Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A couple of reviews and a mullet?

Hello all!  Tired is the theme for this week, so I'm not going to say more about that.  We are sleeping at 1 am on a normal basis just seems like the organizing never stops.  This weekend my dad will be coming over to start building our deck in the back yard.  Chris is going to help him do that.  But another project is going to start!  I am excited about the deck though and can't wait to hold BBQ parties on it! 

Yesterday I wandered into Anthro just to check out some new arrivals and tried a couple of things on:

First up, the Sugar and Cream Dress.  I saw it in the store hanging near the front and it caught my eye.  The first thing was the sweetheart neckline.  I also loved the tea cups on the dress...very whimsical.  The only thing is, I wasn't too keen on the fabric.  Online says it's a silk, which perplexed me.  The print itself is fun and informal, but mixed with silk...the feel of it is a little formal for something I'd wear normally.  I loved the fit and think it's TTS.  Typically Floreat runs a little small on me, so I was surprised the 6 actually fit fine.  This might be something I'll consider on sale, but as cute as it was, I just wouldn't be able to get enough wear out of it.

Buoyant Braches Cardi

The pattern and fabric intrigued me on the hanger, especially the back detail.  Once I tried it on, I really liked it.  I've been looking for a jersey cardigan for a while now and can never really find ones that look right on me.  Most of them hang a little too much in the front.  But the knotted detail of this cardigan in the front is adorable!  I'm on a strict money diet right now, so I won't be taking this home with me.  When it goes on sale, I'm going to snatch this one up.  Btw, the size I tried on was a Small and it fit perfectly.

I've already mentioned how much I love my newly organized closet.  And I know many of you have organized your clothes before to find things you've owned you totally forgot about.  The top I'm wearing today was one of the earlier purchases I made on sale at Anthro a few years back.  I don't wear it enough and I don't know why!  Maybe it's because the boobie part is a little roomier than I'd like but I just love the polka dots. 

Top - Anthropologie
Cardigan - Nordstrom
Slacks - Banana Republic
Belt - Anthropologie Snakebite

Lastly, I leave you with my ridiculously dorky Fiance.  We were unpacking some bathroom boxes last night and he found one of my Jessica Simpson hair extension clip ons!  Don't ask me why I have them, I just do!  I NEVER wear them though but he decided to clip one on, which made it look like he had a mullet! in the in the back?  Nope...just silliness all over.  The wifebeater he was wearing (which he normally wears at home anyway) added the final touch to his "OOTD".  Haha. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Game and The Closet

Hello all!  Tuesday is here and I already feel exhausted.  I'm totally running on caffeine and adrenaline right now and I feel like I can type 100 miles an hour!!!  I was quite happily surprised at the items that are on the sales list for this week at Anthro.  I'm sure a lot of us were waiting for the Field Game Cardigan for the longest time and like me, you've either gotten it at the store today or have gone online to order it.  I kid you not, I was online at midnight pacific time and bought that sucker.  I was so afraid the navy would run out in the medium since I'm average sized.  I can't wait to get this cardigan! 

There I am in the cardi.  See how my face lit up when I tried it on...but it became a =( when I had to put it back on the rack.  Now I'm =))))) cause I scored it on sale! 

So, many of you already know I've moved into a new house this past weekend.  And one of the things I was most looking forward to was reorganizing my closet.  I finally was able to do that last night and would love to share some pics with you guys.

Please excuse the internet wires rightnow, we're still trying to figure out how to set that up in the master closet.  But here's a pic of my shoes which is against the left wall right after you enter the closet.  My dad made me this shoe rack a long time ago and it's been with me since.  I love it now that it fits in the closet.

Just to the right of the shoes are my layering items arranged by color then style. 

Turn the corner and you'll find my cardigans.  Can a girl have more cardigans?  No is what I say!  I counted them last night and I have 38 of them!!!  The Field Game will be 39th in the family.  Ahh...I love cardis!

