Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Preview...New Feature!

Hi All!  It's finally Friday!  Oh gosh, I thought it'd never get here.  I hope everyone gets to have a three or even four day weekend.  I used to get four day weekends on holidays all the time at my old job, which I seriously miss.  Chris is at home snoozing away right now (we used to work for the same firm) as we speak.  Lucky bloke! 

I know I've been posting a lot of I hope this is helpful and readers enjoy them.  I've decided to start up a new feature called Friday Preview!  I know a lot of us go on shopping excursions with girl friends, by ourselves, or with our significant others, so I thought maybe I'll preview some items for you before the weekend to tickle your interest.  After reading yesterday's comments, I know some of you will be trying on the pencil eraser =)  I highly recommend it. 

I will also do other fitting room reviews throughout the week, but probably won't be extensive as the Friday portion. goes!

Masked Stripes Cardigan
I was intrigued with this piece when I saw it hanging there.  Anthro cardigans are not my best of friends  because they always seem boxy or too short on me.  So I decided to give this a try since the waist area was cinched and the length was ok.  As soon as I put this on I wanted to take this off.  OH MY LORD girls, I couldn't stand it and almost didn't take these pictures.  This has got to be THE itchiest and scratchiest fabric I've ever tried on.  Online says it's made of lambwool, viscose (what the hell is that???), cotton, angora, and cashmere.  What?  Cashmere?  I felt no cashmere in this.  Multiple reviewers online have mentioned this problem, so I'm not the only one.  I don't even think I would consider this on sale and definitely not at the $98 price tag right now.

I'm crazy over the yellow and gray combination right now so when I saw this, I had to try it on.  Also, it's a long cardigan, which usually work for me.  I was a little iffy on the waist tie, as you can see, it dis absolutely nothing for me once I tied it.  Reminded me of a robe actually.  But if I were to wear this, I'd wear it untied anyway.  The fabric is a cotton so it's very nice and comfortable, but it does require to be dry cleaned, which I know will deter some people.  I will be considering this when it goes on sale.

Another orange dress from Anthro and it's just adorable.  I loved the fit, the lace fabric, the length, the retro style, the name it!  This is a shirtdress I suppose, but to me, it's different than the shirt dresses Anthro has come out in the past.  It also has a hefty price tag of $248 and yes, that price tag comes with dry clean only instructions.  I'm ok with buying items that needs to be dry cleaned, but I hope this little number goes on sale.  At the same price, it's still a little steep but I think it'll be worth it. 

I missed out on the Great Escapes skirt a long time ago and was super sad about it.  Then when the Circle the Globe skirt came out, I of course had to snatch it up.  However, I feel like this Mimetic skirt is closer in fit and style to the Great Escapes.  I just love it!  The fit was SO great.  There's a zipper enclosure in the back.  The wide band won't pinch at your waist and might I swooooon at the bow???  I love anything with a bow on it.  It's like a present if you think about it.  =)  This skirt, I would imagine, would sit at the higher part of your waist, and on me, that means it landed about 3 inches above my knee, which is fine for me.  The fabric is silk, with a polyester lining so dry cleaning is required.  I am just DYING here now that I look back at these pictures cause I love this piece so much.  I will definitely be snatching this one up once I have the extra dough. 

That's it for today girls.  Did I peak anyone's interest?  What are you guys planning on trying on if you go shopping this weekend?

Onto my OOTD for yesterday while shopping.  Have any of you been mistaken for an Anthro SA while you were in the store?  I'm sure it's gotta happen to some of us cause it happened to me yesterday.  I guess what I was wearing screams SA!  But I had my purse with me and this customer came up to ask me where the sale items were located.  I pointed her towards the right direction of course, but I found it funny she didn't notice my purse and that I was wandering around aimlessly just like her.

Shirt - Anthropologie (Fei)
Slacks - Banana Republic
Belt - Anthropologie Snakebite
Shoes - Seychelles Veronicas (Nordstroms)

P.S. I've finally decided to get a hair cut/trim today.  I know my hair's been pretty boring lately.  I'm super excited to get some of it trimmed off so it'll look clean and fresh again!  Have a wonderful July 4th weekend!


