Monday, June 21, 2010

Fitting room goodies and the hunt for the best rehearsal/shower dress

Hi All!  Just a quick stop at lunch to show you guys some fitting room pictures I took today while visiting my Anthro at lunch.  I'll be back later tonight with a longer post as well. 

I've been on the hunt for a really cute rehearsal or bridal shower dress for a while and have been waiting to try the Tea & Sweets dress when it hit the stores.  Today I finally saw it and grabbed it right away. 

I wanted to not like this dress for so many reasons.  1. The price...I really didn't want to pay $168 plus 10% tax on top of that.  2. Color...the dress is a cream color, which hardly ever works on my skin tone because I feel that it washes me out.  3. Fit...typically I shy away from anything that's an empire-ish waist.  Not only does it make me look pregnant, it makes me feel top heavy.  And guess what?  I once I put it on, I LOVED it!!!  The price is still a little iffy, which is why I didn't take this dress home with me (but it's held for me!!).  I loved every little detail of this little number.  From the design on the boddice, to the flower cinched at the waist, to the jersey/spandex material of the pleated skirt.  I originally thought the skirt was a silky chiffon fabric when I saw it online, but this made it better.  This fabric won't wrinkle easily!  The only beef I have with this dress is the top straps.  Although the fit is perfect, the straps are a little long, making me seem busty and the neckline lower than it should be.  If I get this dress, I'll need to take the straps in a bit. 

I also grabbed the Vagabond dress after seeing so many bloggers try it on.

As expected, I loved it as well.  I thought the jersey fabric was very heavy and well made.  The fit of it made me look slimmer.  The capped sleeves were super cute and the detail on the boddice was nice for a smaller chested girl like me.  But because I already have the Speckled Ink Dress, I decided that trying it on was enough for me.  Or else I'd seriously consider this.

I also tried the Field Game Cardigan.  I've been holding off because I knew I'd fall in love with it if I tried it on, and at $118, I just can't shell out that much for a cardi. 

Look at my face, I'm smitten (insert me swooning in the dressing room)!  I loved the cardi.  But I just couldn't buy it.  I'm hoping this will go on sale at the end of the month during their big monthly sale cause it's about that time!  For that price, I'd rather get a dress!  I'm seriously hoping this one hits the sale racks so cross fingers everyone!

And lastly, I've been curious for the Molded and Melded Tee for a long time and after reading mixed reviews, I decided to try it on myself. 

I agree with the reviewers that said the tee just didn't work for them.  I felt the detailing around the neckline was great, but the area around my waist just didn't do it for me.  I felt all eyes would be on my tummy, and what girl want that...unless she has a six pack and I know I don't. 

That's it all!  What do you guys think about the Tea and Sweets Dress?  Have anyone tried it on yet?  Should I take the plunge and get it?  Ugh! =P

Thanks and have a great day!


  1. That's so funny that you posted this because I just finished writing a post about my rehearsal dinner dress (will go up later this week)! I love the first dress on you! It looks like it fits great and I think the color looks great against your skin tone. You look so tan in pictures, so it doesn't look like it washes you out at all. Do you think the Vagabond Dress is too casual for a rehearsal dinner? We're only having 20 close family members and it's not formal at all, but I don't know if a jersey dress will work...

  2. Sara - I don't think the vagabond dress would be too casual at all! Especially for such an intimate family dinner. I can see it being weird if the material was lighter, but since the dress is so heavy, it'll look great. You can definitely dress it up with some silver heels if you have some and nice jewelry.

  3. Oooh I didn't even think about silver!

  4. omg. Cindi I was at anthro today! I didn't see you, or else I would have said hello! for sure! LOVE the Tea & Sweet dress on you!

  5. The Tea & Sweet dress looks great on you!

  6. I love the Tea and Sweets Dress on you. But your sales tax is killing me! I complain about ours at 5.6%.

    I'd say get the dress and hold onto it. At least you know you'll have it in your size. If you don't change your mind, it's meant to be. If you do, that's what returns are for.

  7. Tien - Thank you! I see those colors on you a lot and you look so great in them!

    Pamela - I think I might just do that. I thought about it today, that's why I put it on hold. And OK so I lied about tax being 10%, it's actually 9.5% for clothing and 10% for food and beverage in restaurants. They're trying to raise it though. :) Good thing is we don't have State income tax.

  8. The Tea and Sweets dress is just beautiful on you. And, what a perfect engagement dinner dress! Jersey can be such a forgiving fabric when done right. sister and I both have the field game cardi's, and we wear them all the time. It's a great little cardi. I agree though, wait for sale! Ours were gifts back in January.

  9. Cindi, I love the Tea and Sweets dress on you! And it's such a lovely party dress! =D I think you should do it.

  10. Cat - Thank you! I love that jersey fabric and was quite surprised to see that it's that material. But happy it is though. And I'm so jealous of you and your sister. I really want that cardigan. Watch...I'll have dreams about it. :)

    Carol - I think I'm going to get it but see if I can get the dress altered on top. It's a little big right now for me and the "girls". :)

  11. This is a pretty late comment, but I just wanted to say that the Tea & Sweets Dress looks *really* great on you, and strangely it works perfectly under the Field Game cardi for me. I hope you get them both eventually!