I saw on my future sister-in-law, Jill and thought it was totally cute on her.  When I went to try on the dresses this past weekend, all the sizes left were way too big.  But I saw the skirt version of this hanging there, so I decided to just get this.  It's super comfortable and perfect for casual weekends. 

Chris also got excited about his new Phillipines track jacket, so here was his BBQ OOTD!

I always find it interesting how certain country flags and symbols can be placed on clothing and it'd be totally fine as a fashion statement.  Case in point, the Filipino symbols.  American flags and colors are also great on clothing if done right.  But you'll never see the Chinese flag on clothing.  Especially in the US.  I guess it screams communist?  Haha...not sure...but just a thought! 

Have a great Tuesday everyone, and I can't wait to hear about what everyone scored at the sale today.  I'm going to try on the Roped-In Dress and see how I like that! 


  1. You look great! I'm going to sit this sale out - Ever since I put myself on a shopping ban last weekend, I really have been good and haven't even been too tempted - nothing on the sale list today is good enough for me to bite!

  2. I especially love your BBQ outfit. The pop of teal under the cardi is beautiful and I really love that skirt.

  3. oh my goodness, it's only 70 over there! it was 102 today in the north east >( I'm so glad i didn't find anything I had to have in the sale section, with the wedding a month away I am starting to freak out about my spending habits lol.

  4. The Vagabond dress looks great on you! Sadly it didn't work for me. I love the color but it just didn't fit me right. Love your shoes too!

  5. Your hair hardly looks frizzy to me! I think it look cute in the ponytail!

    Pretty dress and very flattering.

    I totally hunted around at 4 targets for that exact skirt! It's so cute!!! oh well, that's $ I kept in my pocket and used at the anthro sale today! I picked up the origami bud top, gossamer waves dress and a necklace. Do tell if and what you found during your lunch hour shopping trip!

  6. I love the vagabond dress on you, especially with those pretty heels!! It's got such a flattering shape and looks great on you! Oh, and it's great getting a glimpse of your honey in his fancy jacket!

  7. YAY! My comments are back! For the longest time it was saying I had 0 comments but I kept receiving it in my email.

    Ashley - Good for you! It'll probably be a great thing that you're doing the 30 in 30 challenge as well. Makes you appreciate what you have a lot more!

    Michelle - Thank you! I felt like I had a hard time matching the skirt since there were a lot of colors on it, and it felt almost African theme to me. I'm glad you liked it!

    tres tippy - I know! It's been horrible here...rainy and gloomy. I'm glad all this week will be nice. I heard of the heat in the East coast on the radio today. Eeek! Hope you have air con at home!

    Debbie - Aww I'm sorry this dress didn't work on you. Was it the length? It is a little long, even on my 5'5" height. But I still love it...it makes me feel so pretty and curvy!

    Pamela - Aww thanks! I typically hate putting my hair up in a pony tail cause I feel like it makes my face rounder, but I'm beginning to like it. And oh...you wanted this skirt too? It was great for $20! And great scores!!! Hehe I can't wait to see it on you!

    Dea - Thanks! I'm sure Chris will be happy to see comments about him. He's huge on track jackets. Track jackets to him are like cardigans to me. He's got them in every color. :)

  8. For some reason, I don't think I knew you owned this dress (or maybe I just forgot). It looks great on you and if i choose it for my rehearsal dinner dress, I want shoes just like those to go with it!

  9. love the vagabond dress on you girl! super hot! great score on the target skirt. i never seem to find anything great there - maybe my store just sucks because i can never find any cute baby clothes there either. oh well.

    and i cannot belive chris lets you do ootd's of him! dave would NEVER let me take pics of him specifically for blogging purposes. he's lame. haha! chris, you're one stylin gent. love the jacket!

  10. That vagabond dress is SO flattering on you! I totally have that one wishlisted!

    What's up with you thinking your hair is frizzy? It looks great! But I know how you feel - you get the itch to get it cut and when it doesn't happen, you feel like your hair is wrong every which way. I happen to think it looks fine!

    I picked up a boatload of cardis - and the sideward tanks (couldn't resist at $9.95!) and also put the polka-peppered dress in my cart to try it out.

    Ok, but you MUST tell me where Chris got his jacket! I'm filipino and would love to get one - I bet my bro-in-law would love it too!

  11. Sara - I blogged about how much I loved it when I tried on the perilla for the first time. I originally had the speckled ink dress but returned it for this one. Plus it's cheaper! WIN WIN!

    Aimee - Aww thank you! Actually, this is the first real piece of clothing I've bought from Target. I mean I've bought like work out tanks and stuff, but nothing really to wear out. And I have to say, it's pretty cute! The front detail is nice and this version comes in a hot pink, with the black waist band. I almost got that one if I didn't already have a pink skirt. Haha also, doesn't Dave have the same OOTD essentially everyday? You can photo him in a Lowes vest everyday. :) I think that'd be cute!

    Michelle Q - Chris' brother bought it for him in black for his belated bday gift. I think he got it at Champs at the mall. Chris says there isn't anymore left online. He then went back and also got the red, which is what he was wearing the other day. It's pretty cool...he's been wanting one for a while. Maybe there are still ones left. You can use your anthro hunting skills to hunt these down. :)

  12. Did you walk from the Bravern to Bell Square?!? You are ambitious! I tried that once and ended up huffing and puffing. I didn't get to go to Anthro today but hope to go tomorrow. I also want to try the Roped-in Dress, I hope you post a review.

  13. LC - I was so disappointed, because they didn't have the Roped-in dress or the breakfasting dress. Booo! I might take a long lunch to the udist tomorrow to check it out. And also, how come you walked from Bravern to Bell Square? Haha..both have free parking. But to answer you, no I didn't. I wouldn't do that in this heat and in the shoes I was wearing today. Ouch! haha.

  14. Love the Vagabond dress on you! It looks fantastic! I loved it the minute I saw it online, but sadly it didn't love me back. Your target skirt is adorable.


  15. Cindi, you look so cute in the Vagabond dress and I love your other outfit too!