Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So you think you can....

Have you ever had that achy feeling when you feel like you can do something you've never tried doing?  For instance, have you looked at a beautiful oil painting and thought, "I think I can create that", even though you've never picked up a paint brush in your life?

This is how I feel about dancing.  Specifically contemporary dancing.  I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance and when I watch those beautiful bodies on stage doing those outrageous moves, my own body ache of doing the same thing.  I want to push my body to that limit; to stretch, bend, and mold in a way I never thought possible.  I seriously believe I have an innate ability to dance.

I was proven wrong when I stood up and tried to perform a pirouette...and fell on my butt.  With the floor thumping and dishes clattering in our kitchen cabinets, that ache I originally felt in my body turned into physical pain.  OK, so I was wrong.  I have no dancing prowess whatsoever, so I think I should stick to my day job.  BUT, the fall on my bum didn't stop me from doing what I'm really good at...which is observing cute outfits!  I noticed one of the choreographers was wearing the Two-Wheeler Dress while sitting in the audience.  Actually, it was Chris that noticed it first as he screamed out loud, "Hey!  Two-wheeler!" then immediately blushed in embarrassment.  :)  

Before I leave you to day dream about being the world's best contemporary dancer, I wanted to post my OOTD from yesterday.  I missed out on the Vanilla Bean Blouse but found this similar number at H&M.  I had a $30 store credit to use, so when I saw this, I immediately bought it.  The ruffles on the blouse are a little overwhelming, but it doesn't bother me too much.  For $30, I can make this blouse work!

I wanted to take a close up of the skirt because it had a peekaboo lace hem which is oh so cute.  The skirt itself has a pleated pattern that went all around, which I also love.  

Cardigan - J. Crew
Blouse - H&M
Skirt - Ann Taylor (2006)
Shoes - Steve Madden

Also, Spiffy from Where the Lights are Bright is having an Anthro giveaway, so don't forget to follow her and enter.  

Tootles, everyone!  Have a great day!


  1. Sometimes I think I can sing...and I most definitely can't. Dance is another thing I usually think I'd be good at. I'm in the same (uncoordinated) boat as you! That blouse is super cute, I think I tried it on a while back...

  2. Um is that the H&M blouse that British Anthropologiest was talking about the other day because I DEFINITELY NEED IT! So adorable! And I love the green cardigan (my new favorite color obsession!)

    And I can't dance or sing, but that doesn't stop me from doing front of large groups of people! :)

  3. Chris sounds so sweet. My BF knows anthro stuff by name and has those moments too. It's too cute. I like your H&M blouse better than Anthro's vanilla bean version. IMO, your version has a better fit.

  4. Ooh, I saw the dress too, in fact I just a mini-post about it. But LOL, Chris not only recognized the dress he knew the *name*? Best BF ever!! You are totally marrying the right man :)

    That blouse is super cute! I think Erin Fetherston had a blouse for QVC that was similarly ruffle-y, but without the awesome Vanilla Bean-esque pattern.

  5. I often think I can make things are in the Martha Stewart magazine. And then several glue sticks and a yard of frayed ribbon later, I realize that I can't.

    That top is so cute. I love the shape much better than the Vanilla Bean.

  6. Ashley - I sometimes think I can sing too and that doesn't stop me. I still sing very loud during the traffic ride home!

    Kathleen - It was funny because I also saw British Anthropologiest's post and told her that I was wearing that exact shirt the day before. What a coinkidink!

    Cat - I think your BF and Chris will get along! :) I'm liking him already!

    goldenmeans - I'm glad you caught the dress too! I love that show. :)

    Pamela - HAHA, you should take pictures of your "creations" and post them. I bet they're lovely as well.

  7. Sometimes I'll turn up a song that I love really loud and when I'm singing along to it I practically sound professional. Then i turn down the volume and it's like someone freaking took over my body and replaced my amazing voice with someone elses, and that someone else's voice sucks! Sigh...