Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Game and The Closet

Hello all!  Tuesday is here and I already feel exhausted.  I'm totally running on caffeine and adrenaline right now and I feel like I can type 100 miles an hour!!!  I was quite happily surprised at the items that are on the sales list for this week at Anthro.  I'm sure a lot of us were waiting for the Field Game Cardigan for the longest time and like me, you've either gotten it at the store today or have gone online to order it.  I kid you not, I was online at midnight pacific time and bought that sucker.  I was so afraid the navy would run out in the medium since I'm average sized.  I can't wait to get this cardigan! 

There I am in the cardi.  See how my face lit up when I tried it on...but it became a =( when I had to put it back on the rack.  Now I'm =))))) cause I scored it on sale! 

So, many of you already know I've moved into a new house this past weekend.  And one of the things I was most looking forward to was reorganizing my closet.  I finally was able to do that last night and would love to share some pics with you guys.

Please excuse the internet wires rightnow, we're still trying to figure out how to set that up in the master closet.  But here's a pic of my shoes which is against the left wall right after you enter the closet.  My dad made me this shoe rack a long time ago and it's been with me since.  I love it now that it fits in the closet.

Just to the right of the shoes are my layering items arranged by color then style. 

Turn the corner and you'll find my cardigans.  Can a girl have more cardigans?  No is what I say!  I counted them last night and I have 38 of them!!!  The Field Game will be 39th in the family.  Ahh...I love cardis!

To the right of the cardigans are my dresses, skirts and pants.  I love how my acting out skirt stuck out.  :)

I obviously don't have enough room for all my shoes on the rack, so below my layering items and cardis are additional shoes I own.  I also have flip flops and tennis shoes in the downstairs coat closet.  :)

And here's an overall view.  The baskets are undergarments, socks and belts.  My section of the closet ends at the first basket at the right.  The other half is Chris' section.  :)  See!  I'm being good and sharing our nice closet.  I have a million tanks, tees, cargos, sweatshirts, leggings, you name it that's not currently in here.  Those I keep in a dressing in the master bedroom. 

There you go!  I have to say I love getting dressed in the morning!  I can see everything I own at a glance so it's easier for me to put things together.  My dad will be building me california style closets in the future but for now, this will work!

Now a quick OOTD.  I grabbed my Oratory dress out today cause I was going for comfort.  I really wanted to wear flats to work since my feet's been so tired these last couple of days.  I definitely love this dress for the comfort and sooo glad I bought this.  :)

Dress: Oratory (Anthropologie)
Cardigan: Boyfriend Cardi from Halogen (Nordstrom)
Necklace: Anthropologie
Shoes: Get Outta Town flats (Seychelles)


  1. Oh i love your closet - and of course everything in it! Wow! I think I only take up like 1/8 of my walk-in (if that) - I would love to not struggle every morning trying to figure out what to wear. I think you have like the ideal sized wardrobe. There's enough to keep thinks exciting, but not make you feel overwhelmed. Good job girl :)

  2. I like to organize my closet, too :). This year so far I've probably done it 3 times. Is that an orange dress I see? I so want an orange dress.

  3. Aimee - Thank you! I really try very hard to not just buy buy buy. I need pieces that are versatile and can last a long time. I work hard for my money so I want to be able to feel like what I purchase is worth it.

    PetiteGorgeous - Yep...the dress is orange! I love it and it makes me thirsty looking at it. =) Makes me want those cheapo grocery orange sodas they sell in the gallon jugs. We used to get those when we were a kid cause it's cheap.

  4. Cindi - sometimes i wish i could work at least part time so that i could earn some of my own money. i always feel terrible spending money on myself because i'm always thinking, "okay, so the cost of this dress is equal to 'x' amount of hours Dave had to work"... and it makes me sad. hahaha! i used to be the working on in the relationship while Dave was going to school and had no problem spending money on myself. Then we had a baby...