To the right of the cardigans are my dresses, skirts and pants.  I love how my acting out skirt stuck out.  :)

I obviously don't have enough room for all my shoes on the rack, so below my layering items and cardis are additional shoes I own.  I also have flip flops and tennis shoes in the downstairs coat closet.  :)

And here's an overall view.  The baskets are undergarments, socks and belts.  My section of the closet ends at the first basket at the right.  The other half is Chris' section.  :)  See!  I'm being good and sharing our nice closet.  I have a million tanks, tees, cargos, sweatshirts, leggings, you name it that's not currently in here.  Those I keep in a dressing in the master bedroom. 

There you go!  I have to say I love getting dressed in the morning!  I can see everything I own at a glance so it's easier for me to put things together.  My dad will be building me california style closets in the future but for now, this will work!

Now a quick OOTD.  I grabbed my Oratory dress out today cause I was going for comfort.  I really wanted to wear flats to work since my feet's been so tired these last couple of days.  I definitely love this dress for the comfort and sooo glad I bought this.  :)

Dress: Oratory (Anthropologie)
Cardigan: Boyfriend Cardi from Halogen (Nordstrom)
Necklace: Anthropologie
Shoes: Get Outta Town flats (Seychelles)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Monday Monday...

Hello all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It's that time of the week again, the dreadful Monday.  It's gotta come some time and I just need to get this day over with so I can go home.

Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy and smooth moving day.  It was quite smooth indeed.  We started promptly at 9 am and moved the bulk of everything by 5:30.  Then Chris and I unpacked, organized and cleaned until 2 am before finally hitting the sack in our new house.  Sunday was more unpacking, cleaning, and running errands.  Needless to say, I'm pretty tired and worn out today.  The last thing I wanted to do was look cute.  So I'm not wearing anything special.  I did however, wanted to showcase a few pics from my friend's proposal on June 19th.

My friend from high school, Wai has been with her boyfriend, Tats, for a year.  Once you meet that someone special, it doesn't take long for you to realize they are the one.  Tats had a great plan laid out on June 19th.  He made sure he hired Erwin, Chris and my wedding photographer, to be on site when the moment happened.  Being as talented as Erwin is, there's no doubt he was going to capture emotions as they happen, at the very important moments.  I just love these pictures and I'm so glad Tats did it this way.  How many of us that are married or engaged can say they can relive that day in photo?  Congrats to Wai and Tats!  I can't wait for the big day!

Look at that bling!  Wai always comments on my ring if the light hits her eyes, saying that it blinds her.  Now she can do the same to me!

P.S. Can you tell that she's also an Anthro fanatic?  :)  Love her outfit! 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moving Day!!!

Today is moving day and it's going to be one very long day!  We're set to go get the uhaul at 8 am (yes, it's before 8 am on a Saturday and I'm wide awake 0_0) and everyone meets at our condo at 9 am to start lifting away.  We have some wonderful friends and family coming over to help us, so I'm extremely thankful for their assistance and support. 

Is it wrong to wear Anthro on moving day and not some old tattered t-shirt?  A girl still has to look cute right?  Well, I'm starting with this and if I feel I need to get my elbows dirty, I will change into something less flattering and cute!  I just love this twisty detailed shirt.  First it's super comfortable.  Second, I can wear this as is or use it as a layering piece.  Third, the color is just wonderful against my horribly tanned self.  >_<  But even if I were back to my normal color, I think the mossy green will compliment my skin very well. 

I don't have a full length mirror (I know, how can a girl go this long without having one.  I will get one soon enough!) so I'm just wearing my very comfy brown cargo pants.  When bending and lifting, I can't wear jeans.  Cargos are the way to go. 

Top - Ambling Twists Tank (Anthropologie)
Cargo pants - Old Navy

I will be out of the internet pocket until probably tomorrow night or Monday.  The Comcast cable guy is coming tomorrow morning to set it up at our new house, but I'll have to play it by ear in terms of unpacking and getting everything set up.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Treasures at the Moore Theatre

Yeah baby!  It's Friday!  I love words with "fri" in Friday...or French Fries!  :)  Today's starting out gloomy but Mr. Weatherman promised it'll reach 70 and partly sunny.  Although that's hard to believe cause as I stare out my window, it's RAINING!!! 

