Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Treasures at the Moore Theatre

Yeah baby!  It's Friday!  I love words with "fri" in Friday...or French Fries!  :)  Today's starting out gloomy but Mr. Weatherman promised it'll reach 70 and partly sunny.  Although that's hard to believe cause as I stare out my window, it's RAINING!!! 

Tonight we're having a little get together at the downtown Moore Theatre with friends to watch Aziz Ansari.  For those of you who don't know him, he was the recent host of the MTV Music Awards and he's on the show Parks and Recreation on NBC.  I love him and I love I'm super excited.  Before that, we'll get together at a sushi place for some much needed happy hour.  Ooooh how I love sushi at half price!

Last night we made a quick moving trip with some friends so I decided to take ALL of my clothes and haul it over to the new closet.  I left only the Sweet Treasures dress and a navy cardigan to wear together.  If I didn't feel like wearing a dress today, then I was doomed.  But luckily, I put this cute dress on this morning and totally loved it!  Btw, I do consider myself to have a lot of clothes, but compared to some of you lovely readers, my collection is probably a mere section compared to your closets (I'm totally envious!).  As of right now, I take up about half of the walk-in.  That's still ok right?  Chris still has the other I'm a nice wifey.  I guess for now, as my collection will only grow!  Muwhahahaha!!!!  >=)

Dress - Sweet Treasures Dress (Anthropologie)
Cardigan - Featherweight Cotton Bling Button Cardi in navy (J.Crew)
Belt - Snakebite in brown (Anthropologie)
Necklace - Oh, Hello Friend

I leave you with this beautiful picture I took on my way home yesterday with my phone:

As much as I hate traffic in Seattle, I LOVE Seattle.  Everyday on my commute, I cross a floating bridge to get to the East side and it's just spectacular when the sun's out, the water's glistening, and Mt. Rainier is in the far distance looking like it's suspended above ground.  Sorry I couldn't get a shot of the mountain.  But since I'm moving somewhat East, I won't be taking this floating bridge anymore.  I won't miss the horrendous traffic on it, but I will miss the view. 

Happy Friday everyone!!! 


  1. I am happy to hear that you've good weather in Seattle today :). I was visiting friends last year, and it rained 3 days of the 6 that I was there. What a beautiful green dress :). My fiance would want me to buy that dress if Anthro only start carrying xxs. This shade of green is his favorite color.

  2. Oooh I was just looking at that dress online this morning. I haven't seen it in my store yet and I'm so tempted to just take advantage of the free shipping and buy it! You look great in it!

  3. You look wonderful in that dress! It's on my list of things I want. And I've always wanted to visit Seattle. We have a lot of friends who live there, so we've been meaning to for a while. One of these days, we'll have to do it. =D

  4. the dress is cuuute on you! you totally read my mind! I was going to do a post about the floating bridge b/c it takes my breath away each time I cross it!


    It looks wonderful on you!

  6. What a great view! I absolutely love seattle. Love you in the dress. Dress + Snakebite = Perfection. I'm going to copy with my green beda dress. :)