Monday, May 3, 2010

Seychelles...SAY WHAT???

OK ladies, I seriously need some intervention here. I've recently purchased three...count 'em THREE Seychelles shoes. My excuse? Well, I really have none. I am not lacking in shoes to match with my daily outfits. I just liked them and thought I'd purchase them. Hehe...good excuse huh? Here they are...

I did have a justification though. A couple of months ago I bought my shoes I was going to wear for my wedding. My wedding colors are red, white, and black, so for added fun factor, I really wanted a dazzling pair of red sandles to wear underneath my dress. So when I saw a sexy, yet classy pair of Stuart Weitzman's, I knew I wanted to splurge on them. When I got them, I was totally ecstatic. I loved them and they were very comfortable. Here's what they look like:

However, now that I think about it, I really have no occasion to wear these after the wedding. And realistically, people won't see the shoes that much throughout the night. So I thought, why not return these and wait to get another pair that I can wear for more than just one occasion. While I'm at it, I can get more everyday shoes for less the amount I spent on these little puppies. And that was that. Conclusion: I'm three shoes and some change richer. I have yet to find another pair of wedding shoes but with the cute stuff that's coming out this season, I'm sure I'll have no problem. I might be jinxing myself, but after all, I have four more months. Hehehe.

For dinner tonight, I was totally feeling a Rachel Ray vibe.  I literally made dinner in less than 30 minutes!  Thai basil chicken and wild rice were on the menu tonight and it was yumm-o!  :) 

I never really follow recipes that I find on the internet to a T.  I do search for ideas of what I want to cook, but I make little tweaks.  Sometimes I don't want to spend the money on buying ingredients I will use only once and throw the rest away.  This recipe had jalapenos, pablano peppers, red bell peppers, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and of course basil.  I used a chicken thigh I had in my freezer.  For the flavoring, only three ingredients were used: soy sauce, red chilli flakes, and fish sauce.  You HAVE to add the fish sauce to make this dish work.  It's a beautiful thing!

OK, here's my OOTD. I was super excited to find this new printed Deletta-like floral top at my local Anthro store. I missed out on the opportunity to get this same top when the light pink version was in stores. I really liked the feminine appeal of the pink version, but after trying this version on, I was in love with how fun it made me feel. I was afraid the neckline would expose too much of my UNwell endowed chestal area, but it did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. I have already received so many compliments on it from my coworkers!

PS...sorry for the shoes.  We're getting ready to move and I'm just too lazy to organize.  And after looking at these pics, note to self: wear mascara and eye liner.  :)

Top - Anthropologie Midnight Roses Top

Cardigan - J Crew

Skirt - Jone's of New York Pencil (Macy's)

Necklace - Banana Republic (circa 2008)

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