Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm in the market...

...and looking for a purse!  I'm not a huge purse girl.  It wasn't even until recently I started to carry purses.  Typically before I carried a big clutch that would fit my cards, cash and cell phone.  My previous jobs always required me to carry a laptop bag, and since my previous job didn't give me a desk, I had to carry my bag everywhere with carrying a purse felt like a burden.  Now that I have my own office and no laptop (Yay!!!  No working from home!) last year I decided to look for a nice, simple bag that I can carry with me to and from work.  One that would allow me to carry everything I needed.  I decided on this:
Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite bag designers because it's not too overly expensive and it's made with good quality.  I've carried this bag everyday since I bought it so I definitely got my money's worth. 

I wanted a second bag to add to my collection.  Something just as simple and where I can carry everyday with any outfit.  But rather than a simple black, I wanted another neutral color.  I'm not sure what yet...and this is where I need your help.

I've started to hunt online and found some cute options:
Marc Jacob Hobo Bag - If I get this, I'd get it in the charcoal gray
Marc Jacob classic tote - I love this port color!
Are there any bags that you are eyeing and can recommend to me?  I like bags that are not oversized but big enough to carry my wallet, sunglasses, phone, kleenex tissues, any some other small accessories.  Any recommendations would be appreciated, gals!!! Oh and it doesn't have to be Marc Jacob.  THANK YOU!

Anyhoo...onto what I wore today.  I never understood the comfort of not wearing pants until recently!  I still love the look of a nice pair of slacks with some cute tops, but comfort wise, I definitely prefer tights and leggings over pants that zip up.  I have been on a dress, cardi, tights, kick for a few days now.  It just makes dressing in the mornings so much easier.  So sorry if my outfits' leaning towards the boring and predictable side.  :)

Dress: Anthropologie Secret Treasures
Cardi - Halogen (Nordstrom)
Tights - Anthropologie
Shoes - Anthropologie Anticipation Heels
Necklace - Oh, Hello Friend

The sun was piercing through our trees in our neighborhood this morning but it was a wopping 48 degrees out!  Nice eh?  It's warmed up into the low 60's now and lets hope it doesn't rain on my Anticipation Heels before I get home! 


  1. I like the second MJ bag you posted. Nice design.

    My go to bags are my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag and now my fuschia Botkier. I like mid size bags with handles.

    The secret treasure dress with dark tights is great. You're so right, dresses are do' easy to wear and look so darn cute!

  2. It depends on what you want to spend.

    For a bigger, carry-all, I'm lusting after a Miu Miu Bow Satchel or a Mulberry Alexa. If you don't want to pay the premium on the designer goods, Anthro has some really nice bags that are good quality. I really like this one and I think it would fit into your wardrobe nicely.

  3. Pamela - The Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag looks a lot like the second MJ bag. I like it! :)

    Tien - You know me so well! I have been eyeing that bag for awhile but wasn't sure if the color was too "boring". But then again I love the style of it and the size is just right.

    Thank you gals!

  4. Cindi--Are you kidding? That color is stunning, so NOT boring. ;)

  5. I'm not a huge purse person, either, really. But what I do need is one that I can fit what I need (plus some movie snacks, haha!) and for it to fit over my shoulder. I should probably start looking for another one soon, as the one I've had for a couple of years is wearing quite a bit.

    I love the 2nd bag you posted and I also really love Tien's suggestion of the Sepia Saddlebag from Anthro. I have been lusting over that thing big time!

  6. my other 2 comments were eaten by blogger--so hopefully this one sticks!

    I am a big fan of MbMJ bags cuz in the neutral tones they look great each season. I once made the mistake of buying a hot pink MbMJ bag cuz it was on sale, instead of the brown I really wanted--and only carried it for 2 months in the summer--lesson learned I suppose. Anyway, I really like the MJ classic tote in port that you pictured. I find MbMJ bags offer lots of pockets that make it easy to store my keys, phone and chapstick that I can access quickly, which I look for in a bag. But, I also vote for the Sepia Saddlebag, as it has both handles and a shoulder strap.