Tonight we're having a little get together at the downtown Moore Theatre with friends to watch Aziz Ansari.  For those of you who don't know him, he was the recent host of the MTV Music Awards and he's on the show Parks and Recreation on NBC.  I love him and I love I'm super excited.  Before that, we'll get together at a sushi place for some much needed happy hour.  Ooooh how I love sushi at half price!

Last night we made a quick moving trip with some friends so I decided to take ALL of my clothes and haul it over to the new closet.  I left only the Sweet Treasures dress and a navy cardigan to wear together.  If I didn't feel like wearing a dress today, then I was doomed.  But luckily, I put this cute dress on this morning and totally loved it!  Btw, I do consider myself to have a lot of clothes, but compared to some of you lovely readers, my collection is probably a mere section compared to your closets (I'm totally envious!).  As of right now, I take up about half of the walk-in.  That's still ok right?  Chris still has the other I'm a nice wifey.  I guess for now, as my collection will only grow!  Muwhahahaha!!!!  >=)

Dress - Sweet Treasures Dress (Anthropologie)
Cardigan - Featherweight Cotton Bling Button Cardi in navy (J.Crew)
Belt - Snakebite in brown (Anthropologie)
Necklace - Oh, Hello Friend

I leave you with this beautiful picture I took on my way home yesterday with my phone:

As much as I hate traffic in Seattle, I LOVE Seattle.  Everyday on my commute, I cross a floating bridge to get to the East side and it's just spectacular when the sun's out, the water's glistening, and Mt. Rainier is in the far distance looking like it's suspended above ground.  Sorry I couldn't get a shot of the mountain.  But since I'm moving somewhat East, I won't be taking this floating bridge anymore.  I won't miss the horrendous traffic on it, but I will miss the view. 

Happy Friday everyone!!! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A tour with my Anthro bag

Hello hello.  Happy Thursday.  We're over the hump, so it's just smooth sailing into the weekend from now on.  I'm super tired this morning and about to go get my second cup of coffee.  I'm in a repeat so no OOTD today.  I did make it to Anthro yesterday though to return the Do Si Do skirt and tried on this little skirt that was on sale:

Please excuse my see through Blue Book Blouse.  Haha.

My thoughts?  I loved the skirt.  But the beef I have with it is the enclosure at the top of the zipper in the waistline.  Rather than one of those little tiny snake tooth hooks you see on most skirts, this one had a teeny tiny push/pop button.  If I'm standing, everything's fine and dandy.  But I did a test and sat down in the fitting room, and the button popped right open.  The button didn't deter me enough to not buy it, so I took the skirt home with me.  It'll be an easy fix to change the enclosure to a hook. 

As you can see, I also tried on the Meeting Place Tank.  The store only had one left in a Medium, which I felt was long and loose on me.  If they had it in a smaller size, I would have gotten it.

So after Anthro I returned to work and found an email from our builder contact saying our keys for the house were ready for pick up!  I immediately drove over and picked them up.  I also went inside, did a quick walkthrough and snapped some quick shots.  My Anthro bag with the anbrosia skirt came along with me and were in the shots as well.  I left that skirt in the house and it's the first piece of clothing to be in my new walk-in closet!

My Anthro bag taking a little stroll through our family room

Anthro in the kitchen

Anthro in the first floor powder room

Finally, since we have everything in boxes, we haven't had the chance to cook.  Last night's dinner was one of my favorites...PHO!  I'm not sure if any readers are as big fans of Vietnamese pho as I am, but I literally start shaking like an addict if I haven't had it for awhile.  San Jose has the best pho I've ever had, but Seattle's pho is pretty decent.  My favorite place is Than Brothers.  It's they give you a cream puff for dessert with your meal!  :)  And of course, my pho is typically red because I have to have it spicy!

Than Brother's #14 with extra meatball! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Perilla vs. Sweets

Hello all!  I'm having a wonderful hump day.  It's sunny and going to be 75 degrees today so a perfect day to go check out the Anthro sale.  I decided to skip it yesterday because I knew I was on a mission, and that was to find a dress.  There's really nothing I need to have right now, so even if I do go today, I know I won't go crazy.  The only thing I really want is the Field Game Cardigan, and my God, when are they going to put that thing on sale?  It's been out since Christmas of last year! 

