Friday, October 8, 2010

Special Edition - Our Wedding Day (Picture Heavy Post)

Hello everyone!  Our busy photographer Erwin Wijanto uploaded our wedding pictures this last night all the way from Jakarta Indonesia!  I was so excited and of course, had to share with you guys as soon as I got the chance.  Let me take you on a journey of our special day on August 28th, 2010.

 We had strawberries for the champagne at the hotel room and Erwin was so smart to stick my ring into one of them.  It turned out great!
My wedding shoes

My make-up artist at Sephora, Alix was simply amazing
One more picture of the ring
Chris' special Nikes he designed himself online.  He changed into these at the reception.
My grooms gift (the iPad) I had stuffed in an intercompany envelope.  On it I wrote a task list and the first thing on the list said "Get Married".  :)
This was such a sweet shot of my dad...watching his only child get ready in her wedding gown.
One of the few pictures I have with my veil.  :)  For those that didn't follow earlier, I had forgotten it during the ceremony!
Reading Chris' hand made card he made me that came along with my bridal gift
One of his bridal gifts to me.  He made me Jocson undies.  :)  He also made me a hoodie that said "Mrs. Jocson" on the hood and a Michael Kors watch.
Part of our first look
Our wedding party at the Seattle Public Library
Also at the Seattle Public Library before we got kindly asked to leave by security.  Hehehe.
On the streets of downtown Seattle.
We waited patiently for cars to pass by so we can get the moving effect behind us.  The cops for some reason stopped traffic right when we were about to take this picture.

Outside the W Hotel
Inside the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Seattle.  This was a winding staircase and Erwin stood on top while we were at the very bottom.
Ceremony...Chris and his mom walking down.  In Chris' mom's hand was a special boutonnière we made for Chris' dad who passed away last year.
 Chris and the groomsmen looking on for the bride
I walked down with both of my parents
I just loved this shot...this is right before my parents gave me away
Chris removing a piece of hair in my face. veil!
Chris got a little emotional after I read my vows to him.  I'm so glad Erwin caught me wiping away his tears.  This was such a tender moment.
Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Jocson!
Our little ring bearer was so tired after the ceremony
Me and my girls
Chris and his boys
I love these walking/moving shots
A b-boy battle scene!
Just Married signs made by Chris
On the flip side of the Just Married signs were Thank You signs we made to save for our Thank You cards
This was at the hallway before you head upstairs to the ceremony loft space
Inside the guest elevator

This was inside a freight elevator at the venue.  We snuck in hoping we won't get caught but we just loved the urban look.
Another freight elevator shot.

Just some shots of my bouquet along with the memory chair and candle we had for Chris' dad
Our cake looked and tasted amazing!
Us looking on during the Best Man and Matron of Honor speeches
Cake cutting time along with Rock Steady by The Whispers playing in the background.  We also made sure the cake was infront of this huge leaning mirror which was great for photos.
First dance to B4-4's That's How I Know
Another shot of the first dance
During the reception, we showed a video we made for our parents.  It was quite a project as Chris and I were working endless hours to get that done.  In the video I talked about my parents and their sacrifice for me  and then Chris talked about his parents along with old pictures we had of them.  Erwin was able to catch their reaction during the video.
This was immediately after our video about our parents.  We went and hugged them!
Immediately following the parents video, we had our father/daughter, mother/son dances.  At this point my dad was a bit tipsy from his Johnny Walker Green Label.  He said to me, "I'm dizzy" as we danced.  :)
Right after the parents' dances
During our dancing portion of the night, we had a money dance.  This was me being silly.
Chris yelled, "Make it rain!!!" so we did!!!
My Uncle was a hit at the wedding!  Everyone LOVED him.  He had a little too much to drink and was all over the dance floor!
Chris' friend Ami from California with her fiance, Bryan watching pictures Erwin put up of the night on his Mac.
Finally, Erwin with my Dad, Uncle and his second photographer, Bernard.  My question is...who took this picture if all the photographers were in the shot? :)

Phew!  THANK YOU for staying with me through this entry.  Seeing these pictures helped me relive that wonderful day again.  Like Sara at You, Me, and Anthropologie, I too believe that the best money spent throughout our whole wedding process was for the photographer.  We totally splurged on Erwin, but it was so worth it.  We'll have these pictures for the rest of our lives and each time I look at these, I'll be reminded of how great the day was for both Chris and me.

Also, THANK YOU Erwin for being such a great photographer, vendor, and friend.  Erwin is so professional and such a great person.  It's rare to find someone like him in this industry.  Erwin gets back into the country this week so we're planning on meeting up with him for dinner.  It turns out he's practically our neighbor!  We live a mile away from one another!

