Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moving Day!!!

Today is moving day and it's going to be one very long day!  We're set to go get the uhaul at 8 am (yes, it's before 8 am on a Saturday and I'm wide awake 0_0) and everyone meets at our condo at 9 am to start lifting away.  We have some wonderful friends and family coming over to help us, so I'm extremely thankful for their assistance and support. 

Is it wrong to wear Anthro on moving day and not some old tattered t-shirt?  A girl still has to look cute right?  Well, I'm starting with this and if I feel I need to get my elbows dirty, I will change into something less flattering and cute!  I just love this twisty detailed shirt.  First it's super comfortable.  Second, I can wear this as is or use it as a layering piece.  Third, the color is just wonderful against my horribly tanned self.  >_<  But even if I were back to my normal color, I think the mossy green will compliment my skin very well. 

I don't have a full length mirror (I know, how can a girl go this long without having one.  I will get one soon enough!) so I'm just wearing my very comfy brown cargo pants.  When bending and lifting, I can't wear jeans.  Cargos are the way to go. 

Top - Ambling Twists Tank (Anthropologie)
Cargo pants - Old Navy

I will be out of the internet pocket until probably tomorrow night or Monday.  The Comcast cable guy is coming tomorrow morning to set it up at our new house, but I'll have to play it by ear in terms of unpacking and getting everything set up.


  1. Aw yay! I'm so excited for you, Cindi! You are so adorable in your moving clothes :) I hope everything goes smoothly and can't wait to see upcoming photos on how you're decorating your new home.

  2. Thank goodness for friends and family. I fully endorse looking cute while moving. Why not? Have fun today!

  3. likey that top! And the color pops with the chocolate cargoes. Yay!