Monday, June 7, 2010

My wallet has given up...

Hello readers!  What a miserable Monday here in the Pacific Northwest...rain rain rain with chances of sun in the afternoon.  I'm taking my lunch break right now...just waiting for the sun to peek through.  Tomorrow I heard will be around 70!  That's a huge score for us, so I might just pull out a dress.  :) 

This past Friday, I was supposed to go to a happy hour with my coworkers at work but NO ONE showed up!  So the person who set the event up decided to cancel the whole thing.  Lame right?  I guess it was hard to get everyone together on a Friday night but I was looking forward to getting to know these people outside of work.  Oh well!  BUT...because it was pouring and I knew traffic would be horrible, I went to the Bravern Anthro to take a peak.  Prior to going I had roamed around online to check out some of the new arrivals.  I decided that I'd try on the Oratory Dress.  I grabbed the gray/lavender color and although the fit was great, I just thought the color was blah.  It didn't work very well with my skin tone and I just didn't feel pretty in it. 

Sorry for the horrible lighting as the dressing room was quite dark.  This was actually my first time taking pictures while trying things on and I do have to tip my hat to all you bloggers who manage to take such great photos in such a small fitting room!  I surely had a hard time.  But anyhoo, as you can see, the gray sweater didn't help with the overwhelming grayness of this dress, but I had to cover my sunburns up.  :)

And here it is in orange, with my sunburns as well:

Again, the lighting sucked but if you can see this, I think the orange is a much "funner" color.  I don't have anything in this color in my closet so I decided to get it as a new addition.  It's home now with the tags still on in case I change my mind.  :)  With this new dress and the two-wheeler I bought Friday, my wallet has told me she's given up.  She's literally fallen and can not get up!  I am in major savings mode now because I have an awesome grooms gift for my honey that I'd like to save for before August so cross fingers that I make it to August without any "accident" spending splurges on clothes. 

I also tried on the Time Gone By Dress.  As much as I wanted to love it, I just didn't think it was meant to be for me.  My immediate reaction was that the sleeves made my shoulders look broad.  I already have pretty broad shoulders, but this dress just helped accentuate them even more.  The other concern I had was the fabric.  The dress I tried on was a wrinkled mess and although it didn't look like a fabric that's hard to iron, I knew immediately after wearing it, it'd begin to wrinkle and that would bug me the whole day.  Sorry to disappoint anyone who's in love with that dress, but it just didn't work on me.  Lets hope the two-wheeler won't give me the same result!  

I also wanted to share a picture of a mannequin I took while I was there.  I love Anthro's take on styling their clothes on mannequins but what I love most about them is that they look like the bodies of real women.  This particular one didn't look like an anorexic model like most of them do in designer stores.  This fashionable mannie looked like she could be a blogger like any of you beautiful ladies!  Thank you, Anthro for supporting us real women and our bodies!

Now onto my OOTD.  I call it "Mint Chocolate Chip".  I never would have thought to pair my mint colored sweater with a black and white poka dot blouse, but I bought these two items together and just happened to try them on as an outfit.  I thought, "Hmm this might work!"  So here it is! 

Blouse: J. Crew
Cardigan: J.Crew
Skirt: Jones New York Pencil Skirt (Macy's)
Necklace: Macy's
Shoes: Black Aldo peeptoes


  1. Yay! Reviews! I usually use a regular camera sans flash, my blackberry takes the worst photos in low light. I'm never successful in smaller fitting rooms... not sure how other bloggers do it. I really really love the mint chocolate chip combo. I'm definitely stealing this look!

  2. The dressing rooms at the Bravern are always so dark! The ones at U Village are blindingly bright in comparison. Love the OOTD! I really need to get a mint cardigan. It looks great against the polka dots.

  3. Cat - Ahh you flatter me so! You are free to take any look of mine. :)

    LC - Most of the time when I'm at the Bravern Anthro, I wanna just throw clothes on the floor and curl up to take a nap!'s indeed very dark. I'll be going there tomorrow at lunch again to see if I can find the Well Loved Blouse since I have Anthro home stuff to return. Returning stuff to get more stuff doesn't count as shopping right? ;)

  4. awe. sad to hear about the Time Gone By dress! I will definitely have to check it out. (Its not surprising that I know how to get to and from the anthro at the Bravern, don't ask me about anything else b/c I won't know!)

    ps. I love mint and chip ice cream and your OOTD looks sweet :)

  5. cute outfit! love the polka dots and the ruffle cardi combo.

  6. Sammie - I know! I hope you get to try it on and have better luck than I did. I'm going to Bravern again today at lunch to return some home stuff today and try to get my hands on this blouse I've been pining over.

    Tiffany - Thanks! Great compliment coming from you! I love your OOTDs and of course, your SHOE collection!