I hope everyone enjoyed our photos.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cindi- I don't even know what to say- these are just beautiful and your photographer captured so many special moments. You look so happy and in love. thank you for sharing these :)

  2. Oh Cindi, these photos are absolutely beautiful. I love those candid shots, they are truly incredible. I love that shot of your ring in the strawberry - i've never seen a photo like that before. The photos at the library are amazing also. I love them all!
    Your make up was just perfect on the day,and good to see you played up your eyes. I also like how every detail matched - from your bridesmaid dresses to your bouquet to the cake - the theme remains consistent and so classic.
    The reception photos look like you both had a blast of a day - especially the money dance .. hehe.
    I felt warm and fuzzy after seeing that photo of you wiping tears off your husbands face - you're photographer was brilliant at capturing that special moment.
    Thanks for sharing these photos with us. It must be 3.00am in seattle right now (it's currently 9.00pm in oz).

  3. Oh and i forgot about the most important thing - YOUR DRESS! It's a very Cindi dress - such a timeless cut. I love the subtle mermaid shape, it creates such a lovely hourglass sihouette on you. Beautiful an utterly gaw-jus!

  4. You, your honey, your wedding party and parents are looked fabulously adorned - and spectacularly happy - on all those pics. I love how your event was a mix of traditional wedding and elements of modern-day you and Chris, def not an off-the-shelf affair!

  5. You photographer is amazing!!! I love the look of your photos!!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Cindi. I love seeing these pictures and knowing how perfectly everything turned out. I agree with Jen that your dress suits you perfectly. The shape is gorgeous and it is truly elegant. And I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I give two enthusiastic thumbs-up to your shoes. And Chris' shoes! Your photos remind me of the "out and about" party shots in the society section of the paper. You're big time, lady : )

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Cindi!! These are all so amazing!! Oh my gosh, you have so many special moment captured! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  8. Wow!! These are just stunning. Every. Single. One. You look amazing and all the moments captured seems are so special. Thanks for posting. Erwin is awesome!!

  9. L.O.V.E.

    your photographer did an awesome job capturing all the moments of the day, and everything was beautiful! i got a little choked up at the photo of the memory chair for your husband's father. i've never heard of or seen something like that. my father passed away a little over 3 years ago, and it pains me that he won't be there to give me away on my wedding day. a memory chair is so touching. i love the idea, i'm going to steal it for when i eventually get married ;)

  10. Thanks for sharing these amazing wedding photos! You were a beautiful bride! You both look so happy. :-)

  11. What a beautiful day! Your photographer captured the emotion and all of the details of the day so well. Best wishes to you:)

    btw, You looked amazing!!

  12. Love love love love those photos. Your photographer is brilliant. The picture you wiping tear of Chris is so sweat! I also like that seatle library photo with the wedding party. so creative. Did you pick the place or did the photographer did that? Oh and the little ring bearer is so cute! I am always wondering why kids always find the most uncomfortable unresting way to fall asleep?

  13. Thank you,everyone for all the lovely comments. It was an amazing day and night...and because of these pictures, I can treasure this feeling forever! :)

    Yi - The hotel where we got ready was in downtown and after everyone was ready, we just walked around the area. Everywhere we went, it was his idea. He asked me if I have any special things I wanted to do, but most of the time I just left it to him. I admire artists like my photographer so much. It's just amazing to me how smart he can be about his shots. He must see things before he takes the pictures. He's just amazing!

  14. thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photographs and letting us glimpse into your special day! you were an absolute stunning bride! =)

  15. Wowza!! This looks like it was a fantastic celebration and everyone looks like they're having the best time of their lives!! Great photographer indeed- he captured everything so gracefully. You look so so pretty and happy and your pics with Chris are just lovely!

  16. Cindi--Congratulations on your newlywed status! Thank you for sharing your day with us. These pictures are just amazing and you look gorgeous!!!

  17. Wow, those are beautiful pictures! There's so much love and happiness evident in them.

    P.S. I can't believe they kicked you out of the library! Boo.

  18. Cindi I got teary looking at your wedding photos! What amazing photos and moments! You look gorgeous! You and your hubby's personalities really shine in these pics. I love your raining money shot, lol. Too bad the library peeps kicked you out. That is such a cool place to take pics!

    And you had your wedding at Pravda! It looks lovely there. I was there once for a yelp event, and I immediately recognized the space.

  19. Your pictures are absolutely amazing! Congrats again on your big day! ;)

  20. Cindi - your photos are so amazing! You looked gorgeous, your photographer took some amazing photos, and it looks like you truly enjoyed yourselves! Congrats again and thanks for sharing these!

  21. Congrats Cindi!!! You look so beautiful!! Looks like such an amazing of wishes to you and Chris!!!

  22. Congratulations and thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. Your wedding was so beautiful and it seems lots of planning went into it. I absolutely agree about the photography. He did an amazing job of capturing those wonderful moments. Wishing you much happiness!