Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A couple of reviews and a mullet?

Hello all!  Tired is the theme for this week, so I'm not going to say more about that.  We are sleeping at 1 am on a normal basis just seems like the organizing never stops.  This weekend my dad will be coming over to start building our deck in the back yard.  Chris is going to help him do that.  But another project is going to start!  I am excited about the deck though and can't wait to hold BBQ parties on it! 

Yesterday I wandered into Anthro just to check out some new arrivals and tried a couple of things on:

First up, the Sugar and Cream Dress.  I saw it in the store hanging near the front and it caught my eye.  The first thing was the sweetheart neckline.  I also loved the tea cups on the dress...very whimsical.  The only thing is, I wasn't too keen on the fabric.  Online says it's a silk, which perplexed me.  The print itself is fun and informal, but mixed with silk...the feel of it is a little formal for something I'd wear normally.  I loved the fit and think it's TTS.  Typically Floreat runs a little small on me, so I was surprised the 6 actually fit fine.  This might be something I'll consider on sale, but as cute as it was, I just wouldn't be able to get enough wear out of it.

Buoyant Braches Cardi

The pattern and fabric intrigued me on the hanger, especially the back detail.  Once I tried it on, I really liked it.  I've been looking for a jersey cardigan for a while now and can never really find ones that look right on me.  Most of them hang a little too much in the front.  But the knotted detail of this cardigan in the front is adorable!  I'm on a strict money diet right now, so I won't be taking this home with me.  When it goes on sale, I'm going to snatch this one up.  Btw, the size I tried on was a Small and it fit perfectly.

I've already mentioned how much I love my newly organized closet.  And I know many of you have organized your clothes before to find things you've owned you totally forgot about.  The top I'm wearing today was one of the earlier purchases I made on sale at Anthro a few years back.  I don't wear it enough and I don't know why!  Maybe it's because the boobie part is a little roomier than I'd like but I just love the polka dots. 

Top - Anthropologie
Cardigan - Nordstrom
Slacks - Banana Republic
Belt - Anthropologie Snakebite

Lastly, I leave you with my ridiculously dorky Fiance.  We were unpacking some bathroom boxes last night and he found one of my Jessica Simpson hair extension clip ons!  Don't ask me why I have them, I just do!  I NEVER wear them though but he decided to clip one on, which made it look like he had a mullet! in the in the back?  Nope...just silliness all over.  The wifebeater he was wearing (which he normally wears at home anyway) added the final touch to his "OOTD".  Haha. 


  1. I'm so excited to see the Sugar & Cream dress reviewed! I think it looks really cute on you. My store is slow about getting new arrivals so it might be awhile before I get to see it in person.

  2. So funny, Debbie. I JUST commented on your blog entry today! :)

  3. Love the polka dots - and the mullet man, ow ow! Haha, my boyfriend and I went to a musical last night and when I got to his apartment he was wearing blue/brown plaid shorts and a black polo that had a HUGE Dick's sporting goods logo on it - THAT HE PAID $30 FOR! It looked like a free shirt you'd win at a carnival or something. Ridiculous. Boys are silly.

  4. HAHAHA! Chris is funny! btw. I rec'd my grey snakebite belt and it fits just fine! I think it's because I am a but hippier! :)

  5. I haven't paid much attention to the bouyant branches cardi until now. I love how it looks on you with that orange dress. The bright orange makes the stripes pop in a much more interesting way than otherwise.

  6. Ashley - Isn't it weird what guys think is fashionable? I bet they think the same thing of us? Chris usually is really good at my buys though and always says everything is cute! Haha he doesn't help the shopping habit.

    Sammie - Yay! I can't wait to see you wear it. I'm glad the sizing is good...cause sometimes the medium can even slip a little for me.

    Lori - I've had this disfunctional relationship with Anthro cardis for awhile now and I'm surprised at this one too. I'm excited for this to go on sale!

  7. Ack, it's the 2010 version of Billy Ray! :o)

    I agree with Lori, I totally haven't paid any mind to the Bouyant cardi but after seeing it on you and some other bloggettes, I'm going to have to reconsider.

    (Is this enabling, or just self-enabling?)

  8. I was thinking the same thing as Lisa-the new Billy Ray Cyrus! Yikes! That's hilarious, but unfortunately, I think I will see some people that look like for real at the state fair!

  9. Oh, I didn't realize the Sugar and Cream dress was made from silk, I assumed some fabric like cotton. That puts it in a weird limbo between formal (because why wear silk casually?) and and informal (because do you really want to wear that pattern to a fancy event?). Still, I cannot shake my affection for the print! :)

  10. That shirt you're wearing is like the scalloped dots skirt in a top! I didn't know they made that. Cute.

    I like that I can keep up with what's at the Bravern without even going!

  11. I really like the Sugar and Cream Dress on you! I wanted that to be a dress I could wear to work/on the weekends, but if it's silk, that could be a problem :(

  12. Lisa - You'll definitely have to write about what you think of the cardigan if you do try it on. I haven't even noticed it until the other day so I thought why not try it!

    Pamela - That's hilarious! I don't know WHY that hairstyle ever became popular. I see mullets every now and then here and it's like dear in headlights...I just 0_0....stare......

    goldenmeans - You're exactly right. It's like what do I do with this pattern and fabric??? The only place I can think of wearing it is to a Sunday bridal shower!

    LC - The top is from Edme & Esyllte and I don't even remember when I got it...but I know it was long time ago. I do have a thing for polka dots though so this outfit made me happy today.

    Sara - I felt the same way...I wanted to wear it to work...but wearing silk to the office? I don't know about that! Haha.

  13. I already wanted the bouyant branches cardi, but now i want it even more! the sugar and cream dress was a complete pass for me the second i read "silk". silk is a big NO in my world. maybe i'll rethink that in 10 years.

    So exciting about your deck! is your dad super handy? mine is, and i always wanted to marry a guy who could build and fix things like him :) i think the one think dave doesn't do is fix cars. and my dad is great with cars.

  14. Cindi! I lied, the snakebite belt does NOT fit me. I tried wearing it with a dress this morning and it slipped off. I am sad b/c I am in dire need of a charcoal/grey belt. I wonder if I can get it altered. LOL.

  15. the sugar and cream dress is sooo cute!!! it is very whimsical but i have to agree, it's one of those things that i would comfortably buy on sale only. the mullet is so funny, lol.