Friday, June 18, 2010

Woot Woot for the Weekend!

Hello all!  It's finally Friday and I'm so glad it's here.  It's going to be a very fun and busy weekend.  A huge surprise is going down this weekend but I can't blog about it until Sunday or you'll have to wait until then.  It's so hard to contain myself though! :)

I went to Anthro and returned a couple of items yesterday.  Oh wait...I need to rephrase.  I exchanged a couple of items from Anthro yesterday for the Speckled Ink Dress. 

Cat understands that I just can't return something at Anthro without walking out with another item.  At first I didn't even notice it hanging alongside the back wall, but when I saw this very cute girl grab the gray one (was that you, LC???  Haha...just kidding), I decided to grab the lavender.  I normally don't go for jersey dresses because they show every bulge on me.  And who wants to see that!!!  But when I tried this on in a Medium, I thought the fit was great!!!  There's a zipper in the back of it, but I didn't have to unzip it to get it on.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to zip it up alone in the room.  A lot of the current reviews on the Anthro site says the fabric is cheap, the length is too short, and the unique bodice is not friendly to those that are well endowed.  Here's what I think:

Fabric - Is a little thin but not too thin.  I was afraid the jersey would show my underwear line and the bulges around my tummy but it didn't.  I believe the cut of the dress helped with that since the skirt laid straight down into an A line. 
Bodice - I'm definitely not well endowed so this was not a problem for me.  I actually thought the top of the dress made me look a little fuller than I am, which I love!!!  Also, I played around with the grecian style straps and had to ask an SA to help me style it.  But in the end I loved it.
Length - I'm 5'5" and this dress fell right at my knee caps so I had no problem with it being too short.  For those that are taller, I can understand the frustration.

I took a picture of me in the dressing room with this on but again, it came out too dark.  So everyone will have to wait until I style it as an OOTD.  :)  I can see myself wearing this dress to my bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.  Definitely a LOVE!

Now onto my OOTD.  I knew today we're going to have steak near where I work so I won't have a chance to go home and change before dinner.  So, I decided to wear something that'll allow me to eat lots.  This pencil skirt is a little loose at the waist so it was perfect.  I bought the blouse a while back with my girl friends, but it had a button missing.  It was on sale, so the SA gave me an extra 15% off!  A couple of nights ago, Chris sewed a new button on, and voila!  Oh and another reason why I luuuurrrveeee Chris, he sews buttons!!!  What do you guys think?  Are the ruffles too much?  I feel like a lion with a huge mane. 

P.S. Girls, don't you love flushing the toilet with a pencil skirt on?  That manuever takes talent doesn't it? :)

Blouse - Anthropologie
Cardigan - J. Crew
Skirt - Macy's
Shoes - Steve Madden (Nordstrom)

Have a great Friday everyone! 


  1. Can't wait to see you in your new dress!! Also, I loooove that blouse in your OOTD!!

  2. Cindi - you look fierce in that OOTD! I'd seriously be intimidated by you in the workplace. haha! But seriously, you look fab... as always!
    Can't wait to hear what this surprise is!

  3. Awesome OOTD - that blouse looks FAB on you. I tried that on in the store and it did NOT work as fabulously as it does on you. I looked like one of those frilled lizards.

    LOL about flushing in a pencil skirt! It's quite interesting isn't it? Sometimes I get myself into some serious yoga moves trying to flush with a tight skirt. And sometimes, I've realized that I've forgotten to cut the string that holds the slit together. Eesh.

  4. Erin - Thank you! I can't wait to wear the dress!

    Aimee - That's the first time anyone's called me thank you! Now I want to like sign or approve something to make me feel important! :)

    Michelle - Why do they sew those little slits closed? haha...I've forgotten that many times, also in the back of wool coats which looks horrible!
    Sorry that the blouse didn't work on you. It's actually very comfortable on. I actually closed my cardi and tucked some of the ruffles in a bit so now it looks totally fine. :)

  5. have a blast at dinner and a fabulous weekend :)

  6. Cindi - i seriously laughed so hard about you wanting to sign and approve things. I'm picturing you making giant check marks on important documents with a red pen and signing your name at the bottom of each page in completely illegible cursive. hahaha!

  7. Ha ha that wasn't me! I went to Anthro today though. : ) I can't wait to see you in the dress, I love it, it is so awesome! I agree it doesn't have the problem so many jersey dresses do of showing every flaw. P.S. Love the Frills & Stripes Blouse on you, I have been searching for one to no avail!

  8. I approve of the exchange! I've seen the speckled ink dress look fabulous on so many girls. I'm *sure* it looks amazing on you and I'm looking forward to its debut on the blog. I have to say I was super excited to see your OOTD, because I have the same blouse, but I'm not sure how to wear it. Thanks for the idea :) acting out skirt came. Finally!!

  9. LC - I also went to Anthro yesterday but after work. :) Got yet another dress which I will be writing about.

    Cat - YAY!! You got your acting out skirt, so it was meant to be after all. I actually buttoned the cardigan to my outfit yesterday and tucked some of the ruffles in which made it look better I thought. Kinda reminded me of a flight attendant but still...looked cute.