Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love onions, but not when I peel like one

Hello hello!  Thursdays are always one of my favorite days out of the week.  It means that Friday's just around the corner and after that comes the weekend.  And don't we just all love weekends?  Tomorrow at work we have a Fritter Friday.  It's basically a meeting updating us about how the Company's doing while they serve us donuts.  Nice!  Makes for a great introduction to the weekend.  Afterwards, we also have a work happy hour.  It'll be my first time going to happy hour with my coworkers here since I've only started this job three months ago.  I work with some characters though so it'll be interesting to see how people are outside of the office environment.  I will keep you guys updated. 

So for those of you that own the two-wheeler dress from Anthro and who's worn it recently, you've probably seen my comments about how I've just been pining for it.  June 4th can't come fast enough and THEN I have to wait for it to arrive after I order it online.  I've been checking Anthro's site multiple times a day to see if it's available online earlier like the snakebite belts (which by the way, I got in ALL colors now and they just arrived yesterday!).  My expectations for this dress is so high now, I just hope it'll work.  I've decided to order the size 6 and if that doesn't work, try the 4.  Love free shipping!  I typically don't like clothes too tight on me, so if the 6 is roomier than usual, I can certainly belt it. 

My OOTD today comes to you circa last week.  It was a rainy day but I wanted to spruce up my mood with some coral!  My forehead is healing from the sunburn and it's peeling!  I feel like an onion.  You know that thin, translucent layer right on the top of a real onion layer?  That's what my peeling skin look like, except it's drier.  Lovely isn't it?  Hence, no OOTD from today. 
Cardigan - Halogen (Nordstroms)
Trench Coat - Nordstrom Rack
Tank - Halogen navy blue (Nordstrom)
Slacks - Banana Republic
Necklace  - Anthropologie
Cat - Kent, WA Pound (circa 1999)
I thought I'd sneak in a picture of me going Elmyra on my cat.  He's my little baby I've had for 11 years now and have been through thick and thin with me.  His name is Ty and he's gotta be one of the most loving kitties ever.  Not immediately, but he warms up to you fairly quickly and will want to cuddle with you all day.  His favorite foods are ice cream and Burger King french fries and who says cats don't greet you at your front door?  Ty is there everyday after work, back to the floor, four limbs up in the air greeting me!


  1. KITTY! So cuuuuute! My kitty greets me everyday when I get home from work too. Heehee!

    Ugh, I've been lusting after the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress myself, lately. What to do, what to do...

    Love the OOTD! You've got me taking a second look at that necklace too. You look great!

  2. I want the 2-wheeler dress as well! Its so cuuute. I can't wait to see how you style it :D

  3. I'm going to order the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress as soon as it pops up on the website too! I've been waiting for it to go on sale, but I'm afraid I'll miss it if I wait any longer!

  4. Kathryn - Aren't kitties great? I am by no means THE cat lady, but I do love my baby! I'm excited to see you with the two-wheeler! You're taller so I bet it'll look great on you!

    Sammie - Knowing me and my arms, I probably won't be able to close the buttons like most girls posted on the reviews online. Now Anthro just has to come out with a dress with umbrellas on it! How appropriate for Seattle and I have an umbrella necklace to match with it! :)

    Sara - I know! Such a dilemma right??? I thought about pre-ordering it but I decided to try my luck. I guess we'll both be online tomorrow morning first thing. I'm ordering it before the Fritter Friday meeting. Haha.

  5. I've never actually gotten to try the Two-Wheeler on, so I'm not sure what size I'd need. Looking at Sara's blog (who I feel good about gauging size from), I can't decide whether to order a 2 or a 4...

  6. Umm Cindi are you sure we aren't twins? :D I would die if anthro came out with a dress with umbrellas on it (I did read that the arms were tight on the 2-wheeler). Did you get your umbrella necklace from Etsy, and does it have a raindrop paired with it? ;)

  7. Sammie - OMG do you have the same necklace? Yes, I did get it from Etsy at Oh Hello Friend after seeing the fabulous Kathryn and Carol of In Pursuit of Pretty Things sporting it many times. I love it! And it has a yellow drop cause yellow and the umbrella seemed more whimsical. do we convince Anthro to come out with that dress??? :)

  8. Cindi - I'm going crazy for that Two-Wheeler Dress, but I'm scared I'm going to miss out on it. I'm supposed to be on a shopping hiatus, and even if I weren't our finances are a bit tight right now. We just had to dish out a ton for our vehicle taxes, baby needs, my husbands new shoes for work, i've got a gazillion bills to pay, and our rent payment just got increased. Blah. Thank goodness for my hubs job promotion, but it won't be until mid-month that we'll be bit more stable. Oh, Two-Wheeler dress... please be available in a size 4 in 2-3 weeks - PLEASE!

    Also, sorry about the peely skin. I hate when that happens. Especially when my nose starts peeling. Love your cat! I grew up with cats my whole life and I always miss having one now.

  9. Aimee - I'm sorry to hear about your situation right now and totally understand how it feels to be tight with the budget while longing for such cute clothing. I was unemployed a few months ago and for 4 months, I did not buy a single clothing item! We had to save every penny towards our wedding. Just remember that Anthro will always come out with cute items so you'll always have the opportunity to get what you love even if you miss out on some right now. :)

  10. Love the cute kitty pic! I've had my two-wheeler dress since March and I've worn it a hundred times. I'm sure you'll get it this time around. I think you'll be fine with your true size. I have to tell you that I finally bought my Etsy shopping cart yesterday. Not 1. Not 2. But 3, things from Oh hello friend. I'm super excited to receive them too!! Ooohh!! Office happy hour. That's always interesting... have fun ;)

  11. Cat - YAY! You are now a Oh Hello Friend...friend! :) I actually just emailed her to see if I can order a few more of her items for the girls that went to SM this weekend. Need to give them a little something to thank them. Also...saw something else I liked as well. :)

  12. I hope you'll be able to get the dress! The print is so cute, although the sizing was a bit strange. I sized up to a 2 and will belt it as well :) Have a good weekend! xo

  13. Hello tres tippy! I haven't seen the two-wheeler on your blog. Have you blogged about it?