Monday, May 10, 2010

Needs and Wants...

I once volunteered at a grade school and taught first graders the difference between needs and wants.  Not surprisingly, a lot of the kids did not know the difference between water, something you need, versus a Mercedes, something you want.  Apparently, I don't either.  My closet is full girls!  It's gotten to the point where it's so full that fresh ironed clothes get wrinkled because my tops are hung so close to one another.  Yet I still want want want so many cute items at Anthro.  Without further ado, here's my wish list:

I love a good, flowey, comfortable summer skirt and this looks like it'll be THAT skirt.  I can totally see myself walking on the beaches of Waikiki on our honeymoon with a nice little top and some cute sandles!

This top would totally fit with the above skirt.  Maybe not this color, but the style will go great with the flowy skirt.  The cowlneck intrigued me because I typically don't buy anything with a cowlneck.  But I'm curious about this piece and will be trying it on the next time I visit the store.

The royal blue color, the wonderful waist detail, the great little details on the neckline...nuff said!  I want this dress for this summer so badly.  Need to try on!!  Want to try on!!'s like someone heard my prayers and combined my two loves together into one loveable piece!  A cardi with shoes???  Are you kidding me??  I'm gushing here!!

So this dress is sold out online and also in my local Anthro store.  I saw this cute little dress in the stores and thought how cute!  Little bicycles all over.  The color was beautiful and as I passed by it, I swiped my hands through the fabric, and it felt lovely.  When it's back in the stores I definitely want to try this puppy on.  But I heard it won't be back until June, so we'll see how much I still want...(or need????) this come then.

Today's OOTD was inspired by Kim from Anthroholic.  I've always loved the idea of a sweater dress but after trying so many on, I decided to just accept my body wasn't made for them.  A lot of them hugged the wrong way and many of them are made with thick material that'll make my arms and waist area seem bigger than they are.  But when I read reviews of this whirling ruffle dress, I decided to try it out and Voila!  It worked on my body type.  I have to say that it's extremely comfortable, not itchy, and very fun to wear.  I will get a lot of use out  of this when the weather starts to get cooler. 

Dress: Whirling Ruffle Dress (Anthropologie)
Cardigan: J. Crew
Necklace: Multi Stranded Pearls (Forever 21)

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