  1. Hahaha- I've never been mistaken for an Anthro SA - at my store they kinda dress...grungy, not what I would think of as typical Anthro style. BUT I have been mistaken for as a SA at other stores - and once at a grocery store (but that was back when I was waitressing and was wearing my uniform)! You just must fit right in (or maybe you just looked like you knew what you were doing!)

  2. I love the Mimetic skirt on you! It's adorable :)

  3. I saw the masked striped cardigan and I agree it IS itchy! Such a shame since it's so cute. I've never been mistaken for an SA, but this morning when I was at the store I was hesitant to approach someone for help because I wasn't sure if she worked there or not. I basically waited (like a dork) until she realized how lost I looked and approached me lol. Hope you have a fab weekend!

  4. I like the skirt and the dress. I really really want Anthro to start carrying xxs :).

  5. Ashley - Haha, I did not know what I was doing. When I'm in the store, my eyes wander so much cause I'm just looking around everywhere for cute things. I was holding a bunch of items though so maybe she thought I was looking for an item to bring to the dressing room.

    Sammie - Thanks! And oh...sorry that the snakebite didn't work on you! I was afraid of that.

    tres tippy - Ha! That's happened to me before too. I'd do the stare and sometimes they truly aren't SA's, which makes me feel dumb!

    PetiteGorgeous - Haha I never have that problem. But I can see how frustrating it is to be sized out. We average girls complain about being in between sizes but at least we have options. I have a friend who's really petite as well and she's always sized out of dresses and skirts.

  6. I'm glad you reviewed the Masked Stripes Cardigan because now I don't have to waste my time trying it on (I HATE itchy clothes!). I really like the colors of the Switching Lanes Cardigan on you and the Mimetic Skirt looks great! It's already high on my wishlist and I haven't even tried it on.

  7. Ah the Masked Striped cardi - I think I already said this on another blog, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I see it is Hogwarts. No likey.

    Can't wait to see your new hair, and you looked great in the Compeer dress!

  8. I'll have to take a look at the Compeer dress now. I don't know why but I've really been liking orange lately. I have an orange shirt I wear sometimes but I'm not sure how that much orange would look on me. It looks great on you though! :-)

  9. I'm super sad about the Masked Stripes cardi being scratchy. I had high hope for it. Oh well, there are so many other new sweaters that have peaked my interest so it's no big loss.

    I really really love the Mimetic Skirt on you - it's gorgeous and is absolutly perfect on your frame! I am so wishing silk worked with my lifestyle now!

    Can't wait to see the new haircut! I'm hoping to get one next month. My hair is is such horrible condition right now.

  10. Sara - I'm glad I was able to help! Haha I wouldn't want you to feel the same torture I did when I had that thing on!

    Lisa - For some reason, your comments always make me chuckle. Hogwarts?? Haha now that you mentioned it, I SHOULD be holding a wand and have an owl propped on my shoulder huh?

    Debbie - I think the compeer dress will look great on you. I know the sweet treasures had some fit issues on you but I have a good feeling this one will fit you great. The price tag is a bit steep but can always try it on and twirl inside the room! That's free! :)

    Aimee - I know! I really wanted to like the masked stripes, but ugh! It was so frustrating. I was literally talking to myself in the room when I got it off, sighing in relief as well. I think there's a bunch of unique cardis out this season, so you're's not a huge loss! :)

  11. OMG, I LOVE that Mimetic skirt! It's adorable on you. Sigh - I need to step away from Anthro right now, but so many pretties! I'm trying to be really good because I did some damage at the Nordie's Anniversary pre-sale.

  12. OOh! You'll have to blog about what you got at the pre-sale. I stayed away from Nordies just because I was afraid something bad will happen to my wallet! Haha.

  13. great reviews! I love the yellow and gray cardi on you. I don't go to the anthro store enough. must stop by sometime soon.

  14. Thank you for another reason to look forward to Fridays. I'm really enjoying all your reviews! I'm with you. The masked stripes cardi is not my favorite either. On the other hand, I love love love the mimetic skirt and that lovely compeer dress!! I can't wait to see them IRL!