Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Horizon...OOTD

Good Tuesday, everyone! What a boring Tuesday so far. The skies are cloudy again here and I forced myself to not go into my local Anthro store. This upcoming weekend is my Bachelorette party (YAY!!!). My bridesmaids and a couple of my other girl friends are going to take a nice mini-trip down to Santa Monica. I used to live down in South Bay (Manhattan Beach) and I soooo miss the beaches and the weather there. So why not take advantage of some much needed quality girl time and take a trip to a warmer climate. We’ll be staying next to the Santa Monica pier and I’m sure with us being girls, that we’ll be doing a little shopping. There’s an Anthro on the 3rd St. Promenade and I’m sure we’ll be there! The snakebite belt also is available again on the website starting this Friday. I’m not sure quite yet if it’s available in stores but I will be checking to make sure come Friday at my Anthro store here.

I’ve been thinking all this week about what I should wear this weekend. One of the days down in Santa Monica, we’ll be renting bikes and taking a bike trip down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) from Santa Monica all the way to Manhattan Beach. It’ll be a little over 10 miles. I wish I had the figure to wear some cute little shorts but my big ‘ol thighs won’t let me. I’ll have to figure out something and see what I already have in the closet.

Saturday will be the big stag night and that’s when we’ll go parTAYing!!!!! I want to wear a cute little dress but I really don’t have many dresses in my closet. The ones I do have are too “sweet” for a stag night. Hehehe…but I will keep you guys updated.

I wanted to wear my Horizon Line Dress for the first time during our engagement pics. Now that I’ve already taken them, I have decided to wear it for work. I wore it a little different here than I did for the pics, but I got this idea from one of Anthroholic’s Wednesday Reader Outfits (Kristin to be exact who always submits cute Wednesday outfits).

Dress: Horizon Line Dress (Anthropologie but purchased on Ebay)
Cardigan: Halogen (Nordstrom Point of View)
Belt: Leaps and Bounds (Anthropologie)
Necklace: Forever 21
And let me just apologize for all the cell phone pictures I've been taking.  I have a great camera I can use for OOTD's but I'm kinda ashamed of how my condo looks at the moment.  In a month of so, I'll be able to take pics in the new house and have my own little OOTD corner set up!  So, for now, please be patient with me.  :)  Thank you!


  1. With the belted cardigan, it takes on a total different feel. Great styling!

  2. Oh, you're Santa Monica trip is going to be so fun! I know what you mean about only having sweet dresses. haha...I'm interested in what you come up with. I love your horizon lines dress. It was made for you. Btw...I got the Beda yesterday! I was kind of conflicted because it has a makeup stain. Anthro gave me a 20% discount on it and said if the stain didn't come out I could return it. Do you have any makeup removal stain experience? I'm sort of afraid to just throw it in the washer or put some lethal oxy clean on it.

  3. OOOH...congrats on your Beda purchase! I can't wait to see you wear it. It's funny cause I got one with a make up stain too...except it's my OWN!!! What I typically do is use dishwashing soap since those cut out grease. Once I wipe up the stain, I will throw it in the wash to get whatever is remaining. I hope this helps!

    Speaking of which, I got grease also on the dress from the train tracks. So I just brought it to the cleaners without even trying to do it myself. It's ready today so I hope they have it all out!

  4. Did your dress turn out okay? I'm thinking I may take mine to the cleaners instead of a DIY that I could definitely botch. The makeup stains are pretty dark and I'm not sure if they're oil based .