Friday, May 7, 2010

Verde Friday and OOTD...

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone's looking forward to this weekend as  much as I am.  Tomorrow we'll be shopping in downtown Seattle for my future-mother-in-law's outfit for our wedding.  It'll be a great experience I'm sure!  It's finally going to be nice in Seattle so I get to bust out some skirts, dresses and sandles!  I wanted to give a big shout out to Cat and Pamela for providing me with comments about my engagement outfits.  I think I've made my decision and going with the Horizon dress and Beda dress.  Both are Anthropologie dresses.  What better way to celebrate my love for Anthro.  :)

Tonight for dinner I made a Pork Chili Verde.  I pan fried the pork with onions before dumping in my own homemade salsa verde into the pot and simmering it for two to three hours.  It was very yummy and SPICY!  I think I might have put a tad too many jalapeno and serano chilis in the verde. 

And here's my OOTD.  Like I said, the sun finally came out today.  The high was 62 and that to us in the Pacific Northwest is truly a gift.  In the 60's people will bust out their shorts and walk shirtless around parks!  No joke!  I, on the other hand, took this dress out of my closet.  This is my first time wearing this dress, which I scored at an awesome sale at Urban Outfitters.  It was $10.99!!!  I love the just makes me happy!

Dress - Kimchi Blue Dress (Urban Outfitters)
Cardigan - J. Crew Jackie Cardi
Belt - Anthropologie Snakebite Belt
Shoes - BCBG (Nordstrom)

Nothing too exciting today.  I will be back tomorrow with an awesome blog, so stay tuned!  I promise it will not disappoint!  Now the fiance and I are going to watch Brothers with Jake Gyllenhaal (DROOL), Natalie Portman, and the dude that plays Spiderman.  This movie reminds me of Pearl Harbor mixed in with this Korean movie I saw not too long ago, so I hope it's at least entertaining.

Have a great night!!!

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  1. that dress looks like something from Anthropologie! What a steal!

    yum, your chili looks scrumptious!!!