Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Catch - Up

Hello everyone!  I've had a busy Monday so far.  Which is a good thing because I love it when Mondays just fly by.  Now lets just hope the rest of the week goes just as fast.

Don't you hate it when you've got a bunch of little home things you want to do but never get the chance to because either you are too lazy (ok maybe just me!!) or you're waiting for your husband to do it?  :)  This week we finally got around to some home decorating.'s nothing big and fancy, but sometimes the smallest completed touches makes a huge difference.  Not to mention, it made us feel accomplished!

This weekend while we were getting to know our area a little bit more, we went into an Aaron's Brothers to check out some frames on sale.  There we saw that a perfect sized mirror was on sale.  Our hutch is our "catch all" in the hallway before entering our great room.  I thought a great way to anchor this "wall" was to hang a mirror there.  And here it is...pretty cool eh?

Please excuse the VERY dead flowers on the hutch.  They really need to be thrown out!

There's also an odd space between our fireplace and the formal dining room.  I believe this was meant for a hutch or one of those cabinets people store their beautiful dishes in, but we're already using our hutch somewhere else.  So we decided to use this space to place our wedding guest book.

Later we'll anchor this area with a decorative arm chair which will make for a great conversation gathering area for when guests are over.

Finally, my letter hooks from Anthro arrive Friday!  I had the hubby hang them on the wall near our entrance and I have to say, it looks great!

A lot of times when I put my shoes on, I need a place to sit...especially to pull up my boots.  Currently I use the stairs, which is right to the left of this picture.  But we've had our eyes on this to place right below the COAT Anthro hooks:
The top of this bench lifts up and there's storage which we can use to store our work bags or whatever junk we want to keep from plain sight.

Along with my Anthro COAT hooks came my navy Clinton Trench!  I tried it on right away and have to say that I love this version a lot more than the khaki version.  Both are nice of course but the navy just made the coat that more interesting.  Besides, this is the first navy coat I'll own!

Of course it's a bit wrinkled!  And oh..please excuse the non-made-weekend-hair!

Phew...before I leave, Chris went out a happy hour to celebrate our first month of being married.  We then hopped on over to El Gaucho (a local steak house) and had some beef tartar!!!  We were a little late in celebrating and we actually totally forgot on our official one month date.  So this was to make up for it and here's what I wore to work that day and then night:
Tee and Cardi - Anthropologie
Tights - HUE (Anthropologie)
Boots - DSW
Bag - Marc Jacobs Nordstrom

I'm not a huge bag person but I love my Marc Jacob's everyday bag.  I'm in the market to get something else this Christmas season though so stay tuned for a special purse post!

Good night!


  1. Love the way you decorated your space! And I love love love the color of our cardigan in the last picture (:

  2. You two have such a cute house and I'm glad you're getting settled and making it yours. The pic of you two is just so perfect!

  3. I love how you and Chris have been decorating, Cindi. It already looks so homey!

    And thank you so much for your comment on my post. I am so glad that Melissa came up with the wonderful BBCA challenge because she has really been able to spread the word. I am sorry to hear that Chris' father had pancreatic cancer. That must have been very difficult for both of your families. My BF's mother had breast cancer when he was in elementary school and although she recovered, it is still something that has impacted him and his family in a very substantial way.

    I would be so, so honored to participate in your special Pancreatic Cancer post. I'm headed off right now to see what purple items can be put towards the cause...

  4. Your house decorations are perfect! That mirror goes really well above your hutch. I also love your house's curved archways.

    Btw, the color and flow of the Tee and Cardi Cardigan are fab on you!

  5. Your house is so great! And that navy Clinton trench just looks wonderful on you, Cindi!

  6. The yellow sweater looks so chic on you. You are making me reconsider passing it up. Nice house decorations too. :)

  7. Good choice with the navy clinton. I'm in the market for a navy topper myself. Your house looks fantastic Cindi! Loving the wall hooks :) Happy anniversary you two!!

  8. Lots of great things happening at Casa de Cindi!

    Cute mirror and I love those hooks spelling COATS.

    And that trench...can we talk that? So freaking fabulous. I love it! i finally saw it at my store last week and it took everything I had to walk out w/o it. It looks great on you. It's a great and smart purchase.

  9. Happy first month anniversary Cindi!
    Your house looks so neat and tidy, unlike ours. That storage couch looks like something we should have too. There's always new junk around our house (myhusband buys even more stuff than i do!)
    You are so lucky to own the navy Clinton. I on the other hand, missed out! I love that coat on you and I think it's nicer than the khaki.

  10. Our local store sold out on the Navy clinton already. I cannot believe it. So did you return the khaki one? I hesitated because I had quiet a few navy jackets/coat already, but then navy is more flattering on my skin. I waited to get a second opinion from my husband. Today after our lunch date, we still have a bit time (we are the type of people who inhale their lunch) I asked him to walk across the street to the Anthro and only find out the navy ones are gone. Sigh, guess it is not meant to be mine....

  11. Great touches to the house decorating Cindi! I really love your guestbook! Happy one-month anniversary! I remember we went out for dinner for that too.

    xx Vivian @