    I do collect grocery coupons to make myself feel like i'm contributing a little though :)

  5. Cindi - LOVE the closet! And yay for the Field Game cardi! And love that Oratory dress!

    Aimee - omg, don't feel bad! (though I totally understand what you mean about the difficulty of not bringing in a paycheck, when you're used to doing it) You TOTALLY contribute to the family budget and well-being when you stay home with your baby! Just consider the cost of childcare! Imagine trying to hire a nanny (because the care you provide is not the mass day-care type) with your qualifications!!! You'd be paying her at least $2k a month, right? That's how much you're "bringing into" the household income right now. Don't forget that! (Not that I'm telling you to spend that much a month, but you understand...) =D

  6. Carol - I like your way of thinking! haha! Thanks for making me feel better :)

  7. Loves on you in the Get Out of Town flats - I may need to go spy them myself now ... how do they fit, I've been getting mixed reviews on the sizing of Seychelles shoes.

    I also love the new closet for you - and so nice to have a dad who can build things for you!

  8. Aimee & Carol - I totally agree with Carol. Sometimes it's about the contribution you make as a wife and mom, which is priceless. I totally admire you for having so much strength and willpower to resist all the beautiful clothes and I'm sure you don't regret it one bit!

    Lisa - The get out of town flats are great! They're my favorite flats right now. In terms of sizing, I usually wear a 8.5 - 9 and I found that the 8.5 fits great. I usually need to size down half to one size in Seychelles.

  9. OH my gosh, Cindi, I was thinking that I hadn't read a post of yours in a while - for some reason my google reader was acting up and none of your posts popped up as new for...well, a long time! No worries, I just re-added you and added you to my blogroll, too! I love seeing the inside of people's closet...I'll have to do a post one day. It's so pretty when it's organized and clean!

  10. I am so jealous of your closet space! It looks great! Bravo for tackling that job right away. I always feel good and relieved when my closet is clean and orderly.

    Congrats on scoring the cardi this AM! i know so many people were so excited to get it. What a great deal!

  11. Great closet and OOTD! I haven't gotten to see the orange version in my store. It looks nice on you! I'm glad you were able to get your cardigan on sale today. :-)

  12. I love how you organized your closet, and I spy those Seychelles Veronicas! And a girl can never have too many cardigans.

  13. Ashley - Well then, welcome back!!! I've been trying to look into my closet for some disney inspirations but so far no luck! =( I need to look harder though so we'll see.

    Pamela - I felt like if I didn't tackle the closet right away, I was never going to do it! Haha I'm glad I did it too.

    Debbie - Thank you, Debbie! I tried on both the gray and the orange version and right away I liked the orange more. I'm a girl that loves color and I feel like I have a lot of gray already. Besides, I live in a gray city...need more color! :)

    LC - My closet can not even begin to compare to yours, LC!!! You have probably 4 times more clothes than I do but somehow you're able to pull together some amazing outfits. If it's me, I wouldn't even find anything! Haha. And I agree, I totally forgot that I have two more cardigans on the way from J. Crew's sale last week. :)

  14. Can I move in? Your closet is amazing, as is your entire wardrobe! I occupy a tiny section of my BF's closet. The field game cardi is perfect on you. I like the slim fit of this one.

  15. I'm so jealous of your shoe rack! I'll have to post my closet sometime...my shoes are all over the closet floor and I barely have any room to walk around!

  16. Cat - Yes, you can definitely move in but unfortunately my clothes will be swimming on you! Haha. Darn! I miss having a roomie though...ones where we can share clothes.

    Sara - I know...I used to have my shoes in my old condo in the coat closet, stuffed in every nook and cranny. My dad made that shoe rack out of old oak wood flooring! Talk about being green! Haha.

  17. Hey Cindi...do you mind sharing where you made your blog header at/got it from? I want a new one, but all the free sites I go to have headers that are a lot more detailed than I want. I just want something simple. Thanks!

  18. Hi Sara..thanks for the compliment. Chris will be really happy because that's his design. :) He's one of those rare breed of artsy finance people. What did you have in mind? If you send me some pictures you like to cindiwang@gmail.com, maybe Chris can actually do one up for you. I imagined your header with You, Me in nice cursive font...something wavier...and the Anthropologie in their anthro font. With a nice simple background. So...email me if you're interested and we can continue this conversation offline! :)

  19. AWESOME closet and your dad is amazing for making that shoe rack! I love how you've organized your clothes. Come end of summer, I think I'm going to do another overhaul...I really need to be better at weeding things out.

    And I totally bit on the Field Game cardigan too. I bought it in both navy and gray - thank goodness Anthro updates sales at 12:00am PST!