Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just one of those days...

Happy hump day, everyone!  It's just one of those days again...and the gloomy overcasted sky is definitely not helping my mood.  In addition to my OOTD! 

I decided to pull some older items out of my closet that I haven't touched in a while.  Now I realize why they sat in my closet.  This outfit is cute in theory and when I look at the pictures, I actually think it looks great!  But I just don't feel great in it and here's why:

Blouse - Bee's Favorite Blouse from Anthro.  I got this because I loved the colors but like so many reviewers said, the buttons are insanely annoying.  This blouse is actually loose on me, but for some reason the buttons keep pulling!  I don't know what to do to stop them from doing that.  So today I decided to just wear a sweater over it hoping that'd hide this imperfection.  And it did.

Sweater - The sweater is supposed to be cashmere.  I got it years ago from  But should cashmere be this itchy?  I know I'm still healing from my sunburns, but it is just driving me crazy.  I've been scratching the whole morning at work and all I want to do right now is rip this thing right off. 

Skirt - The skirt was also a purchase from years ago.  I got it at the LOFT and fell in love with the color.  At the time the flared skirt style was in.  But dear God, why did I not notice the unflattering way it made my waist look?  You can't really see it in these pictures, but the waist sits very high, then the skirt hugs my thighs before flaring out in a ruffle-like flare.  This definitely is not a skirt you can wear things tucked in.  It'll make me look so matronly.

On a more positive note though, I do love my tights I'm wearing.  I got these at Anthro's sale a couple of months ago.  Love them!! 

Have a great rest of the day, girls!  Half of the day's over...I can't wait to get home and rip these clothes off!  :)


  1. Cindi, you look great in that skirt! And I don't think cashmere is supposed to itch. That's...weird? Super cute outfit, anyway.

  2. cuute outfit. I have the same tights but mine are purple! I wish I would have gotten them in brown as well!

  3. Carol - Thanks! You're such a sweetie. You looked way more comfortable in your outfit. :)

    Sammie - You know I think I might have it in purple too. Or...plum rather. Something like that. It's in my closet right now unopened. :)

  4. Love the blouse on you! Are those the Ruffian lace tights? I picked those up a few months ago on sale too. : )

  5. The outfit is darling! I am absolutely jealous of your bee's blouse. I'll just admire yours from afar. Sigh...

  6. LC - I think yes, they are the lace tights. They sure feel like lace. :) I love them and got really good comments.

    Cat - You are too funny. The blouse is really cute, I do love the patterns. The only thing that bugs me is the buttons. If I wear it alone or with a cardi, I'd have to be really careful. Sometimes the buttons will burst open and I'd have to relive my embarrassing spinach on your bra episode I blogged about. :)