Friday, May 14, 2010

Wine and burgers...classy Friday night

My alcohol drink of choice has been wine for a long time.  And between white and red, I always choose red.  When I have a good piece of steak for dinner, I like to pair that with a full bodied cabernet.  The Napa Valley cabs are my favorite with steak because the grapes grown in that region offers a bolder taste which is what I like to wash down a good steak with.  Despite many wine connesuirs that claim the best cabs come from France, I really do like a good Napa cab.  For everyday drinking, and a night like this where I know I'll sip and sip and sip a large quantity, I like a mid-range priced nice table red.  We in Washington produce some really great wines and one of my favorites is Brian Carter Cellars.  Brian Carter specializes in blended red wines that are easy on the tastebuds.  Not to mention their bottle labels look like works of art.

Tonight though, I'm not having steak.  I'm having a burger.  It's one of those days where food just overtakes me.  And after being so healthy, eating whole grains everything (if there was a whole grain banana, I ate it), and working out 6 days a week for a while now, Chris and I decided to treat ourselves.  When we have what we call "Indulgence Days", I crave for some meat and cheese!  And usually those two items come in a nice burger.  Five Guys Burger is an East Coast chain that recently opened up two locations in Seattle.  Renowned as President Obama's favorite burger joint, I agree that it's gotta be one of the best burgers I've ever had.  It's not fru-fru fancy, but just good old fashioned meat, cheese, fresh veggies, and bacon (only if you want it).  So, to pair with a nice burger, I am drinking a nice table red from one of my favorite wineries from Napa called Ceja Winery.  Now doesn't this just look delicious???  Want one?
 OK, now my OOTD which I probably can't fit into anymore today...

Old old old is the theme today.  I think everything I have on, other than the shoes, is at least 3 years old.  The silk teal shirt is probably the oldest item as I think I've owned it for 5 years. 

Cardigan - Ann Taylor LOFT (circa 2006)
Silk Top - Express (circa 2005)
Wool Peekaboo Skirt - Ann Taylor (circa 2006)
Shoes - Aldo patent leather black peep toes
Necklace, Bracelet and Belt - Forever 21

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  1. That burger looks so good! I had a pastrami burger last night with garlic fries and Steve said I wouldn't be able to eat it all, so I took that as a challenge, and ate all of it.