Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Preview

I love Friday Previews!  It means I get to show off all the lovely items I've tried on for the week and also, it means it's FRIDAY!!!  This weekend Chris is going to be out of town with his brother and the best man for a mini Bachelor party.  He originally didn't want one, but the best man, John wanted to plan something.  They are driving across Washington to Idaho and going to a theme park!  Of all things three guys can do for a Bachelor party, they decide to do THE most family friendly activity.  I guess the good thing is I won't have to worry too much about late drunken nights at the boobie bars.  :) 

Anyhoo...enough of that!  On to the preview...

White Gold Blazer
I'm typically not a huge blazer fan.  I have a couple of blazers for colder weather, but I find them way too stiff and restricting.  I saw this on the sales rack, the ruffled pockets intrigued me, so I decided to try it on.  This linen and cotton blended blazer is interesting, but once on...I just had a meh moment.  I felt restricted in it as usual, if I buttoned it up, and if I left it open, the look just wasn't right.  There's actually little golden stranded pin stripes that went down the blazer, which is not for everyone.  I do still love the ruffled pockets though and on the right figure, I can see this being flattering.  Just not on me.

I've had more luck with Anthro cardigans lately, especially ones that are not shorter and cropped.  I loved the color and the detail on this cardigan, especially the back.  The covered button enclosure was also a nice detail.  Once buttoned, the bottom flares out slightly to make a flattering silhouette.  What didn't I like about it?  Price!  $118 for a thinner cardigan is nothing I'm willing to pay for at the moment.  I can appreciate the detail on it, but the price is just too steep.  Without doubt though, if it makes it to sale, I'm snatching it.

Mystery Cardigan

I must be blind because I could not find this cardigan online.  But I love it!  If I remembered correctly, this was priced at $98.  It's a thinner material, cream colored, with coral-pink-orangey-reddish colored flowers splattered all over.  The back had a nice cinched detail, which I loved.  Oh please let this hit the sales rack soon because I NEED this!

While hanging on the rack, I thought the only thing about this blouse that would flatter me was going to be the color.  The true color IRL is actually more of a turquoise rather than the royal blue that's coming from these pictures.  But once on, I fell in love!  I've been looking for pieces that don't need to be worn with a cardigan and I think I found it!  It is silk though, which means it requires dry cleaning.  I think what makes this blouse work is actually the elastic waist band.  I'm not a big fan of built in elastic waists, but this one works because the band hits higher.  Unlike your other bands that hit closer to the true, bellybutton area.  I am still in love, but I couldn't throw out $88 for it.  Wishlist it goes!

Ahh...the ribbon dress.  A lot of lovely ladies have already tried this on (Cat, Carol and Kathryn, Ashley), but for me, I'm a little perplexed about this dress.  I'm ok with the fabric as it is heavy, which is fine for Seattle winter and summer weather.  I'm even ok with it being sleeveless, although it does come with optional straps.  I'm loving the green and navy stripes but I'm just not sure where I'd wear this dress other than to a holiday party, which I know my company won't have.  Maybe Chris' firm will have one this year, but even so, I'm against buying things for one occasion (other than a wedding dress of course...hehe).  With the red flower belt on the right, I'm definitely wrapped up and ready to go to a nice fancy party.  I liked the dress, but didn't love it.  Even if it's on sale, I'd still have the same dilemma.  So, back on the rack it went. 

Mystery Dress

Debbie of Dark House Rising reviewed this dress here for those that want a second opinion on this dress.  When I tried this on in the dressing room, my immediate reaction was that I did not like it.  The color was wrong for my skintone and again, the elastic band is not my friend.  Also, the crumb catcher cowl neck usually is a deal breaker for me.  But now that I look back at the pictures, I'm feeling a little more love for this little number.  I do like the length and pockets, but I'm just not wow'd.

That's it for this week, peeps!  I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Friday.  I'm excited to see what everyone bought at the Nordstroms sale and with this preview, I'm hoping there will be some major power shopping going on this weekend.  Tootles! 


  1. Is that cardigan the Dwarf Quince cardi? Wow, that has been sold out foooooooorrrever. Did your local store have a bunch of them? I always wanted to get it, but it seemed to just have disappeared and hasn't gone on sale in months, ack!

    Thanks for all the great reviews - I really like you in the Pleasant for Peasant blouse!

  2. The Mystery Cardigan is the Dwarf Quince Cardigan, and it's been long sold out online. Looks great on you!

  3. Lisa & Tien - WOW really? I should just go get it huh? I haven't even noticed it until the other day. They had quite a few hanging on the rack. I'll check back today as I'm going there after work. If any of you ladies are interested, let me know and I can put one on hold for you. :)

  4. Yeah, I think you should get the Dwarf Quince Cardi. It's gorgeous on you! I also really love the Pleasant in Peasant Blouse. never noticed it online before, but I'm about to check it out now!

  5. Aimee - I just called the store I went to earlier this week and they said they were all sold out! What! Can't be. I don't think the SA knew which cardi I was referring to. Still gonna check it out after work.

  6. It's definitely the dwarf quince cardigan, I have it :) It looks great on you! Hope you find it, I know some people were posting for it on the EA weekly looking to find posts!

  7. the Dwarf Quince cardi is definitely one of "the ones that got away" for me, because I was waiting for a sale. I still don't think I can justify FP but let us know if there are still some floating around your store!

  8. I love the Pleasant for Peasant blouse on you. And the grosgrain ribbon dress looks so crisp and festive, though your decision not to buy it certainly makes sense.

  9. tres tippy - I failed and could not find it today. I haven't seen it on you yet though, but I bet you look great in it. You're one of those lucky ones that was able to snatch it up. Congrats!

    sophiebee - Oh man, I seriously do not know it looked like they restocked and then it just disappeared!

    Jamie - Thank you! I think the blouse will look great on you too! When it goes on sale, you should snatch one up. The color is wonderful too.

  10. Thanks for the link to my review! :-) I think the purple dress looked cute on you. Maybe try it with some belts? I didn't like the elastic waist either and thought it looked better covered with a belt. I'm laughing at the "crumb catcher cowl neck" description! So true! ha ha :-)