Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Special Wedding - Wai+Tatsumi

Hello girls!  I've been missing from the bloggy world for a few days and I have a really good reason why.  I promise!  One of my best friends from high school got married last weekend and you may all know her as Wai of Wai+Tatsumi!  In typical Seattle fashion, it poured down rain the whole day.  But an hour before the ceremony started, the sun peeked through the clouds just a little bit.  At least it stopped raining for their ceremony, even through the venue was prepared and let the tent down. 

I was so happy and honored to have stood up there by Wai as her Matron of Honor.  Wai was my very FIRST friend I made in my high school where I started knowing almost no one.  We've been through some thick and thin times, and our friendship, I'm sure, will always stay strong.  I don't think I've ever seen her as happy as she is now.  Tatsumi is her perfect compliment...just like Chris and I and we couldn't be more happy for these two love birds.  We had our cameras on with us while we spent the day with the bride and groom, so I'd like to share some with you all.

It was a rainy Sunday, so the umbrellas at the salon defined the day

The groomsmen getting ready

Me being my cheesy shelf!

Tats wrote the sweetest vows.  I saw my husband tearing up in the audience

The first dance was to a New Kids On The Block song!

Congrats, Wai+Tats!  You guys are such cuties.  May you enjoy a happy life!  


  1. Interestingly enough, none of the pictures I took of you crying made the post... I call conspiracy and cover up!

  2. hi cindi! the pictures are amaazing! I love how wai's makeup turned out! please tell wai & tats congrats!

  3. Magnificent! These photos look so much better than the pro ones from our wedding. Wai looks beautiful (as do you!). Thanks for sharing cindi, and congrats to wai and tatsumi!

  4. Everyone looks just gorgeous! Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Your photos are so pretty.

  5. jocson - Feel free to post on your blog if you can find the proof! :)

    Sammie - I will definitely pass the word along. She and Tats are happily in Hawaii right now. Lucky them!

    Jen - Thank you! I would have loved to be your photographer for your wedding. :) Maybe you can have me there for when you renew your vows! Hehehe.

    Pamela - Thank you, Pam! We wished we could have gotten more photos but we were not the photographers because the couples was truly beautiful.

  6. Oh my goodness, these are all stunning! Is it weird that one of my favorites is the picture of the shoes? =)

  7. Pretty! They were so adorable on their special day. :)

  8. What a Gorgeous bride. Love the hair. Love the dress. Perfect!