Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Circle the Globe and we signed!!!

Hello all!  Great news!  Today Chris and I finally signed the papers for our house.  They're just waiting for the funds to wire through now and tomorrow hopefully, we get our keys!  I just can't wait.  It's been a long 6 months waiting for the house to be built, but definitely worth it.  I can't wait to do OOTDs from there.  :) 

Speaking of OOTDs, just a quick post.  I finally grabbed the Circle the Globe skirt today after seeing the sun peeking through some stubborn clouds.  Let me tell ya, my mood is SO much better when the sun's out.  The sun comes through my office window in the afternoons, which helps me with that afternoon drag between 3-4 pm.  :)  I also can't wait until turbo kickboxing tonight.  There's this awesome girl who's in the class that shouts the songs at the top of her lungs.  No one is surprised to hear her do that, unless they're new to the class.  I was taken aback at first, but now I find her inspiring and awesome!  You sure burn more calories while you're screaming at the top of your lungs and doing cardio at the same time! 

Tee - Faint Lines Tee (Anthropologie)
Cardigan - J. Crew
Skirt - Circle the Globe (Anthropologie)
Belt - Snakebite Belt (Anthropologie)
P.S. After wearing this skirt for half a day, I didn't notice it to wrinkle any more than any other cotton-ish blend piece of clothing.  So, I had no problem with it. 

P.P.S. I know the Perilla Dress is hanging in the room and I will have a review of that soon on myself.  :)


  1. You look so cute and I like the lavender paired with the teal. Way to rock it!

  2. Lavender+teal= a great combination that I never would have thought of! I went to 2 Anthro stores today to scope out the sale sections and also looked for this skirt, but neither store had my size :(

  3. Dea - Thanks!!! I can totally see you rockin' this skirt!

    Sara - Did you ask them to try to send it from another store? Last time I checked, there were a bunch of them at our Bravern Anthro. Let me know if you want me to check for you. I'm going there tomorrow. :)

  4. Great outfit and congratulations on finalizing everything with your new home!! Yay!

  5. congrats on getting your keys! I just ordered the snakebite belt, yay!

  6. I LOVE the purple with the teal, great pairing!

  7. Congrats on the keys!! That's so exciting!! I just love this outfit on you and you look so happy in it. Kickboxing...what an awesome workout! I love the people that get really into it. I'm with you... it's totally inspiring!

  8. Love the lavender with the teal. You're so cute! And congratulations on the house!!! are you excited to start decorating?

  9. Pamela & Debbie - THANK YOU BOTH! I can't wait to share with everyone how the new house is like so stay tuned!

    Sammie - YAY...you ordered the belt. Let me know how you like it and if the Small is loose on you. You're pretty small and my friend was sized out.

    Cat - I have to say that I did not walk into a wall while at the gym but I did receive your comment in the middle of the cleaner's aisle at Albertons (grocery store) and almost walked into an old lady with her cart.

    Aimee - I'm definitely ready to decorated with some new things. We have a lot of furniture already but not enough wall decorations. I'm not an interior decorator though...actually I think I'm in dire need of help in this area...so don't be surprised if you see a lot of weird things. :)

  10. Congrats on your new home! So exciting! You look adorable. =)