Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is that spinach on your bra?

Ladies, we all consider ourselves good girl friends and when your friend has spinach stuck on her front teeth, you'd definitely point it out wouldn't you?  But don't you think someone that's not a best girl friend, like an associate per se, should provide you with the same favor?  Except I'm not talking about spinach in my teeth, although just as embarrassing, I'm talking about the ever so dreadful unbuttoned button in the boobage area of a button up shirt.  Phew, say that fast five times!  I'm definitely not what you would call busty.  But sometimes when I wear a button up, the button, and always in the boobage area, decides that it's my worst enemy and refuses to do its job. 

This lovely story begins when I was assigned to a new hire at my job as their professional career coach.  We decided to meet up for lunch to get to know one another.  We stroke up a conversation fairly easily and I thought he was a very nice young man.  Born in Utah, he was a Mormon kid that went to BYU and decided to explore another city since he's never lived anywhere else.  Throughout the conversation though, I noticed his eyes were mostly connecting with mine, except every now and then they'd linger south towards my chestal region.  I think nothing of it and just wrote it off as his way of thinking before he speaks.  An hour and a half lunch ends, we walk outside, shake hands and we part our separate ways going back to our respective working locations.  Several people, men and women, looked at me and I'm thinking "I must look goooood today!!!"  Much to my dismay, I arrive at my car and reach for the seatbelt to strap on and realized my button in the chestal region was unbuttoned!  My nude 10-year old bra exposed, screaming for someone to rip it off since I refuse to toss the old thing.  All this time, my new hire, ladies on the street, NO ONE took the time to tell me.  My new hire coachee definitely "got to know me" better than I did him.  From this experience I've learned that no matter what, I will tell a friend or a stranger that they have spinach on their teeth or their boobie button needs buttoning.  Or...even if they've got spinach on their bra!

Now, onto my OOTD.  Yep, I'm wearing a button up shirt.  Thank goodness no button exploding episodes today.

Shirt - Crossroads Button Down (Anthropologie)
Pants - Banana Republic
Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - Bouquet of Roses Heels (Anthropologie but bought on Ebay)


  1. oh boy! Hilarious story!!! I definately let people know if there is spinach in their teeth or are having a wardrobe malfunction. Just because I would want them to do the same. Shame on the new boy for not telling you! He was probably so shy and embarrassed. But maybe not too shy to not take a peek! Yikes!

    Love your shoes! They look good with trousers!

  2. Pamela, you know now that I think about it, he did turn a little red here and there. :)