Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New additions to the family...

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!  It was extremely busy at work today so it feels really good to be home, relaxing and writing to you all.  I did get a chance to go to Anthro during my lunch hour and all through this traffic...

...I was thinking about getting home to blog about the new additions to my Anthro family.
Let me just tell you that I'm a cardi-o-holic.  I love cardigans and have them in almost every color imagineable (on that thought...I think I am missing a red one!).  And as you can see, a big part of my daily OOTDs revolve around cardis.  What I've been wanting to add to my Anthro family have been some additional layering pieces.  But not just any layering items.  They need to pass the three C's test...comfortable, cute, and conformable.  When I buy clothes, especially ones at full price, I like to think about how many items I can pair with it that's already in my closet.  I need it to be versatile enough to wear with multiple items so I get my money's worth.  So, let me introduce you to my little babies:

Ambling Twist Tank - I first saw this on Carrie of My Inner Fashionista and thought it looked gorgeous on her.  I decided to try it on today and fell in love with it.  The color, the length, the touch, the feel, the fabric of our liiiiiives!  Haha!  I thought it was so flattering and automatically pictured myself wearing this with multiple pieces currently in my closet.  Not only that, this isn't a sole layering piece.  It looks just as good with jeans just by itself like how Carrie wore it. 

Faint Lines Tee - I've been eyeing this number for awhile now.  The only reason why I haven't tried it on earlier is because I knew I'd love it and it was still full price.  But because I had some returns today, I gave myself a break and decided it was worth a shot.  And yep, I was right.  I loved it.  I think my first Anthro shirt I've ever owned was a Little Yellow Button shirt given to me by my friend Wai as a Christmas present.  I still have it and love wearing it with just some jeans.  I loved the lilac color of this shirt and as always, very comfortable.  I can't wait to wear this piece!

So those are my new buys.  One other great news today...my two-wheeler dress is on its way.  I hope it gets here before the weekend so I can wear it for my future sister-in-law's high school graduation.  I heard it was going to be sunny and nice, so how appropriate. 

I leave you with my boring OOTD.  This tee I have is from Anthro and I purchased it online during a sale last year.  I'm not sure what it's called but this certainly did not pass the three C's test!  It's not very versatile and because the colors and patterns are so busy, it's really hard to find something to compliment it.   I do like this tee though but it's not something I pine to pull out from my closet. 

Cardi - Old Navy
Tank - Anthropologie
Slacks - Banana Republic
Shoes - Banana Republic
Necklace - Oh Hello Friend


  1. I am excited for your new purchases! Hooray!

  2. I approve! These tops are great, and it's nice that they're not break the bank Anthro pieces.

    I think I'm going to cave and order a snakebite belt after seeing another one of your cute outfit posts featuring the belt. I know you have them in all colors. What color would you get, if you only had one choice?

  3. Sammie - It feels great to pay full price yet not feel guilty about it at Anthro. :)

    Cat - I would definitely go with a brown. Brown was the first one I owned and I felt like it went with a lot of things in my closet. Black and gray goes with certain items but I always reach for the brown ones. They go with pink, green, cream, purple, orange, white...almost anything! Do you already have other brown belts in your closet though? If that's the case, my second choice would be the black. :) Hope this helps you make a decision. But hey...who says you just have to have ONE right? Hehehe.

  4. Thx for the recommendation :) I'm going brown!

  5. That is so funny, we are always going to Anthro on the same day! I went to the Bravern Tuesday at lunch too, but I never pay attention to the people around me!

  6. LC - I swear we probably have walked right past one another without even realizing it! :) That day I hid in the dressing room for a long time deciding on which tees to buy and debating on sizes. This is too funny!