Monday, June 14, 2010

Acting Out in a good way...

Hello all!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  The best weekends are lazy ones but this past one was a productive one. 

It started off with my future sister-in-law, Jill's, high school graduation.  She graduated with honors from Central Kitsap County high school and I can't say how proud I am of her.  Let me just tell you, she's not your typical teenager.  She's young and definitely have a lot of life experiences to go through, but she's more mature than your typical boy crazy teen.  This fall she'll be a freshman at the University of Washington (home of the Huskies and the alma mater of her older two brothers and myself!).  No financials worries for her because she's going there on a full ride!  Her second brother, Justin and herself will be moving into our condo after we move into our new house.  They'll both be closer to us and I'm excited to see her grow up into a even lovelier young lady. 

Here's what I wore to Jill's graduation.  I wanted to debut the Oratory Dress on a nice summery weekend and Saturday was the perfect occasion.  I wore it not knowing that Jill's high school colors were orange and black!  So it was even MORE perfect.  This dress went above and beyond my expectations.  It's comfortable, don't wrinkle easily, and the perfect length for me.  I'm going to bring this one to Hawaii on my honeymoon!
Dress: Anthropologie Oratory Dress
Cardigan - Jackie Cardi (J. Crew)
Necklace - F21
Sandals - Get Outta Town by Seychelles

And here's the grad herself!!!  Congrats, Jill!

And of course, here's the whole family with the proud big brothers and mommy. 

Sunday was a productive day for us.  Chris and I went to Lowes and bought a fridge and a washer and dryer set.  Our pockets were empty by the time we got out of there, but we needed it for the new house.  I'm especially excited for the new washer and dryer.  It's fire engine red!!! :)  I know I'm spoiled but currently Chris does all the laundry in the house.  >_<  I know I know!  But I do a lot of other cleaning and all the cooking so I'm  not that bad right?  I think when we move into our new house, I'll be sharing in some of the laundry duties.

In addition to spending a lot of money on Sunday, we were able to pack up about 6 boxes of stuff!  I hate moving and it isn't until you start packing you realize you have so much junk.  We definitely need to purge or donate more stuff. 

Onto my OOTD.  Introducing the Acting Out Skirt!  I searched for this puppy forever when it went on sale and finally found her in Santa Monica of all places.  I just love this skirt because of its thick material and it's not your typical gray pencil skirt.  I love the ruching on the sides.  How lovely! 

Cardigan - Perfect Fit Cardi (J. Crew)
Tank - Halogen lace cami (Nordstrom)
Skirt - Acting Out Skirt (Anthropologie)
Belt - Gray Snake Bite Belt (Anthropologie)
Shoes - Seychelles
Necklace - F21

Before I end this, I want to send my thoughts out to Kim of Anthroholic.  Her little doggie, Simon, injured the disks in his back and we doggie mommies all know how heartbreaking it is when your little ones get hurt.  They can't communicate verbally with you so all they can do is look at you with those sad puppy eyes.  They don't complain and even in pain, they'll give you all the love they still can.  Hope Simon recovers quickly!


  1. Cindi, I love both of your outfits! They're so cute! Hmm...makes me think I need to get that Oratory dress after all... =D

  2. omg. Cindi! I've didn't know the "acting out skirt" went on sale!? NO WONDER I'VE BEEN UNABLE TO FIND IT! :( regardless, it looks great on you! YAY! Congrats on the new house goodies! :)

  3. Aw! Your SIL to be is so adorable! It's so great that you have a ood relationship with her. I love my SIL so much - i actually met her way before I met David and we were really good friends, and still are.

    I love both of your outfits so much. And the Acting Out Skirt is too perfect for words on you!

    Also, I have to mention that I'm really proud of you for shopping at Lowe's because that's where David works and we have stock in the company as well. Hahaha!

  4. I LOVE the way you styled the Acting Out Skirt, which I received in the mail today. I had to get mine from New Jersey! I plan to copy your look. : )

    I was at the U Village Anthro on Saturday and passed by everyone walking to graduation. Such a beautiful day for the event!

  5. Both your new pieces look great. Sadly, I missed out on that skirt. I really like the way it looks and the rouching definately sets it apart from other pencil skirt.

  6. Love both of these outfits, Cindi! Wow, I'm thinking I need to keep my eye on that Oratory dress - it is super cute!

  7. Carol - I do love the oratory dress and I think it's totally a "carol" piece. The color is a nice change as well because I really didn't have much in that orangey color.

    Sammie - Yeah! I saw a couple of 2's left in the stores here but just couldn't find my size. It was so frustrating and sad. But I'm totally happy! I love that skirt so much!

    Aimee - Haha David works at Lowes? Really? Nice! We had the best guy helping us the other day. I love a good, dedicated employee.

    LC - You went to the U Dist. during grad day? Hopefully you didn't get caught in any traffic. I saw through my commencement and several others so thank goodness I didn't have to this year. Those get quite boring! :)

    Pamela - Thank you! I thought the rouching might make my hips look big but it's actually a well cut skirt so I don't think it did that at all. It's such a great thick fabric too...very well made!

    Erin - Thank you! You will look totally great in the oratory dress. The length is just perfect and the fabric I felt was well made. I thought I had a dress from old navy that was made of the same fabric, but now I know the oratory is of a higher quality. And at $98, it's not bad for something I'd wear over and over again this summer. :)

  8. Yep! Lowe's is such an awesome place to work, and the opportunites to move up within the company are really amazing! Dave started 3 years ago as a seasonal worker, thinking that he would work there while he looked for other things. Well, plans changed and he now manages 1/2 of a store. Go figure. Haha!

    I love Lowe's because I really feel it's a bit more inviting for women to shop in - as oppoesd to Home Depot, and the workers really are way more helpful than in any Home Depot I've ever been to.

    Sorry to advertise, but if it weren't for that company, we'd be living on the streets.

  9. Hi, Cindi! I just stumbled across your blog and I love your style! I love the way you styled the Acting Out skirt...I will have to copy it! And where did you find the cute gray seychelles you are wearing with it??

  10. Hi Melissa - Thank you for your compliments. I'm glad I can provide you with ideas. The seychelles I got were from I'm not sure if they're still available or not since I got them when they were on sale about a month ago. They are super comfy though. :)