Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Movie Preview and a Happy Hour!

Happy Friday!  I'd normally bring you Anthro reviews today but I decided to do something a little different.  I don't know about you guys but one of my favorite things to do is go to the movies with my husband.  I know it's such a small thing...but it's those small things that make us happy.  We typically go to movies in the late afternoons and all the theaters we go to allow outside we bring our caffeine drinks of choice in to enjoy our movie.

Last weekend we watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  A few weekends before, we saw the original Wall Street and loved it.  Michael Douglas holds a dear place in my heart because one of the first movies I saw with my dad was....are you ready for this....Fatal Attraction!  His university used to hold student movie nights in the summer and they're free.  Being my is good!  So he brought me to watch movies every weekend.  I don't think he even checked what was playing so when it was Fatal Attraction, it sort of traumatized me for a bit.  The rabbit scene scared me so much that I couldn't sleep during the night.  At the time my parents and I shared a one bedroom apartment and I crawled into their bed at night.  I was 8 years old.  :)  It's funny thinking back though.

Anyway, a tangent.  This sequel to Wall Street in a way underwhelmed me.  I won't give away the details to those that still want to see it, but I thought the storyline could be better.  I wished it focused on one "villain" so that the betrayal or revenge within the story is more dramatic than what they made it.  I also can't stand the Katie Holmes look-a-like girlfriend of Shia LeBouff.  Her character is the stereotypical "my father was never there for me so I hate him and life" character way too overplayed in other movies we've all scene.  And lastly, Shia LeBouff...I'm not sure if he was a believable Wall Street whiz kid.  I think he has his shining moments as an actor.  Some people can't stand him, some love him.  I'm just indifferent.  But for me to believe he's an expert at derivatives, shorts, leveraging and financial models is a stretch.  Overall though, it was still entertaining and we walked out of the theater feeling like we didn't waste our money.  But then again, I love any movie set in New York! :)

Anyhoo, tonight I'm going to a happy hour to meet up with a reader and fellow blogger.  Sammie of Oui Sammie moved to the Seattle area not too long ago so from the Bay Area.  We've been in contact through email for the past few months and now that I have more free time after the wedding, we've decided to finally meet up for a couple of drinks at a wine bar/restaurant.  I'm really excited to meet and get to know a fellow reader.  I plan on meeting others as well some time in the future so Lori and LC...get ready! :) 

Here's what I'm wearing for this meeting:

I'm so glad I purchased the Vagabond Dress at full price.  I don't believe it ever made it to sale (I could be wrong).  But this dress was my "go to" dress this past summer and I'm so glad it's able to transition nicely to fall.  The thicker material didn't bother me at all during our mild summers and it's heavy fabric keeps me warm on this 52 degree morning. 

P.S. My face is almost back to normal from its bloatedness.  :)  Happy Friday again!


  1. You are looking lovely, Cindi. I like the Chinese double happiness character on the door :).

    The movie that you mentioned was on our movies-to-see list until the husband and I watched the trailer. We both like Michael D., but didn't think the storyline was that great.

  2. Fun!! I wish I lived closer :/

    I never saw Wall Street therefore I'm probably not going to see the sequel. I do love Michael Douglas though.

  3. You look lovely. Looks like you are into the early fall already. We are still pretty much summer this week.

    Watching movie in a theatre is a luxury after you have kids. So I'd say go while you still have your freedom :-)

  4. You look great! I haven't been to a movie in ages! I do want to see that Wall Street movie though. Have fun tonight!

  5. I'm afraid to see the new Wall Street because I absolutely love the original.
    You look absolutely fantastic today!! I love the dress layered with tights and a cardi - have fun at your meetup - I love blogger meetups!

  6. cute outfit! are those the stormy seas tights? i bought those too... and the vagabond dress - on sale! i found it on the sale rack at the end of august. i love it! but i have yet to wear it... i think i bought too many clothes for my own good :)

  7. Sydney - Yeah...the storyline wasn't all that great. I think there were so many ways to make it better.

    Pamela - I think this type of movie only appeals to certain people that kind of have an interest in wall street. Even I couldn't undertand some of the terms they were saying!

    Inkmark - Haha yes...we plan on watching as much as we can. Although we can leave the kids at my parent's house for movie nights no? :)

    Liz - REALLY? Not even one on tv? Girl...what do you do with your time? :)

    Kim - I know right? I loved Martin Sheen in the first Wall Street and was sad he wasn't in this one. But Michael Douglas was still good. I hope he handles his cancer ok.

    Debbit Deb - WOW!!! That's a great deal. I hope the length works on you because sometimes I feel it's a bit long even for me. Also, the tights are gray and they have wavy lines and squares? So sounds like stormy seas? :) I bought three pairs of tights last week in preparation for fall.

  8. Hi Cindi, I haven't seen wall Street yet and wasn't really intending to unless we get a $5 movie deal or something, which is almost impossible in SYdney!
    Tonight, we are seeing inception (yeh yeh, its been around for a long while, but we are slow :-)
    Have fun meeting your fellow reader Sammie. If you ever come to Sydney, you will spot me easily - i will be the only girl in Anthro...hehehe
    And the vagabond dress is such a flattering dress on you. I love how you paired it with the tights and little booties - it gives the outfit a bit of an edge! that double happiness sign on your door looks HEAPS familar...are you sure you didn't come to Sydney and take it from my parents' front door? hehhehe..we used something very similar for our wedding :-)

  9. Oooh, movies with the husband! I used to do that - pre-children! Haha, though, very occasionally, we want to see a movie badly enough to ask a friend or relative to babysit while we slip out for a couple hours. Next week, we're going to do that for "Red." Looks like so much fun!

    Oh, and you look lovely!

  10. Love the outfit and jealous of your weather believe it or not!! I've been to Seattle once with Dr. Love for vacation, and we just loved it!

  11. I love going to the movies! It's one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy going by myself the most. I can't even remember the last time I went with my hubs. It's been too long. I like going by myself because it's a great way to have some alone time and just veg out. I need to get a babysitter and go see something with my sweets. You outfit is fantastic. I love it.

  12. YAY for blogger meet-ups! Omg a whole crew of anthro sportin' chicas! How awesome would that be! Have fun this evening!

  13. Fantastic look - I love it with the booties!

  14. I also got the Vagabond on sale. I had to have it shorten because I felt it was too long. The length was about an inch below my knees. The seamstress did a good job because she kept the shorten it without losing the swing of the skirt. And it's finally getting cool enough here in the DC area so that I can wear it.

  15. I bet you were traumatized after watching that movie at 8...It was too much for me when I saw it at 17! And to this day, I still hate watching kissing scenes in movies with my parents in the room, so I can't imagine watching that movie with them!

  16. :D How did the meet up go? That would be fun to meet everyone!

  17. Oh, I hope you had a wonderful time with Sammi! There are so many wonderful bloggers who live in your area : )

    You look wonderful, of course, and I love the shade of blue you're wearing!

  18. The dress looks gorgeous on you, and so cozy paired with tights and the cardi! Love it!