Thursday, May 13, 2010

I found a Penny and feel priceless!

Meet Ms. Penelope Shorten!!!
Tonight Chris and I met up with an awesome couple.  Phil and Jasmine Shorten, and their two kids, Ryder and Penelope.  Phil, Chris and I used to work for the same accounting firm but Phil decided to go back to get his MBA and pursue a different career path.  He is now focusing on Human Resources at BYU and will be moving to New York City with his family for a summer internship.  I was fortunate to meet Ryder and Penelope (Penny) for the first time tonight.  And I have to say, great people raise great kids.  Ryder, who's two and a half, and Penny...a mere five months were so well behaved!  Obviously, the terrible two's don't apply to Ryder because he was happy and content with his ginormous mud pie.  Penny was just a doll!  She did not cry or fuss the whole time and when we held her, she was all smiles.  Many babies have an emotional attachment to their mommies, but Penny was happy just to be held and loved.  Let me just tell ya, my ovaries were clapping as if they were watching Sandra Bullock win the Oscars all over again.  Kids like Ryder and Penny make me want to have kids now and hope they are as good as they are.  You can't see it in the above picture, but little Penny wore a headband with a purple flower that matched her onesie.  That girl has fashion sense, she's my kind of lady!!! 

My ovaries and I leave you with my OOTD.  It was 68 degrees today so I busted out this $15 dress from Old Navy.  I love a versatile great deal and the color was fitting for a beautiful day in the green Pacific Northwest. 

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Shoes: Seychelle's Trip the Light Fantastic Sandles
Belt: Snakebite Belt (Anthropologie)


  1. That is some serious cute happening in the first picture!! Yet another pair of your shoes that I need to add to my closet!! The list keeps growing:)

  2. I know! I'm totally into Seychelles right now because the older I get, the angry my feet get mad at me and refuse to be good in uncomfy shoes.