Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers and their inner child...

Hello all!  What a gorgeous Sunday here in Seattle.  It's sunny and 62 degrees out, a perfect day to celebrate Mother's Day.  It's always great when the clouds disappear and Mt. Rainier appears with all her beauty and glory.  To all mothers out there, I hope you are enjoying today with all the special treatment you deserve.  I just got home from my parents' house and for mother's day, I bought my mom a cast iron fire engine red pot that she's been wanting for a long time.  It's always fun giving presents to my parents because they never treat themselves much.  So when they see something they've been wanting for a long time, their inner child comes out.  A huge smile appeared as she opened the box and although she doesn't speak much english, she ecstatically says "GOOD GOOD GOOD".  Their reactions are endearing and I just love it! 

Yesterday we were able to do some shopping for Chris' mom, Linda.  She needed something to wear for our wedding day, so we took advantage of the nice day to walk around downtown Seattle.  We went to Macy's and picked anything that we thought would look good on her.  Linda is very petite so thank goodness for the Macy's petite section.  We ended up with this:
Doesn't she look adorable?  The length was perfect, hitting just below the knee and the fit hugged her teeny body just right.  Her inner child also came out as she opened the door to the dressing room and yelled, "I like this!  I look good in this!"  The dress had a black satin fabric on the outside with a pink layer peekabooing out from the black.  So it was sexy, yet sophisticated.  

My OOTD for a relaxing afternoon of shopping was pretty simple.  I have the J. Crew ruffled tanks in white and a navy color because they are so versatile for layering.  My future sister-in-law liked them and asked me where I got it.  And the answer is EBAY!  I love ebay when it comes to finding older items that are no longer sold in the stores.  What's best about it is you can get the same stuff for much less.  I got both of these tanks in a packaged deal for about $35!  Gotta love a good deal. 

Cardigan - Halogen (Nordstrom)
Tank - J. Crew ruffled tank
Jeans - Joes Jeans (Nordstrom Rack)
Sandles - Seychelles Get Outta Town sandles

Ugh please excuse the mess in our living room.  We are moving soon so our place is a mess right now.  When we move to our house, I must have an OOTD corner.  :) 

Have a wonderful Mother's Day and rest of your Sunday.  Tomorrow is work again! 


  1. Linda looks wonderful in that dress. I love the shoulder and neckline and the fit looks spot on. My mom is a petite and she loves Macy's petites.

    What a great deal on the rolling ruffles tanks via ebay! I have one I bought from the store last year and love wearing it, too.

  2. That pic of the sound on a clear Seattle day brings back the BEST memories! Hope you had a great day w/your mom!!

  3. Are you from the Seattle area, Carrie? I know, we definitely earn our nice sunny days here. As much as I hate crossing the 520 bridge, the view makes it a lot easier!

  4. You both look adorable! I love the cardi!

  5. How cute and happy Linda looks!! I heart ebay!! You look chic, yet comfy in your ruffled tank and jeans :)