Thursday, July 15, 2010

A break at Nordies...

Every month, the Director of Operations and I get on the phone with all the General Managers at the golf courses that we own and talk about how the business went for the month, as well as how we can improve the next month's business.  It takes most of the day, as we have nine golf courses and each Manager gets 30 minutes each, and most of them go over.  So today, I didn't get to take a lunch until past 2 pm.  I decided to go straight to the mall since I needed more foundation, but stopped by Nordies to check out some of their stuff. 

Their annual sale starts tomorrow, but I haven't previewed it since I was trying to be good about spending (my first mortgage payment is coming up...eeeeek!!!).  I did, however, want to shop their existing sales section for some weekend casual wear.  When I shop, I focus so much on pieces I can wear at work, that I oftentimes neglect to buy everyday casual items. 

I've been looking for a striped shirt with the bunched sleeves for awhile.  Something I can wear tucked in with a simple black skirt, or out with this skirt.  Finally, I found one that's not too tight.  I'm typically not a huge fan of my wider shoulders, but the neckline of this shirt actually made me think otherwise.  The skirt was on sale made by Carlson.  I'm not sure what to call this style...maybe a cargo skirt?  I wanted something light weight and easy to wash.  It came with a tie belt, which I'm going to remove when I wear it for real.  This outfit is also perfect for vacation during the day time.  A huge contender for when I go to Hawaii. 

Does this tank look familiar to anyone?  It sure did to me, because I own the pink Anthro version of this!  I'm pretty sure this is identical to the one I have, but in a cream motif.  I'm not sure who made the version I have, but this was made by Madison Lilly and it's only priced at $39!  I couldn't believe it when I saw it!  Have anyone else seen this around the Point of View area at Nordies?

The fit is the exact same as mine.  Boy, I feel kind of jipped as I paid full price for mine.  They didn't have the pink at Nordies, but honestly I wouldn't mind owning the cream.  It's rather cute! 

Today I decided to wear my BCBG work shorts for the first time since I bought it in LA 4 years ago!  I'm surprised it still fit!  Work shorts (I'm not quite sure what the technical term is, but basically these are slacks, except with shorter legs) used to be in about 4 years ago.  I remember working at Starbucks, and all my clients had them on.  Paired with heels, they're very flattering.  I haven't seen them much in the last couple of years, but I still love wearing them.  I don't like wearing real shorts (I HATE my thighs), so these are the closest I get to wearing shorts. 

The pink tank I'm wearing was an awesome sales score from the Uvillage sidewalk sale.  $4.95! :)  I wouldn't have gotten it otherwise, but at five bucks?  Why not!

Cardigan - Featherweight ruffle cardi (J. Crew)
Tank - Anthropologie
Shorts - BCBG (Los Angeles Fashion Island mall - 2006)
Shoes - Steve Madden

P.S. Before I leave, the lovely girls at In Pursuit for Pretty Things is having an amazing CSN $60 giveaway so make sure to check them out and become a follower to enter.  :)  Have a wonderful rest of the day!


  1. Ooh, that is super similar to the Circled Adornments Tank, you are right!! Except was by Anthro's in-house brand Deletta, so this is clearly yet another case of Nordstrom copying Anthro's tops! (They've done it before to a lot of Yoanna Baraschi for Anthro blouses...)

    Your outfit today is so cute and breezy yet polished! And I really like that striped shirt on you :)

  2. Do you know if items that were on sale at the sidewalk sale are still the sidewalk sale price or have the items returned to their original prices?

  3. Oh, Cindi - you look fabulous! I love those "work shorts" on you. They look awesome on you. =) I really like that striped tee you tried on too. Did you get it?

  4. goldenmeans - Ahh...that's right. The Circled Adornment Tank. I seriously didn't see a difference between the two, with the exception that the Anthro one made me look slightly less wide. I've seen pieces from other designers that were inspired by Anthro, but this one is a complete knock off!

    Victoria - Unfortunately, it was just that day that the prices went down that low. Sorry! :(

    Carol - Yes I did. I got the shirt and the skirt. :) So glad I was able to find one that fit me better than the H&M ones. And area between the collar bone and the sleeves had little buttons. Which is also a nice touch!

  5. I love the work shorts on you! These are super flattering. I own one pair from Anthro, and I'm still thinking of good ways to wear them. I definitely remember the work shorts trend from a few years back. I was still in college and I saw tons of work shorts around campus. It was sort of a silly look for undergraduates to be sporting -- but for young professionals, it works : )

  6. I love your casually cute look today! Ahh... I'm so conflicted about the anniversary sale. I want to go, but my inner suze orman is yelling at me for even entertaining those thoughts! Gah! Btw... I'm liking that striped top. Did it come in other colors?

  7. Cat - Hello girl friend! :) The shirt came in a yellow stripe as well but I felt the red popped on me more. I also have a lot of yellow already.

  8. Yellow sounds nice, but I like the red. I might have to scope that out today. Thx!!