Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Cat's Meow and a Blog-thday Outfit

Hello hello everyone!  What a great Wednesday it's been so far as there were a whole bunch of blogs ready for me to read in my dashboard.  I love to start off my day in my office with a cup of coffee and catching up on my blogs.

I received one of the best surprises from the lovely Cat of Anthrosdottir yesterday.  Her and I both own the Acting Out Skirt in the gray from last season.  And when Anthro released the new color way, of course I was debating on whether I should also get it in another color since I loved the skirt so much.  Then last night I received a comment from Cat saying that she found the skirt at the store she visited and it was marked down to $19.99!!!  Also, that she decided to get a 6 for me as an early wedding present!!!  I was so ecstatic when I read it that I just had to squeal in the myself.  I seriously am very thankful for Cat's thoughtfulness and generosity.  I think this blog community is filled with wonderful girls and I'm so blessed to be apart of it.  THANK YOU again, Ms. Cat!  I can't wait to wear it. 

Throwing some additional love her's Kim of Anthroholic's first year anniversary!!!  I stumbled upon Kim's blog when I was searching online a few months ago for Anthro inspired outfits.  That was how this whole blogging thing happened for me.  From Kim's blog, I found Tien's, then Cats, know who you are since I follow you.  :)  Kim inspires me in so many ways, I literally have a folder at home on my computer titled "Outfit Ideas" and most of them are filled with Kim's outfits.  I love her sense of style and without ever meeting, she seems like such a great person!  To celebrate, she's decided to throw a virtual party.  Of course, I had to join!  For this occasion, I've decided to bust out my Perilla dress. 

Sorry for the lighting in these as we haven't had the chance to get blinds yet, so the window in the bedroom behind me lets in some morning sun.  But hey, at least it's a different scenery from my usual work restroom right? :)  I love how this dress fits and how it feels.  It's so comfortable that I can lounge in this dress at home.  I'm so glad I made this purchase!  Now...lets get this virtual party started!

Dress - Perilla Dress (Anthropologie)
Cardigan - J. Crew
Shoes - Nordstrom Salon Shoes more thing before I go.  A couple of days ago, I posted and asked for your advice on leather/faux leather jackets here.  I went back to the Nordies sale this week and got this!

The brown/bordeaux color was cute but they only had a medium in this.  I tried it on regardless but felt that I liked a snugger fit.  Instead, I decided to buy the navy-ish color which will match with a lot of items I have in my closet for work. 

Here's me trying it on for Chris.  What do you girls think?  I think it matches with the red and white striped tee quite well.  I love the ruffles as it makes the leather look more feminine. 

Thanks for stopping by girlies!  Have a wonderful hump day.


  1. I love the perilla dress and the jacket on you. That jacket is so stinkin cute. You look amazing in it. Great purchase!

  2. I love that jacket! You're right, it looks fantastic with the tee!

  3. oooooooooooh, I LOOOOVE that leather jacket! That navy is FABULOUS!

  4. That jacket is really cute! Great choice!
    I like your Anthroholic Birthday Party outfit. I just sent her mine. Can't wait to see everyone's party looks! :-)

  5. Oh yes, I absolutely love that jacket on you and definitely with the striped tee! Too cute!

  6. I love that jacket! I could totally see it going great with your grey Acting Out Skirt. Cat is such a sweetheart for getting it for you in Sapphire - it's going to look amazing on you! And I love that Party Outfit! The shoes give it that little cocktail party flare. Perfect!

  7. The dress, cardi, and shoes. Love it! Love it! And love it!

    That is one sassy jacket! The fit is great on you.

  8. love, love, love the jacket on you!!!

  9. much love for the jacket! I'm glad I got it then. I'm almost wanting the weather to get warmer so that I can start wearing this. I'd love to pair this with the mimetic skirt. Sigh!

  10. Oh...and THANK YOU girls for boosting my ego. Hehehe.

  11. Okay first - I love that dress.

    Second - those red shoes are FABULOUS.

    And last - oh my goodness, I have to get that leather jacket! The ruffles! I love them!

  12. Cute, cute, cute! Leather jackets don't pop up in navy all that often, so I think it's fabulous that you decided on that color rather than the brown. And you're right -- it absolutely will match with a ton of stuff. I'm still trying to decide what to wear for Kim's party. What a tough decision!

  13. WOW on sale in the new color? Score!

    I'm glad you got the jacket. Now I will steal styling ideas from you and get it myself! :)

  14. Melissa - Thank you! I love these red shoes so much. They weren't part of the Nordies sale or else I would have gotten the nude colored ones.

    Jamie - Oh you have to!!! I think you have such great you can come up with something special! You have until tomorrow night! :)

    Kathleen - You're so funny. Make sure you blog about it once you get that jacket. It's such a great price for such a versatile and high end piece.

  15. I love leather jackets! The one you got is super cute. My obsession started with them when I stumbled upon one at Topshop in the UK and I find myself collecting them every Fall lol. And that is so sweet of Cat to send you the skirt. I love how we've made "blog friends" through our passion for anthro!

  16. I'm really loving the leather jacket. I popped into Nordstrom today, saw it on the mannequin, and had to try it on after seeing it on you. I really really like it! Now... I need to find a reason to get it!

  17. tres tippy - My fiance bought me a jacket from the Topshop! I wanted to go there so badly...and it's such a cheap price. Reminds me of H&M!

    Cat - Do we ever need a reason to get any article of clothing? Haha! I actually think the jacket is very you!

  18. OMG!!! I love that jacket!!!!!!! Great buy. Would you die if I popped over to the site to look for it and MAYBE buy it?! LOVE IT!

    That Perilla dress taunting me and you are making it harder to resist it.

    And I saw the skirts in the new colors and love them!

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  20. love ur strippes dress..look so cute in you :)
    this post really great!!

    i've become one of ur follower now :)
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    hug and kiss ^^

  21. The Perilla dress looks great paired with the red shoes. I'm a sucker for cute leather jackets, so I think you made the right choice in the darker color too.