Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who's Your Alton?

My friend Grace and I were watching The Food Network one day years ago and the show was on Good Eats hosted by Alton Brown.  We were silent, deeply entertained by Alton's scientific explanation of how to make the best hollandaise sauce when Grace uttered, "Man...Alton is HOT!"  I immediately looked at her as if to demand an explanation because I was beyond confused at this point.  And after some discussion, I totally understood where she was coming from.

Alton Brown is smart, articulate, funny and he COOKS.  Although not a Brad Pitt physically, he possesses an easy likeability factor.  And if we married gals look at the true traits of our husbands, smart, articulate, funny, understanding...blah blah blah...are the reasons why we chose to tie the knot with him right?  Not because he's HOT in the model boy kind of way.

So who's my Alton?  I used to be a huge fan of The West Wing.  I actually own all of the boxed DVD sets for all seasons.  The West Wing and Friends are the only shows I have on DVD because I love them that much.  If anyone's ever watched the show, the Deputy Chief of Staff on the show is played by Bradley Whitford.  And throughout the seasons of the West Wing, I've developed an innocent crush on his character, Josh Lyman.  I loved his protrayal of the witty, sarcastic, and genius kid deputy.  I love a man that's somewhat of a smarta** , funny enough to make me laugh out loud and knows a little about everything  And that, my friends, is my Alton.

So girls, who's YOUR Alton???


  1. Mine is Jim Halpert from The Office (played by John K.), hands down!! Which is actually really funny because my husband is so much like him in so many ways, right down to the witty humor and mannerisms.

    Great post, Cindi!! I can't wait to read others' answers! :)

  2. Mine IS Alton :) lol. Good thing my hubby fits that profile, too!

  3. Is it bad if I don't really have an Alton? I'm a Leo, Matt (Damon), Johnny, and Mark (Wahlberg) girl :)

  4. My Alton would be Andy Cohen from Bravo. But he plays for the other team so I'd have to then say Jon Stewart. Can you tell how important a sense of humor is for me?!

  5. Erin - Jim Halpert is really cute! I just want to squeeze his cheeks and I seriously think him and Pam are my favorite couple on TV.

    Darcy - Aww...your hubby can cook that well? Well then, you are one lucky gal!

    Sara - Oh my! Haha...I love all the guys you named off and I'm assuming you're talking about Johnny Depp...which is Chris' mom's secret lover. Haha. Mark Wahlberg though, I can't get his voice out of my head. He's a funny guy and I want to see that latest comedy with him in it.

    Pamela - I'm with you. A funny man is a smart man. A guy needs to think creatively to turn simple things into funny things. Chris makes me literally LOL on a daily basis and that's our drama. Other couples find drama in their relationships by fighting, we find drama through laughter! :)

  6. HEy Cindi! I've never heard of Alton before I read your post. He is a bit lacking in the looks department, but he looks like an honest, genuine and loyal male.
    My Alton is ermm...Edward Cullen. Do I need to explain why? He just dazzles me!

  7. Back in the day my Alton used to be Ralph Fiennes. He was the dark poetic British "ac-TOR" who was magnificent in Quiz Show, The English Patient, Wuthering Heights. Shoot, way back in HS, I dragged my friend to go see him play Hamlet - and even bought him a dozen roses! Ah, smart geeky teen crushes!

  8. I had to laugh when I read this post because my husband's friend David looks a lot like Alton! heehee I don't think he can cook as well though. :-)
    Mine is Alan Rickman (well, circa 1990's because he's getting kinda old now). My friends always tease me about it, but I just love him! Even when he plays the bad guy! My favorite role was when he played Colonel Brandon in Sense & Sensibility. And he's the perfect Snape in the HP movies. I think it's his voice that gets me. I could seriously listen to him read the phone book. :-)

  9. Anderson Cooper and Fareed Zakaria. I like intellectuals. Nuff said. LOL

  10. Haha -- This was too funny. Alton actually came to the Barnes and Noble near my office to do a book signing! I wanted to go, but it ended up being a crazy day. Too bad -- I could have gotten an autograph for your friend!

    Hmmm...I'm not sure who my Alton is. Umm...maybe Mike Holmes from HGTV?! Handy, knowledgeable, practical, with a huge heart for helping people.

  11. hahah - I see what you and your friend are getting at. I haven't ever seen West Wing nor do I watch The Office (though I imagine I'd realy love it), but I think of all the shows I watch regularly, "my Alton" would be "Marshall" (Jason Segel) - he's this big, tough looking guy, with the sweetest heart and intentions, and hilarious! I also dig Anderson Cooper for being smart and sexy!
    And to talk about a character - do you watch Private Practice? The last episode was hilarious when all the women were gossiping about Sheldon? Classic "Alton" scenario!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com