Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't you love great surprises???

Hello all!  Monday is here...AGAIN!  Funny how it always rolls by faster than Friday doesn't it? ;)

It was a very eventful past weekend.  I told everyone I had a little surprise to tell everyone and now I can!  One of my best high school friends, Wai (who's also one of my bridesmaids) got ENGAGED this past Saturday.  Her boyfriend, Tats, surprised her at 5 pm on top of Kerry Park in Seattle, overseeing the Seattle skylines.  A few weeks ago Tats had called me for my help with this whole mission.  He said his idea was to have Erwin, my wedding photographer, capture the moment he proposes.  To do this, I had to make up a story to Wai so she'd show up on site.  So the story we came up with was Erwin lost some of our engagement photos and wanted to retake them for us.  And since I know Wai loved his pictures, if she'd like to join me, watch how he worked, and possibly take some with me.  It was a bit weird, but she BOUGHT it!  When they arrived on site, Erwin (who was in on this whole thing as well) said Chris and I would be a little late, so would they stand in a certain spot for him to test his lighting.  Then that was it!  Tats got down on his knees and...well...(insert aawwwwww's and tears here).  I'm so happy for them and can't wait to see their pictures!  I will definitely be posting them up when the teasers come out.

After the proposal, Tats asked some of us, her closest friends, to gather at a local restaurant in Queen Anne for dinner.  To celebrate this occasion, I finally grabbed the two-wheeler dress!  My bicycle necklace arrived late last week and I was able to complete the look of the outfit.  So here it is:

I love love love this dress.  I felt so pretty in it, and just dinner with friends wasn't long enough for me to get my fill of the dress.  I didn't want to come home and take it off.  I just love the touch of the bicycle necklace and glad that I ended up getting something like this rather than the Anthro one I posted with all the colorful crystals. 

I also went to Anthro at the Bravern on Friday prior to our dinner and tried on the Secret Treasures Dress.  I walked past it a couple of times, thinking that it's very similar to the Beda.  After not seeing much to try on, I decided to grab it and headed into the fitting room.  I grabbed the Medium and only unbuttoned the top half of the dress but was able to slip it on fine.  I agree with some of the current reviews out there that says the bust area fits tight and the waist area is a little more giving, resulting in bigger busted girls having to size up.  I thought a medium was fine on me (I'm a 34B) but I don't mind the waist being a little less fitted because I planned on wearing a belt and who doesn't want a dress they can eat in right? :)  Overall I loved  how this dress made me feel.  The skirt's not as full as the Beda and the sleeves are adorable, with folded detailing.  I love that I don't have to wear a cardigan with this if I didn't want to. 

Also, lastly, here's some pictures from our dinner Friday.  Chris showed up with his special OOTD!  Haha...he had a brown polo with a red logo from Express, jeans and brown Nikes with red laces.  Very coordinated right?  I also mentioned that the Stripes and Frills blouse I wore Friday made me feel a little awkward because the ruffles felt overwhelming.  At dinner, I decided to button my cardigan, tucked some of the ruffles in which made the outfit look cleaner and sleeker.  Although, it did make me feel like a flight attendant for Jet Blue, but I still felt cute! 

As for the restaurant, John Howie, both Chris and I agreed that it's your typical Bellevue restaurant.  Very overpriced, but only so-so.  The best steak in town is still El Gaucho in downtown Seattle in my opinion.  Pricing wise is comparable to Howie, but ingredients definitely taste fresher.  Enjoy the photos and sorry for the long post...but we had a packed weekend!  :)

Wagyu beef tartare

Chris' filet mignon

My 42 day old aged ribeye

Salmon penne side

Lobster mashed potatoes side


  1. I love your Two Wheeler Dress outfit - where did you get that Bicycle necklace? It's adorable!!

  2. Aww!! So cute and so coordinated. I love the two-wheeler dress red. I tried the Secret Treasure Dress yesterday, but it didn't look half as good as it does on you. Did I mention how cute you and Chris are?

  3. Kim - I got the necklace on etsy actually from a seller named linkel designs. Here's the link to their shop.
    I just love the necklace and it was for such a great price.

    Cat - Thank you! After reading some of the reviews, it seems like some smaller sized girls are sized out, or the fit might be awkward for them. For me, it hides my flaws. :) But it's really hard to imagine anything that doesn't look good on you!

  4. Love the two-wheeler on you!!

  5. !!! The Two-Wheeler looks great on you! And I love the bicycle necklace you found!

    Your photos of food are making me hungry. =D

  6. your two-wheeler outfit is adorable! and I love how you paired it with an ivory cardigan :)

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  7. Both dresses look fab on you! Now I really really want that Secret Treasures dress and it may be just what I use my recent winning gift card towards!

  8. the two-wheeler and that little necklace are sooo cute! and how awesome is that proposal surprise?! what a great guy to be so creative for his girl :)

  9. Both dresses look great on you and that bicycle necklace is too cute!

  10. Dea - Thank you!

    Kathryn - Don't let the pictures fool you. For the price, I was quite dissapointed in the quality of the food there. Definitely won't go there again if I had a choice.

    Sammie - The cardigan was definitely optional since it was totally sunny Saturday night. It was kinda chilly actually.

    Pamela - I can totally see you rockin' the sweet treasures dress. I think it'll fit your body type very well and I can already see your little kicked heel picture with that as your OOTD!

    Aimee - Thank you, Aimee! Have you decided to get the two-wheeler yet?

    Sara - Thank you! And of course you looked totally cute in your dress as well. I had it originally with the looping lanes belt as well but changed it last minute. Both belts would match very well.

  11. Cindi - i might try and pick it up next week. dave and i are trying to chill with spending right now (which is part of the reason for my shopping ban) because we're in the beginning stages of looking for a house. i have to see what our finances look like once he gets the first paycheck from his promotion. i hope i'll be given the green light, but if not, i'll probably end witing for it to go on sale and do a CS search until i find it :)