    Great pairing of the Secret Treasure dress with the Anticipation heels--I may have to try that myself.

  7. I'm a huge purse person. I like the purse if it can fit in all the items below: phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, pen, my daughter's sun glasses, hand sanitiser, small sweater, small toys, camera and water bottle. I also prefer the bigger bag can be converted to cross body style. Another feature requirement for a big bag is the inside compartments. I bought one of the michael kor bag because it has a string that you can attach you key too so you can always fish it out of the big bag:-P I also don't like bags that require zipping, but prefer magnetic closure. Don't really have a recommendation, but I think those are the features to think about when buying a big bag. I used to love the hardwares on big bag because it looks so nice, then I realize, men, it really adds the weight....

  8. The Marc Jacob nylon "Little Tate" totes are super cute and come in a variety of colors and prints. I have one in black and it fits EVERYTHING!

    Here is a link at

  9. I like the MJ classic tote you posted! :)


  10. Love the outfit! I'm really loving the Orange Zest Bag from Anthropologie. I think all the buckles are so cool and the price is right!

  11. Cindi, I think you should get the MJ Classic Tote - it looks exactly like my black MBMJ bag!!
    I love it!
    your outfit is not boring at all. Please, i'm the one who is always predictable, not you...hehe! Hey you know what they say...if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!
    Loving the green on you...and those heels are just gorgeous!

  12. love the classic tote. . it'd look fab with you :)

  13. I'm in the Rebecca Minkoff camp! I bought one on gilt last year and I love it! I'm waiting for another Gilt sale to try to nab the mroning after bag.

    I looooove your anticipation heels! I so want them. I don't think your outfits are boring and predictable at all:)

  14. I'm not really a purse gal either....I've carried around the same one now for probably 5-7 years, so I'm in the market for a new one too. Can't wait to see the recommendations :)

    I love your outfit today! It's simple, but all the colors go so well together. And I MUST get those heels ASAP!

  15. Cindi great outfit and now i'm going to have to pair my Secret Treasure dress with my anticipation heels. I vote to try the Rebecca Minkoff MAM as well. It's a great size, can carry it as a satchel, or use the long strap if you need to be hands free and it comes in a bunch of colors, check out

  16. I am a huge MBMJ fan too, and I love any type of doctor's bag. I vote MBMJ :)

  17. I don't have any specific recommendations but my purse is from Fossil and I love it, so you might check out their selection online.

    Your outfit is really cute! Not boring at all! I love seeing how you've been wearing your new Anticipation Heels lately. They are way more versatile than I realized!

  18. Cindi - you look so adorable - NOT boring at all. Oy vay - bags/purses - I used to change them everyday. Now I'm more about shoes and a purse has to be very functional. Like Pamela - I love Rebecca Minkoff purses (especially any that are cross-body so I can be hands-free) and Botkier purses. Coach I think also makes great everyday leather bags that withstand the test of time. Ooh.. just hopped over to look at RM's latest collection - I can't bear to look anymore - so tempted! MJ bags are always nice too! On a sidenote - I just bought a great purse at F21! It was under $40 and I am LOVING it for an everyday bag!

    xx Vivian @

  19. Too funny, I'm working on a very similar post! I'm going to bite the bullet on a new purse probably next week...I've always carried Coach, so I want to mix things up, I thought I wanted a RM, but her tassles bother me, so now I'm obsessed with two different MJ bags, but can't decide between them, or on the color...okay, sorry to rant about myself - back to you! I vote for the classic satchel, I LOVE the shape and love the color - it's classic and gorgeous!

  20. I have a question about your Anticipation heels. How are the insoles holding up? I have them too and I have been having a problem with the glue not holding the insoles in place and they are sliding down toward the toes. Do yours do this? I already returned one pair and ordered another-but the 2nd pair is doing this as well. Was wondering if it was just me.