Anyhoo, so as I mentioned, I went to Anthro yesterday to decide on whether I wanted to take the plunge and get the Tea and Sweets dress.  I saw a recent blog entry from Ashley of Anthropologie Girl showing off her most recent Perilla dress purchase.  I thought it looked super good on her and would have never really thought about trying it on, so I decided to grab it when I was there.  I grabbed the navy and the beige in both S and M and decided on the navy in a M.  I can probably get away with a S but it hugged my hips a little too much for my liking. 

I felt this dress was more versatile than the Tea and Sweets dress since I can put a cardi over it and wear it for work.  I also liked that you can dress it up or down with just a change of shoes.  I can see myself in this with flats on vacation.  With the Tea and Sweets dress, there's no way I could dress that down.  And wearing it for work would just be silly!  I'm already the most overdressed in our little office as is.  I might as well show up in my wedding gown one day!  Ha!

So girls, I plan on wearing this little one to my rehearsal dinner.  With some red pumps, I think it'll be the perfect outfit.  Our dinner will be at an Italian restaurant so I can wear this and feel comfortable in it even after a pasta buffet! 

The other day  I also tried on the Vagabond Dress in the blue and fell in love with the fit.  But I had already bought the Speckled Ink Dress and didn't really need two jersey dresses.  I went home and tried on the speckled ink again and just wasn't happy anymore with the fit and the weight.  After the vagabond, I really loved the heavyness of the fabric.  Not to mention, with tights and boots for the winter months, I can wear this all year round.  So I decided to return the speckled for the vagabond!  Good news is the vagabond was actually cheaper!  WIN WIN! 

My OOTD today is a tribute to sales items!  Everything I'm wearing I bought on sale and got great deals on.  I never buy anything at J.Crew for full price, especially since they have such great sales and internet specials.  And I'm debuting my Blue Book Blouse.  I think I'm going to have a love/hate relationship with this little number.  The blouse fits well and has a lot of give, but for some reason, I feel like the buttons are pulling.  Does this happen to anyone that owns this blouse?  If I sized up, it really won't feel good.  But oh well, it works!  I still love it. 

See the button in the middle of the blouse pulling a little?

There it is again.  Is it cause of my boobies?  :) 

P.S. I know you've seen me in a lot of ponytails lately.  It's because my hair is really getting too long to do anything with.  I need to get it trimmed or something.  But just haven't gotten around to it with everything that's going on. 

Have a happy day! 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Circle the Globe and we signed!!!

Hello all!  Great news!  Today Chris and I finally signed the papers for our house.  They're just waiting for the funds to wire through now and tomorrow hopefully, we get our keys!  I just can't wait.  It's been a long 6 months waiting for the house to be built, but definitely worth it.  I can't wait to do OOTDs from there.  :) 

Speaking of OOTDs, just a quick post.  I finally grabbed the Circle the Globe skirt today after seeing the sun peeking through some stubborn clouds.  Let me tell ya, my mood is SO much better when the sun's out.  The sun comes through my office window in the afternoons, which helps me with that afternoon drag between 3-4 pm.  :)  I also can't wait until turbo kickboxing tonight.  There's this awesome girl who's in the class that shouts the songs at the top of her lungs.  No one is surprised to hear her do that, unless they're new to the class.  I was taken aback at first, but now I find her inspiring and awesome!  You sure burn more calories while you're screaming at the top of your lungs and doing cardio at the same time! 

Tee - Faint Lines Tee (Anthropologie)
Cardigan - J. Crew
Skirt - Circle the Globe (Anthropologie)
Belt - Snakebite Belt (Anthropologie)
P.S. After wearing this skirt for half a day, I didn't notice it to wrinkle any more than any other cotton-ish blend piece of clothing.  So, I had no problem with it. 

P.P.S. I know the Perilla Dress is hanging in the room and I will have a review of that soon on myself.  :)